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Parliament violates rules and democratic mechanisms: MP

Leader of the Saaron alliance Raed Fahmi accused on Wednesday the House of Representative of violation of the rules and democratic mechanisms.

“The presidency of parliament insists on not adopting the basic democratic mechanisms at the vote, by refusing to resort to counting the votes of supporters and rejecters,” he said.

Iraq’s parliament concluded its session on Monday after it failed to vote on the the candidates for the ministries of interior and defense needed to complete Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi’s government, and it also failed to approve the country’s 2019 budget.

According to a brief statement issued by the parliament’s leadership, theparliament will wait to hold its next session until the new year, setting Tuesday, January 8 as the date of its next session, apparently to vote on the rest of Abdul Mahdi’s cabinet.

The parliament voted to approve Shaimaa Khalil as minister of education and Nawaf Bahaa Mousa as minister of migration and displaced. However, it failed to vote on the ministers of defense and interior because of disputes among the political blocs over the candidates.

Parliament also called on Abdul Mahdi to introduce a candidate for minister of justice.

In October, the Iraqi parliament gave confidence to part of Abdul Mahdi’s cabinet, approving 14 ministers in his cabinet, and then three ministers were voted on last week, leaving three vacant ministries until now. Source