The Baghdad Post

Many US warplanes fly over Iraq’s western region: source

Many US warplanes have flown over Iraq’s western region, especially near the Ayn al-Asad Airbase, without stating reasons, a security source in Anbar province said on Friday.

The US fighter jets flew at low altitude, the source, who spoke in condition of anonymity, said.

Tensions have escalated recently between the US and Iran with increasing concerns about a potential US-Iran war. Earlier this week the US pulled some diplomatic staff from its embassy in Baghdad following weekend attacks on four oil tankers in the Gulf, Reuters reported.

MP Manar Abd al-Muttalib warned that Iraq can be harmed politically and economically in case a war breaks out between the United States and Iran.

In case a war broke out, it would be a “third world war” between the United States of America and its allies, and Iran and the states allying with it, Abd al-Muttalib said, adding that war will not be good to any country in the region.

Iraq’s initiative to pacify the region and bring together the views of the United States and Iran is a good step to avoid bloodshed and to reduce the amount of damage that will be caused as a result of the war, Abd al-Muttalib said, affirming that Iraq plays a significant role in the region. Source