The Baghdad Post

Al Sadr warns Iraq’s gov’t against constitutional vacuum exploitation

Leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr has called upon the Iraqi government not to exploit the constitutional vacuum in case the recounting of votes from the May 12 elections was delayed.

In a statement, Al Sadr said, “In case of delay in recounting votes until July 1, the government must abide by the law and mustn’t expand its powers or take advantage of the constitutional vacuum”.

Earlier on Thursday, Iraq’s supreme court ordered a manual recount of the polls that resulted in a victory for Sairun coalition which is backed by the prominent Shia cleric.

The court found that the decision by parliament to order a manual recount in response to allegations of electoral fraud did not violate the constitution, its president Medhat al-Mahmud told a news conference, according to France 24.

All of the roughly 11 million ballots, including those of voters living abroad, displaced persons and security forces, must be recounted, Mahmud said. Source