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EU to impose sanctions on Iran over Danish, French assassination plots

The EU is considering economic sanctions on Iranian nationals over alleged assassination plots in Denmark and France, according to two diplomats, Euro news reported on Tuesday.

Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels also discussed setting up a special mechanism to trade with Iran, to shield EU countries from US sanctions.

EU foreign ministers endorsed on Monday a French decision to sanction Iranians accused of a failed terrorist plot in France, which would include freezing the assets of Iran’s intelligence service.

Denmark has also been seeking EU-wide sanctions against Iran for a similar plot by Iranians to assassinate Iranian opposition leaders on its soil.

This marks a shift after months of division within the EU over how to punish Iranians accused of destabilizing activities in Europe and the Middle East.

In October, France said there was no doubt that Iran’s intelligence ministry was behind the June plot to attack the demonstration by Iranian exiles near Paris.

It froze assets belonging to Tehran’s intelligence services and two Iranian nationals – a Vienna-based diplomat now under arrest in Belgium for the plot and the deputy minister and director general of intelligence, Saeid Hashemi Moghadam.

The EU had also been more aligned with Tehran against the US sanctions targeting Iran’s oil and financial sectors, but that seems to be changing now that the mullahs’ fingerprints are all over the knives in Europe’s back. Source