The Big Call

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TNT Highlights From The Big Call Tuesday Night 12-15-15

PinkRoses:  Bruce call starting… Bruce call: Bruce: special treat for tonight going to play the lead in song again. It brought me to tears. It beautiful. Welcome, thank you for coming. Bruce praying in call.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Playing a song to put in Christmas spirit, the precall music, very special to Bruce. Then prayer request, then intel, then Q and A

Ploganea:  Bruce: Intel now. Where are we now? We are in the midst of it. Seeing the roll out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: Where are we? We are in the midst of it. Midst of a perfect storm. WE are in the middle of it. We are seeing the roll out of this GCR, rollout of the exchanges taking place for some specialty groups. Will see our turn shortly.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Exchanges taking place for specialty groups. Banks received TRNs some weeks ago. Some months ago. Banks sent it back. The TRNs were sent back to the banks.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: the banks had received their trns, some weeks ago, maybe over month ago. but because this not occur yet, some banks sent them back. because so close, they needed to be sent back to the banks. that has happend last couple of days.

PinkRoses: Bruce: banks have recieived them. as of today all 4000 banks had receive their currency and all exchange locations included in that number. the banks are flooded with the currency we needed for our exchanges. they are set up and ready.

Southcomfort:  Bruce says banks are flushed with the new actual TRN’s. Talk about we get different viewpoints in Dinarland

Ploganea:  Bruce: Midafternoon today. Banks have received their funding including exchange locations. This currency was needed for our exchange. Banks are now ready. Within an hour of that, specialty groups for humaitarian projects started. These groups are small.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: this afternoon, within an hour the vip groups tied in with projects. small groups, 29 of these started to be funded this afternoon. i don’t know how long it take, small groups, mega funds for each one. funded for humanitarian projects. you know some of the names.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: who is next. we believe we are next. hope to have celeb ration call tonight. but we believe our turn next. believe get notification maybe late tonight. hate to call it, but we believe hours or couple of days. I am encouraged what we are hearing.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Who is next? We believe we are next. Not quite there yet but we believe our turn is next. May get notifications tonight or tomorrow. Any time now. Hours to a couple of days away. Can’t say everything he hears. But very encouraged. They do want us to have this for Christmas.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: they want us to have this so we can take advantage of this in time for Christmans. they have time frame to get it done before our holiday.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: we are just in position to receive and make this come through. Have nothing new on rates, rates are higher.

Ploganea:  Bruce: There is a time frame for us to have this done before our holiday. We are in a position to receive and have this come thru. Rate are good, higher.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: couple days ago everything was set up for 1st basket, last night set up for UN rates. all currencies are there. i dont know if reveal yet, but lock and loaded. all currency lock and loaded. that is all you need to know. our turn coming shortly.

Ploganea:  Bruce: A couple of days ago everything set up for 1st basket. UN rates were locked and loaded. Our currencies are locked and loaded. We are in great shape. Our turn shortly.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Q and A starting

PinkRoses:  Bruce: cant get into rates

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 301, GA On OM, they talked about asset backed or fiat? The fact that we have the new currency means our exchanges will be asset backed

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: we supposed to be going asset back or fiat?

Bruce: I heard that question many times. the fact we have the new US notes, currency in the banks now means our exchanges will be fully asset backed. Gold backed by the treasury notes.

Ploganea:  Bruce: 301 asked if we will get $ for $. Bruce said no longer a valid question. That is a moot point

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I have been encouraged what I been hearing tonight, this afternoon, we are in the midst of it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: will we see an announcement from the imf?

Ploganea:  Bruce: We aren’t sure if there will be any annnouncement.

PinkRoses:  bruce: i dont sure we will. i doubt something covered here. we not sure if we get any announcement of any kind. maybe about our new currency. announcement from imf, i doubt it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: i have hunch it really going to go. are the rates still really good? Bruce: yes, they are really good. there was an adjustment, they went back up better than they were]

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller Hopes this is the last call. Bruce says feeling really good about it.

Dedar:  Bruce just said they intend for us to exchange before Christmas.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: appreciation for the song. trns back in banks now? Bruce-Yes

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: those currency we will be using refer to as the USD. different from trn, Bruce-yes?

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 231 You mentioned that TRNs are back in the banks. Street

currency we will be using is the US dollar different from the TRN, correct? Bruce: Yes.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: i refer to as the USD new.

PinkRoses:  bruce caller: i also heard unconfirmed, but confirmed that those are currencies also different colors…Bruce: yes they do reflect different colors, refer them as rainbow

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked if the new dollar reflects different colors. Bruce: Yes

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 714, If the 800# don’t come how do we find a bank. Bruce: We should get them.  Bruce: 800# will be on the websites.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call caller: appreciation. about 800 numbers, if they dont come to us, how we find a bank?  bruce: they will come to you. we suppose to put them out on our website.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Basic plan is for everyone to go in an orderly manner. The toll free numbers will keep us from going willy nilly to the banks. Hang in. More info will come out when the 800#s come out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce : basic plan they want everyone to go in in an orderly manner. not going to go in willy nilley. specific exchange locations. A lot simplier than you guys realize. you will set your appt and go in and get it done.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: appreciation. there been earlier in to a bank, maybe gone in too early. some banks saying not going to take certain currency. my concern the ZIM, will they not be touching all the denoms of the country?

Bruce: only thing we heard about the zim is they taking the trillion notes, 6 zeros off, billion notes 3 zeros off. i dont know how they going to treat the million, hundred thousand notes. we will have to see.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 386, Appreciation. Q: Early exchangers have gone in. Bankers have told them that certain currencies are not accepted. RE ZIM, will they take all denominations. Bruce: 100 – 10 Trilliion zim may be treated in the aggregate. Doesn’t know.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: the one series they looking for, will they take the ab series?

Bruce: Zim, we will have to see how it turns out. We are looking at 2008 AA and AB.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: the Iran rial, supposed to go after the other currency to go. i heard today to remove the sanctions between now and the 31st to restate their currency?  bruce: we could have that 24, 48 hour after these currencies are made internationally before end of month.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Is the Iranian Rial going now or later. Seems like with the removal of the sanctions will the RV be just after the first basket? Bruce: Says it is possible. We are in the moment.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: question is for awhile thinking it going to happen, is it a slow slow roll out, or a delay someone trying to stop it?  bruce: it to us a deadly slow, something more to it than we dont know. like funding these groups for humanitarian projects, we go behind them. Also the trns had to go back to the banks could be a 48 hour delay. the timing we are in now was scripted in a document. we are right on track.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 423 Very encouraged. Appreciation. Is this a slow, slow rollout or delays and some people stopping. Bruce: Doesn’t seem that anyone is trying to stop it. We just don’t know everything. For instance we didn’t know e had to go after the small funding groups. Same for the TRNs going back out to the banks. He said this is scripted and we are on track.

PinkRoses:  bruce: we are in the moment, i dont believe much longer for us to be next.

PinkRoses:  bruce caller; 100% before christmas?   bruce: they wanted us to have it 10 days before Christmas. today is 10 days. we are good to go to exchange before Christmans. that is the goal. that is what China wants. I believe it will be carried out.

Ploganea:  Bruce: He doesn’t believe it is much longer until it is our turn. Are you 100% sure before Christmas. Bruce: Their intention was for us to get it 10 days before Christmas.

Ploganea:  Bruce: We are good to go and exchange before Christmas. It is what China wanted and believe it will be carried out

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: I sure we will see it shortly

Ploganea:  Bruce believes it will be released very shortly. He will not directly get the 800#’s .

PinkRoses: bruce: I am not one of the chosen to be given that info-800 numbers.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: our plan is to continue to do these calls. Thursday kent not be here, hopefully have celebration call.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: not rates, but given this is coming out as asset back, will that change any contracts rates? bruce: not to my knowledge. i believe all the rates prenegotiated are still locked in.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller given that this is coming out asset backed, will it change the contract rates? Bruce: Not to my knowledge.

PinkRoses: Bruce: it is not going to be a factor for us. if we have one dollar, federal reserve note in the us that currency is still worth a dollar. the fiat dollar and the USNew dollar same value. the fiat dollar will spend as always.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: we will have physical notes?  Bruce: yes the new rainbow US currency. heard we have a woman on the $10 bill. i think it will be Martha Washington. I have not see it. we will find out when we see it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller; it suspected to be on a weekend?  bruce: i not think it a factor. it will keep rolling out. the next stage our notifications 800 numbers, email. We are next.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Within the US, the fiat dollar and the TRNs are the same value in the country. Banks will be taking the old fiat out. It will be business as usual. The USNs will be out soon. Called the “rainbow currency.” A woman will be on the $10 note. We will find out who. Are we expecting it to be on a weekend? Not a factor anymore. It will continue rolling out with our notifications. Hopefully we are next.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I have an exchange question. i live in a very little poplulated state, south dakota. we are a no tax state. if i go to another state that has a tax. what predictament?

Bruce: i dont think any predictament. what big city you have in SD? I dont know how many exchange locations be in the state. i wouldnt sweat about it. we dont know if we are looking at any state tax at all. i think you are covered because you are in a non tax state. i am not a cpa

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 605 Question: Exchange questions: I live in SD. Very underpopulated state. We are a no tax state. If we go to a tax state such as Colorado, what does that do to us? Bruce: Doesn’t think that will effect. I wouldn’t sweat the state tax since your are not domiciled in that state. We don’t know about state tax yet. To his knowledge (not a CPA or tax attorney) doesn’t think it is an issue for the caller.

PinkRoses:  Bruce; when does the state tax get collected if one?  Bruce: Banks are not tax collecting agencies so not a problem. Will be paid through out income taxes.

PinkRoses:  bruce call: caller: do the banks have a plan to deal with us. the rumors is not having any 800 numbers been disturbing.  Bruce: the banks not directly involved in the exchange not up to speed. the banks doing the exchanges are well geared up for this. the offsite exchange centers are very well set up to handle us. the calls to the banks doesnt need to be done. wait for this to come, wait for 800 numbers, emails to come out. set appt.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 435. Question about whether banks have a plan to deal with us. Possibly not having 800#’s to call. His calls to bank haven’t been anything to share. Bruce: Banks not to be part of the exchange are not set up. But the banks arranged to do the exchanges are set up to do it expeditiously.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: i already havea trust set up to receive my funds from the currency exchange. if i go in and get a contract rate. do you know if big banks would capitalize into my trust? Or come strictly to me then i move over to my trust?   bruce: if you have the trust set up, does the trust own the currency now?   bruce caller: no
bruce: the fact you have the trust set up, my understand is you will be able to set it up into an acct, that acct can be held by your trust. the acct name, i am not a banker. i believe you can set up your exchange ifyou have trusteeship of the trust, be able to say i like to have the exchange into my acct. bruce: have the acct with the trust. i am not an attorney, or banker.

Plognea:  Bruce: Caller 303 appreciation: Question: I already have a trust set up to receive the funds from the exchange. If I am part of the WF group. And I am given a contract rate. Will the banks capitalize into the trust or just directly to me? And then I move over to the trust> Bruce: does the trust own the currency? Caller: Not right now. Bruce: You will be able to exchange into a bank account. That account can be held by the trust. .

PinkRoses:  bruce call: caller: is there a difference asking for a vnn or vnd?  bruce: maybe a designation on the screens for vnn versus vnd. i going to ask for vnn. i think if you go in and say you have dong to exchange, to make sure use the vnn and Iqn. not matter for the zim, i dont know for the other currency. to be safe, might make a difference to ask for vnn

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 513. Is there a difference in asking for a VNN or a VND? Bruce: there may be a difference. He will ask for VNN. If you ask to exchange the Dong, they should bring up the highest but you may want to ask for the VNN.

Poganea:  Bruce: The designation of VNN may bring a higher rate. We don’t know if there will be a NDA, we just have to wait and see.

PinkRoses:  bruce call: caller: canada banks…  bruce: royal canada bank, tdd bank exchanges for all currency. Scotia bank only handle the zim. we will get all the numbers for those 3 banks for Canadians

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller unknown calling from Alberta Ca. Will Canada have 800 #? Bruce said the RBC and TD bank are doing the exchanges. Scotia will only do zim. Bruce will do his best to get the numbers on under the bankng tab

PinkRoses:  bruce: the contract rates for rates seem to be available for limited time above and beyond the bank or market rates. you guys in Canada subject to different rates than we are. just your rates in Canada may vary from our rates anyways.

PinkRoses:  Bruce; I undestand you can ask for contract rates on the dong and ? all we will be able to do is post numbers for your 3 banks there in Cananda and the ones here in the US

Ploganea:  Bruce: Are we part of the internet group for contract rates? Bruce: Canada has different rates not only because of the difference of the the US dollar to the CA dollar. Understands you can ask for contract rates on dinar and dong for Canada. Doesn’t know the rate.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 407. Need reassuance: Have seen reports about late Jan or Feb. Can it go that long? Bruce: Doesn’t expect that. The goal is before our Christmas.

PinkRoses:  bruce: no, everthing going on even i heard today. i dont expect that. China wants it done. They are driving this. They want us to see this before Christmas

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: hearing about the historical bonds releasing this week? bruce: yes as recently as last night  Bruce: historical bonds right before or right after we see this.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller 336. Question: Been hearing about historical bonds being released this week. Is that true? Bruce: Yes.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Are the smaller groups part of the historical bonds? Bruce: The historical bonds are to go right before or right after the rV. Is there any cap on the dong? No. Only limit is that you can not walk out of the bank with more than $9,500 US dollars.

PinkRoses:  bruce caller; cap on the dongs?  Bruce: NO. only limit on the amount of USD you walk out with. only be able to walk out with $9500 dollars. only limit there is

PinkRoses:  Bruce; we should be in really good state of expectation. continue staying patient. i do expect have this thing so we have a Christmas. expect it shortly. cant call it, but everything i hearing, we are in the midst of a rollout.

Ploganea:  Bruce: We are in a really good state of expectation. Stay patient. Expect it so that we can have a good Christmas. We seem to be in the midst of the rollout with our turn very shortly.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: we belive things are occuring to make it our turn very very shortly. Plan to have our celebration call as soon as we can. hopefully Thursday. keep look out for emails, text from tnt. my understand they will be able to do a call, text, and get 800 numbers.

Ploganea:  Bruce: Celebration call may be Thursday. Watch your emails and tweets from TNT. He understands TNT will be able to do a final call and will get the 800#s.

PinkRoses:  Bruce; we will put the 800 numbers on our site. thank you everybody. Kent pray us out.

Ploganea:  OK, everyone. I am signing off. Hope Bruce is right and we are done!!!!

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456