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Iraqi Parliament to hold special session over electoral process

The Iraqi Parliament decided on Friday to hold a special session on Saturday at the request of 81 members in order to discuss the parliamentary elections process.

“The voter turnout in the elections did not exceed 16%”, the parliament members said in a press conference.

The High Electoral Commission (HEC) faces accusations of rigging the results of the elections.

On Thursday, HEC said that it faces pressure to rig the results, pointing that some of the commission employees had been threatened.

Head of electoral administration at the High Electoral Commission (HEC) Riad al-Badran said that gunmen in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk were on Wednesday besieging several polling stations containing election staff, four days after a national vote, according to Reuters.

Badran said the gunmen, whom he did not identify, were putting pressure on the commission to rig the election results in the multi-ethnic region.

“The employees of the commission are in a hostage situation,” he said, calling on authorities to provide protection. Source