The Big Call

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TNT Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 12-10-15

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Call starting

Mangelo:  Bruce call: it’s going to be a short cll tonight..Kent let’s get started with the lesson you have for us tonight

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce is excited for all of us

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce is talking about Okie’s health and praying for him and hopes for great results on his surgery coming up

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: I got word today we are so close, very little can be said. no discussion of rates, bonds, specifics of what it is we are looking for. the time as you know is at hand.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: very little discussion on rates, bonds, we are expectin this now

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I cant comment on that anymore to the extent that we are expecting this any moment. I know for some people it is enough or good enough. You know I dont keep things from you. I dont play games with you

Mangelo:  Bruce call: this is a very sensitive time right now and the walls have ears now

PinkRoses:  Bruce: So you have to take or leave the fact it is a very sensitve time right now to discuss certain things. The walls have ears guys. WE need to be very careful what we say on this call, and very careful what we say on our private calls.

LadyB22:  Bruce, I don’t keep things from you, and I don’t play games with you. We need to be very careful with you on this call and what we say on our private calls. Just a heads up.

Pinkroses:  Bruce: Everything is good. Everything is better than we thought in the past. Just about to receive. Thank you for being steadfast and believe in this. It is at hand.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: short call, everything is good

Mangelo:  Bruce call: asking for first time callers on the Q & A

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: talking about back screen and front screen rates?

Bruce: some rates populated where some managers have access. front screens everyone in the bank, tellers can see. Cant tell you who exactly can see the rates.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: what is the difference between front screens and back screens? it’s the managers that can see the rates

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: they are still selling dong and dinar online, and can go down to local mall and buy dong there. I thought first thing happen when we get close they stop selling. the fact they are still selling at the last minute.  we far from it?

Bruce: No. the exchange locations like travel ex, they still going to be there. when it shows up for us, and not even goes down. dont necessary expect the dealer rates change immediately. maybe a stragedy not to change right away. I cant go into it.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: did you know that you can still buy the currency, on line, in the mall? That would be the normal reaction that the currency would stop. but when this show up, don’t expect the rates to change right away

PinkRoses:  Bruce: there has been some people did take some of their exchange and repurchase. I suggest as a people not do that even if it comes as an opportunity. It might come back and bite you.  Bruce: it woudnt be worth it in the long run.

PinkRoses:  bruce caller; you still feel anyday literally?  bruce: yes. it will happen and be prepared for it

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: zim still in the basket?  Bruce: Yes, all good. You are in good shape.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: because they have pushed this to very end of the year, 3 weeks left. not give us a tax shelter. do you think it resonable, get rid of zim and wait for others after lst of year.  Bruce: not a stragedy I take. I take all my currency, get in and get out.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller, because they are pushing this to the end of the year, do you think we exchange the Zim first and the rest next year….I would exchange all at one time…but you do what you want

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I understand how sometimes when we get intel, not even dinarland, i have heard couple times like tonight, we cant discuss the rates. Why? I dont understand that.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller, this my 2 time listening to the call, when we get Intel, we protect the Intelers, may ask why? If you knew something that was going to trade, it would be like inside trading…but I was warned not to discuss certain things tonight

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I tell you why. when it comes to something in this arena, if you knew certain rates and something change soon. it be like insider trading. let you know I have been warned not to do with people in authortiy., What I hear I generally trust being true, there is some fluctuation in that area. It is something not to be dicussed with so many listeners and ABC soup agencies listening.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: how do you know what banks and list?  Bruce: list available to 6 different people who are online with calls or info within the community. The main one tntsuperfantastic sites. Rayren should put it out. When we can, we will post them on our site.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: wher would you get a listing of exchanges. when this happens, their will be several sites will have it, we think tntsuperfantastic will have them, RayRen should be able to post them

PinkRoses:  bruce caller: we dont have big banks in my area. I just want to know the list. is regions one of the banks?   Bruce: yes. wait for the 800 numbers for those banks to come out before you go into one. dont just walk into any bank. set an appt with the 800 number provided

PinkRoses:  bruce caller: when they talk about trn live, does mean live just between the countries doing business in trade and not citizens level?   bruce: yes that is what it means right now. LIke switzerland, hong kong live now. Expecting them to become live around the world shortly

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller when they talk about the TRN’s are live, that means they are doing business between countries….yes, expectig things to go live shortly

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I heard you say in the past about controlling everything, owning nothing?  can you elaberate on this

Bruce: say you go to the bank, call 800 number set appt. you show up for appt, do exchange, set up acct at that bank institution, count and verify your currency, know the rates. exchange goes quickly.

Bruce: you get that done. say your net result is 10, 50, 100 million. You are introduced to a wm or private banker, meet that person usually at first appt. you set appt to talk to them in a week or so.

Bruce: what you are doing to set this acct you have set up, or couple of accts you have set up to protect the money. the concept to own nothing comes from trust. if you have the funds in a trust it is not really in your name. you control it, but not own it.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: set up trust to protect yourself

PinkRoses:  Bruce; get with the estate planners, cpa, etc. build yourself a team you want to meet with, and have structures you keep tab on but not own. You dont want the rest of the world you own all of this.

PinkRoses:   bruce caller: i dont have funds to set up now

Pinkroses:  Bruce; do your own exchange, some fo the banks will give you a certain number of LLc or trusts depending on what you have at exchange or you willing to leave there at no charge. I know at least one bank will do that. I think other banks will do that, at least the larger banks.

Mangelo:  Bruce: I don’t have funds now, some of these banks will help you set them up without no charge

PinkRoses:  Bruce: ask them I like to set up trusts at no charge. take advantage of it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: A wm at a bank, I gave her a 100 T Zim note. She called me and told me it was worthless. I tried to explain to her the bills still good.   Bruce: tough one. you trying to tell a wm what they dont know. I say tell her just to hold on the note and we understand some have exchanged them. just hold on to it until the rates become visible to you. awkward situation.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: high yield savings acct they will offer afterwards, can you speak of it?

Bruce: one thing I have heard recently if you have at least 25 million and go at least two years get 6 1/4 %. you wont touch the principle but the interest. see if you can negotiate that. I heard it is available.

Mangelo:  Bruce: high yield savings account? if you have 25 mil. you get 6% for a couple years

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: talk to the wm?  Bruce: yes

PinkRoses: Bruce: xe. not a professional site. it is a hobby site. some rates maybe delayed, not accurate. generally good to see what is going on, but not necessary what the banks going to show. that rate not going to be the rate at the bank for that currency.

Mangelo:   Bruce: caller got an email from wm about a month ago, this time I asked him about the rates, the rates where low,but available on the system

PinkRoses:   Bruce caller; i did receive an email from vp from WF about month ago. I asked him about the rates. this time he sent me rates, they were low, wanted me to know they were available on their system.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: xe. not a professional site. it is a hobby site. some rates maybe delayed, not accurate. generally good to see what is going on, but not necessary what the banks going to show. that rate not going to be the rate at the bank for that currency.

PinkRoses:  bruce caller: in this slow roll out, certain things have to happen.  Bruce: it is rolling out as plan, no one particularly holding it up.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: time? I got intel in a minute. Pray us out Kent. EVeryone hang in there. Stop Q and A

PinkRoses: Bruce: thank you everybody. stay tune, looking forward hopefully Tuesday night for our celebration call.

Mangelo:  Bruce: we should be ok, hang in their! , Kent would you pray us out! We should have a celebration call On Tuesday

Mangelo:  Bruce: Kent praying. Call is over!

Mangelo:  Ok guys this was different….he has agencies listening to his call now!!! told to limit the information!!! so we have to be close now!!!

PinkRoses:  The big call reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456