The Big Call

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TNT:  Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 12-17-15

Crusty:  Bruce playing “Santa Claus coming to town ”

Crusty:   Bruce now playing ” After Midnight ” !!!

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce on now…. Bruce: maybe we see it tonight as song title “After Midnight”

Bruce call: starting call with prayer. guest speaker, short call not quite an hour, short and sweet call tonight. Kent had previous engagement, night off for him. Intel after prayer requests.

Bruce call: No teaching lesson tonight…. Bruce call: Prayer requests now

Bruce call: Bruce: we are looking good from an intel point of view. bonds being activated still. alot of activity in the west going on. i could go in more detail but shouldnt. everything moving right along.

Bruce: heard a possibility of an impediment, hopefully no longer a problem. You probably know who I am referring to. bank aspect, right on the money. the trn in place at banking institutions and bank centers. point of view of iraq, LD in circulation. dont know the value given to them, but expect

Iraq budget been passed, rates ascribed to the budget to get them started. sort of in libo waiting to be release. all the agencies have done all they need to do. papers signed, nothing left to do in the persective we have. …this happen fairly quickly.  possibility of good news as early as tomorrow.

Bruce: should have very good weekend. happen before Christmas? that is our understanding we will. see how it shakes out if we have time to exchange before that holiday. have faith this to come through in short order.

Bruce: this a good time to consider what you want to do for yourselves, your family or close friends for holidays…

Bruce call: info on health products from guest speaker

Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A,

Bruce call: caller: I went on Dinar Recaps, about a conference being held on Jan 20 about prepare the international investment, her putting that, left me question, how it does effect the rv, do we have to wait till then?

Bruce: we are still looking this prior to Christmas. It is just a conference to investment in Iraqi.

Bruce caller: rv prior to that?

Bruce; yes need to do that to make the conference a reality

Bruce Caller:  bruce: time frame till then?

Bruce: no, we want this to go through including Iraq now. this gives them time to prepare and have companies come on board to the stock exchange

Bruce caller: CL going to court?

Bruce: yes she was charged with something way back. she already been tried on that. i dont know if same charges or something different. she is in the news. CL was going to trigger the RV from the IMF to the CBi of Iraqi. if anything speeds it up, due to the additional pressure she feeling from the news

Bruce caller: would it be feasible after the RV to buy a house?

Bruce; it is fine, go ahead if you have a house in mind and you can afford it, nothing wrong making that move. i just dont believe the values of the house will drop, if anything prices will go up and housing market go up. i am planning on doing  it myself

Bruce caller: I am not being or trhying to be negative here. one person, guru saying and laughing at you, me, tnt callers, we are falling for this and this not going to happen until March. We have been in this for so many years. Hyped up for this time and time again… alot of us like this.

Bruce: set the Koolaid cup down. we just literally trying to get the best info we can gather which is substantial from number of intel calls. Is this right around the corner, could it drag on, we know it could what has happen in the past. we understand it could be a factor something or someone hold it up. what is the desire of China, Iraqi iis it their desire to wait?

Bruce; NO, it is now, activity in the west now. take one person, set him aside, dont listen, dont do it. take the majority of what we hear, weigh it inlight of what we know is true, discern the truth carefully, doesnt mean we get it right all the time. somethings come up we dont know about, certain delays come up. the season we are in very good for us. we dont know it will happen this weekend. take one day at a time

Mangelo: Bruce, take it one day a time, lets believe it will happen before Christmas

PinkRoses:  Bruce: deal with everything one day at a time. cant worry about Feb, March. be in the present. believe this to go down before Christmans. everything pointing to it very soon. dont let one person take away your hope and faith

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Q and A over

Mangelo:  Bruce thanking his guest Bob


Bruce: I would say, we just know that our time is close. I cant tell exactly when it will come. everything is positive,

Bruce every indication is that it is coming and having a blessed 2015

Mangelo:  Bruce is praying the call out

PinkRoses: Bruce: hope we have our celebration call before Tuesday night

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456