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Parliament to settle three main issues soon: MP

The Iraqi parliament will put three main issues on the top of its priorities to be settled this month or in February, MP Abbas al-Zamili, representing Al-Bina Alliance said.

“The Parliament seeks to settle three main issues soon,” Zamili said, indicating “necessity to settle them during the ongoing parliamentary term.”

The first issue, according to Zamili, “is about the three remaining ministries.” He noted that this will be achieved through dialogue in order to reach common understanding regarding the candidates.

“The second issue is about enacting the draft law on the state budget for the ongoing fiscal year,” he added saying it’s important for being related to the government, institutions and the people.

“The third issue, which we deem as important, is amending the provincial council elections law in order to hold the upcoming elections as soon as possible in a way to provide citizens with the services,” he said.

In December, the parliament voted on the candidates for ministries of immigration and education. No ministers for interiors, defense and justice were voted on after the Reconstruction and Reform Alliance members withdrew. Source