The Baghdad Post

US creates ‘no-man zones’ at its bases in Iraq following IMIS threats

An Iraqi official claimed the US Army had taken precautionary measures at its bases in Iraq after continuous threats by the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) against American military presence in the country, Kurdistan 24 reported on Friday.

An official from the Secretariat of the Iraq Council of Ministers, claimed the US had taken the threats by some of IMIS factions seriously.

The Iraqi official said the US and other coalition member states with troops in Iraq have created “no-man zones” around their bases and have informed the Iraqi government that IMIS terrorists are not permitted “within 20 kilometers” of those areas.

The alleged US measures come at a time when several Iranian-backed Shia militias have recently increased their threatening rhetoric against America’s military presence in Iraq.

Several Shia militias under the umbrella of the Iranian-backed IMIS, including Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Hezbollah Battalion, and Al-Badr Brigade have recently expressed their opposition to the presence of US troops in Iraq, vowing to target them if they remain in the country.

Niyazi Mimaroglu, a Shia Turkmen MP, who is a member of the security and defense parliamentary committee, said the US troops are not entitled to take such measures as IMIS is an official institution within the Iraqi government.

“The US continues to interfere in the internal matters of Iraq and is not comfortable with the Hashd al-Shaabi’s presence, especially after it decided to participate in the elections,” the Iraqi MP noted.

Meanwhile, in an interview with German media this week, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2011 was a historic mistake.

Abadi also stated that although US combat forces on the ground are not needed, Iraq still requires US advisers to train its security forces.