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No deal between Baghdad and Ankara for anti-PKK operation: Iraqi MP

An Iraqi lawmaker revealed that there is no deal between Baghdad and Ankara for the Turkish ongoing operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Iraq.

Turkey has recently begun its “Operation Claw-Tiger” against the PKK in the Kurdistan Region border areas as there is a decades-long military conflict between the two sides over the Kurdish question in the country.

Speaking to reporters, MP Hassan Fad’am noted that Turkey has not asked for Iraq’s permission to cross the country’s borders “which is something rejected”, by Baghdad.

He also denied the reports of cooperations between the two neighboring countries in the operation against the PKK.

Fad’am, meanwhile, expressed Iraq’s strong objection to imposing any threats on the neighboring countries by any sides or forces, including the PKK. However, he said, “Turkey should have given Iraq a chance to deal with the PKK and prevent it from harming Turkey.” Source