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Int’l oil companies face no threats in Iraq, says Min.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry said on Sunday that workers at international oil companies face no threats in the country.

Official spokesperson for the ministry, Assem Jihad, said in a press statement that the ministry is keen to provide a safe work environment for foreign oil companies.

He further stressed that workers in international oil companies face no problems or threats.

On Saturday, Exxon Mobil has evacuated all its foreign staff members out of Iraq’s West Qurna 1 oilfield and is flying them out to Dubai.

Production at the oilfield was not affected by the evacuation and work there is underway normally and being undertaken by Iraqi engineers, Iraqi oil officials said.

Staff were evacuated over several phases late on Friday and early on Saturday, either straight to Dubai or to the main camp housing foreign oil company employees in Basra province.

However, Iraq’s South Oil Company chief said on Saturday that there was no indication of danger and stressed that the situation was stable.

The evacuation comes amid rising tensions between the US and Iran. Source