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Iran sabotage Iraqi economy by dumping markets with tomatoes: Haaretz

Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed the Iranian schemes to hit the national agriculture of Iraq, Sky News Arabia reported on Saturday.

Iran, according to the report, plans to replace the Iraqi agriculture products with the Iranian ones. However, it stressed the importance that Washington stop Iran from sabotaging the Iraqi economy, without depending on military bases only.

It also noted that the Iranian tomatoes, not missiles or unemployment, were behind provoking the wrath of people in Basra this month. Dumping the markets of Basra with tons of Iranian tomatoes triggered hundreds of farmers to call for suspending the ‘red expansion’ which caused a price hike with huge losses for the Iraqi farmers.

Farmers said, according to the report, there is enough tomatoes that there is no need to import from Iran.

The Iraqi law states bans importing products from other countries as long as there is a local alternative.

Farmers said that dumping Iraqi markets with ruined tomatoes that cause a mysterious epidemic is part of the Iranian conspiracy. Some claimed that Iran was behind the spread of the disease.

The huge Iranian water project, which is about to end would aggravate economic problems in Iraq, which leads to increasing the depend on Iran. Source