The Baghdad Post

Abadi has zero chance to re-lead Iraq’s government – Analyst

Political analyst Haider Al-Mossawi said on Wednesday that Haider alAbadi has zero chance to be re-elected as Iraq’s prime minister.

In statements, Mossawi added that parties are keen on selecting a figure who will be accepted by all walks of life in Iraq.

Despite Abadi’s expected visit to the US, he is not on top of the list of those expected to lead the Iraqi government, Mossawi said, adding that this comes after instability witnessed by Basra city and statements issued by religious leader who announced that they will not support former officials to win the prime minister’s post.

Mossawi added that the parliament’s session that witnessed an argument between Abadi and Basra Governor Asaad Al Eidani was a disgrace that worked against Abadi in being elected as Iraq’s new prime minister.

A new government in Iraq is expected to be formed since the parliament’s elections that took place on May 12. Source