The Big Call (Highlights by PinkRoses)

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Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday Night 12-22-15

PinkRoses: Bruce call starting

Bruce: we are waiting, in good place to be waiting in. excited about everything going on the last few days, excited what should be go on next couple of days.

Bruce: Christmas on Friday, at this particular point of time, we are not sure if we will have a call Christmas Eve night. it seems it might be out of place. depending on where we are possible we might. stay tuned to Dinar Recaps.

if we dont, dont hold it against it, we do plan on trying to walk everybody through the Rv process and be there through the process and after the exchange and bring you latest info on investment opportunities like humanitarian projects, the ministries, none of that is changed.

Pink Roses:  Bruce: i looking for a planned get together with you, not a meet and greet, but to work together what projects we will do, network within the group.

Bruce call: intel now

Bruce: Do we think we be there now based on calls Tues and Thursday? yes. now we are to the point we are getting some solid info that looks like we still possibly there before Christmas, some feel after Christmas, first of year. WE know certain things have occured. We know what we know.

Bruce; some things are moving along. is it moving along for us individually and large groups, not yet. some small groups are exchanging. large groups and other groups not been notified, but will be.

Bruce: internet group set to go with other groups, shot gun approach. all notified at once, set appt. operations are under way in some of the groups, not just vip, other people. prosperity packages are out or about to go out immediately. groups are to follow.

Bruce: timing is very very close for us. some of the church groups have gone, some still to go in, some native american groups gone in. cant get in super detail. some of the rates were knock your socks off. sanctions to be lifted off completely off Iran to let Iranian Rial to go few days alter.

Bruce: we beleive that request by China, all the other countries pulled sanctions off Iran, we the US only one not done it, China requested it, I believe we are complying with it. all indications we are prepared to go before Christmas, exchange centers open Christmas Eve.

Bruce: all i saying their intentions, this is rolling out, not being held up, everything is moving, rolling, just not our turn. we are in line, not just quite our turn. if you can understand that concept waiting to be notified, to set appt, to exchange to live happy for ever.

Bruce: that is the process we are in. we try to get what we get and discern the truth as much as we can. we are in good shape to get it before Christmas, if not than before the New Year.

Bruce: lets just believe, not lose faith. i read an email that one lady was ready to give up. Do not give up. hang in there, continue to fight the good fight of faith. to run this race until it is over. it aint over till it over.

Bruce: you guys are tougher than that. no give up on this team. we hang in there, we hang in there, pray, continue to believe. this is a world wide reset. alot of pieces of this puzzle, most pieces put in the puzzle, just waithing for a few pieces to finish puzzle for us

Bruce: you have enough faith to believe. there are people that purchased this currency, maybe they shouldnt have. maybe not for everybody.

Bruce call: I took great care to talk to the people i did about it. i knew it wouldnt be easy ride. what did you learn through this process. you learnedhyou not want to do this again.
bruce: but look at reward other side of this. when this does occur and exchange and look back at those 2, 7, 10, 11 years and go you know it was worth every bit. sure we learned alot, sacrifice things. maybe we should have gone on plan A longer.

Bruce: look at it like it is a gift and comes when it comes. have we lost people on the way? yes. alot of poeple, my wife, okieson, plenty of people during this ride. we really want to encourage you notto give up the fight.

Bruce; hang on, it will come through, almost there. we cant tell you when. they not want us to know, few people know. the window changes I feel, things are rolling out. we have had people hold this up. those not inpediment of the process now. as early as this morning see this next couple of days, possilbly before Christmas. Thursday not planning on doing a call.

Bruce: we will surely have a celebration call next Tuesday. we want to be there to celebrate with you guys, have it come through. very good time frame for it to go. rates very high, knock your socks off rates.

Bruce: now it is above that. high rates. good shape on that. I heard a rate on the rupiah that was crazy. our understanding the trns are out, officially backing the currency, and have new currency with our esxchanges

Bruce: take a little cash, not walk out with 6, 8 thousand dollars. have credit debit cards, have access to your new acct with whatever bank you choose with your exchange. the important thing is set your appt.

Bruce: there not going to be a one note option, if you do one note you could possibly pigeon yourself on one rate. consider idea of getting your best closest exchange locations. if in a group- dance with the one that brought you.

Bruce: unless it was a scam of a group. you will do fine, as WF group or other groups out there. give it a thought, dont worry if you havent got an email in a l00 years.

Bruce: they chose to take your email and stay silent about it, you are in. dont worry about that if you are signed up on that group and not heard from them. best way is to react, set appt, could be for this week or next week. you be set.

Bruce: q and A….. intel done

Bruce: are they 57 cent rate, could be. some of the rates you were hearing about were on UN operation page on 2014, they were old rates. I dont want to go there, and talk about it. some hearing higher than that. maybe they are, wait and see what it is. I tell you this, bring it all in and see if you can get a competitive rate, screen rate you should be able to get.

Bruce: those who dont have WF banks, in 8 states, dont worry about it. call in, they have exchange locations set up for you to go to. private banking in your state, sometimes mortgage office, could have exchange center there or somewhere else. use them and call the 800 number and set up appt. they will know by zip code the closest one to you.

C: has anyone since 2013 that have exchanged paid taxes?  Bruce: no one has. my understanding it is a non taxable event.

C: if it happens tonight or tomorrow, you think we be exchanging sat and sunday?  Bruce: i think you will be yes. if happens tonight or in the morning, you be exchanging tomorrow. They could have exchange centers open immediately. take off Christmas and reopen on the 26th

Bruce: China wanted us to go before Christmas where we were shopping a week or two before. they want the consumerism, the cash flowing. we want that too, cash flowing.

C: before forex shuts down, good time for it to happen?   Bruce: not hear the forex shut down. my opinion is, when that occurs, first of all we did think when this went through it might not even show up on the forex until the so called public to find out about it.

Bruce: the real public ones not paying attention at all. that could very well be the case. 12am Christmas eve midnight if the forex not come up, that is indicator we should be up and running, and do bring it back up if on Jan 2, monday morning the 3rd for us, traders going in, i think likely possibily hold it and not show the rates

Bruce: probably not show rates on forex till Jan 3rd. only my opinion.

Bruce: whole Global reset been done, just waiting for things to pop here. we have enough US power it needs to go here first then goes world wide. RV in Iraq been done, until the rate announced internationally and truly internationally, people know it, the LD will have real value.

c: is the dong still in the basket and over 3 dollars?  bruce: Yes and Yes

c: rates highrer?,,,,,Bruce: yes, they are moving. China wants some of these rates high. that is what they got where they want them. they are very good.

Bruce: the super high rates may not be there forever. it is important you go in. there is a teaser rate, those rates on the rupiah for a week or so, or dong so people get in and exchange, the sucker rates.

Bruce: these rates are the real micoy, they will not last forever. important make appt right away, not necessary two or three days go in, but if you wait 2 or 3 weeks you could do it wtih your operial (misspelled sorry)

C: taxes?     Bruce: you guys know not cpa, tax attorney, what has happen so far not a taxable event, possibly for us and hopefully remain a tax free event.

C: to be safe, going to set aside for tax purposes…. bruce: some recommended 25, 25, 50, not like it, but you dont have to spend it in one week. the idea to put 25 to work ridiculous, put it all to work. get the money working for you. with one big bank if you leave 20 million dollars for 2 years going to get good rate

Bruce: based on 20 million on for 2 years with interest rate i thinking about, it is 100,009 a month return. let your money work for you. say keep money working for you. if becomes a tax situation you going to have to adjust

c: the brics in charge of this rv?   bruce: they have alot of influence, not necessary in charge, they are driving it, funding this funding that, making things happening.

c: i hope to go before Christmas, give 100 dollar gift cards… Bruce: be careful how you give. dont draw too much suspicion to draw attention to you. word going to go out fast. be wise on this, know what you are doing. like paying off layaways, that is a great idea.

c: make money to work, interest bearing acct?…..bruce: yes make money work, some form of banking investment. if you need money to pay off bills, set it aside, 6 months of living expenses you can get access to. have a little bit of fun, be wise about it. what you spend in the first couple of weeks, months, you cant get it back unless it is invested.

Bruce: spend the interest your money makes. take it easy at first, see what you can be earning with your money. be careful of the stock market, maybe nice interest banking acct making you money. i telling you products to look into. get with your cpa, ask wm for a cpa. they will provide some of these services free.

C: plan B if Plan A with 800 numbers …  Bruce: what Kent will do if we for some reason not get the 800 numbers if they dont, Kent will go online and bring up the banks and currency departments of the banks.   Bruce: we will have a Plan B if Plan “A not happen

c: if we go in immediately will we have to be concern with first mouse, 2nd mouse?   bruce: we already had first mouse, sucker rates that people did already. the rates once it goes live, i think the rates will be strong, high. the first, 2nd mouse thing a thing of the past

c: trading forex shut down?  bruce: it could be a trigger, but i think it a result of a trigger. we understand it may go sooner than that. we should have it before Christmas

c: how long take us to get appt once we have 800 number?  bruce: i think in two hours of that time. locations open. we believe the locations will start in 7am. if get something at midnight, chances are you setting appts as early as the next morning

c: if a person in a group and get appt, are they locked in with a rate?  bruce: there was a term prenegotiated rate, PRG. then PNR, pre negotiated rate. they already there. contract ra es are ones not in groups. but inside the groups, groups already have that in their format.

c: do you believe that a prenegotiated rate is equal in the ball park as a contract be?  bruce: Yes, it could be higher than the contract rate the nongroup individual get, same ball park, yes.

c: group that I am in, not call it by name. question, i heard you say not splitting the actions of your exchange bring your currency here and then here.   Bruce: if you have a group rate and promised a very low rate, some people have. that is a decision you have to make to go with that particular group or go on your own. If they say 50cents on dong, i be gone.

c: reality of it is that 3 of the rates are exceptionally good, only one is falling short of what we were expecting originally. i better off taking that one currency take it outside of the group.  bruce: if you believe like 3cents for ZIM, take it outside for example.

c: that confirms what i am thinking. packages, i really dont have understanding it, posperity packages.  Bruce: it goes back 20, 30 years people signed up, they were designed to get this wealth out through pay master get so much currency then have people in their group they would bless with pretty decent funds. i was never part of prosperity package. if you dont think you are in one, you probably not in one.

c: i am in one. i been told that. …..Bruce: then you probably will get notified. some went out on Sunday. maybe still going out to some pay master. but our understanding they are in motion. stand by, dont move.

c: what is the impediment?   Bruce: hard to say, definitely been impediments through our administration, even congress, hard to prove, hard to say exactly, but we understand those impediments been removed.

c: changes the last of the year?   bruce: very good between now and Christmas, designed to go down now. we thought it go over the weekend, it didnt. still waiting, we will see if it does…. c: are we still using Iqn, vnn, or say we want to do an exchange on our currency?

c: are we still using Iqn, vnn, or say we want to do an exchange on our currency?   Bruce: there may be an advantage to use IQN, vnn, i dont think in the groups will matter. if individual, good idea to use those designations. it is the banks adavantage to exchange you out in a higher level. they will do better, have more in deposit with you. they want to give you high rates.

Bruce: iqn, if not under iqn go with iqd. they will know. probably better to go in day two.
c: do you suggest we do them all in one transaction.  Bruce; i like it in one transaction, more significant to the bank, more sway with the banks, more perks, possibly higher rate.

c: timing before we diversify?   Bruce: i going to diversify right away, first month. pay bills, lets say they are decent size, these are decent chunks, one maybe house, hospital bills, etc. i would use my checking acct with my little bank to do that, use cashier check to pay those bills at my little bank, not wells.

bruce: i not going to take advantage of these guys. not want to take advantage of a debt situation. make a fair adjsutment if they offer you something if it is fair to you as far as hospital bill. put it in writing to me, get it out and i have a check prepared for you. stay with your word, go to bank, get cashiers check, final payment to settle that debt, i am not an expert on this area.

bruce: i would do that in your home town bank.

c : Zim, cap on it?>    Bruce: no cap on the ZIM

c: Zim depegging from dollar?    Bruce: some countries are depegging from the dollar. some countries are dropping the dollar in the country and some countries dropping trading with the dollar. they are going with China

c: end of the ride?   Bruce: that is our hope

c: stay positive and get ready, i been hearing the 23rd, you heard anything?    bruce; i have heard certain dates, things that need to be accomplished, have been done. it is matter of the roll out, the process getting to us. we think we are must about there.

c: opportunity to go through WF rupiah note, wont hurt our exchange one note?   bruce: i think if you have 4 currency and took one in, i dont kinow if it affect you or not. just in and do it all at once if you can…
Bruce: just make decision yourself. not a fan of one note thing. i think if anything can hurt you if you have to sign nda, i dont think worth it. i wouldnt walk into a bank with one note without appt.

c: china backing zimbabwe?  Bruce  yes

Bruce: guys, i appreciate you coming in. at this time not planning on having a call Christmas eve night. if it changes see it on dinar recaps. today 22nd, the 28th be four years doing the big call.

Bruce: really everything going down around us in good style. believe info we getting even though we have to discern and throw out the bad info, crazy stuff out there and will be till the end. try to give good rendition and not get anybody in trouble. im looking forward to all having goood Christmas, hope it goes down to have a good Christmas, if not, look forward to a new year. nothing say it going to be delay. watch for it, have faith for it, stay patienct.

Bruce; Kent praying us out.

The Big Call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456