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Iraq loses key position in Arab League due to Jaafari’s stubbornness

Iraq lost a key position at the Arab League (AL) on Tuesday, due to the stubbornness of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and insisting on the name of his candidate despite the objection of most of the member countries, according to a diplomatic source.

“Iraq lost the voting on Tuesday over the name of the new assistant Secretary General of the AL, after Jaafari’s refusal to obey the order of the prime minister to keep the current assistant Secretary General, Fadel Mohamed Jawad, for another term in the office [five years], and proposed the name of Safaa al-Safy instead,” the diplomatic source stated, revealing that most of member countries had reservations on his name during the foreign-ministers-level session held in Cairo on Tuesday.

“Al-Safy had been rejected when proposed back in March 2018, however, FM Jaafari re-proposed his name again on Tuesday’s meeting,” the source added.

“The stubbornness of the Iraqi foreign minister resulted in losing the position Iraq obtained in 2013,” the source said. Source