The Big Call (Intel by PinkRoses)



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. It might be the last time you listen to the Big Call.

Do you realize tonight call on this Thursday makes (7) full years of the Big Call. If we have to go beyond tonight you realize we would be starting the 8th year of the Big Call.

We were expecting a very Merry Christmas. We were actually looking for toll free numbers around Christmas. We did not get them, but we were given some information around that time that pointed to before the end of the year. I am going to say that information I have is still valid. What I am going to say is there are some things that have happened.

Bruce: First of all you know President Trump made a surprise trip to Christmas Day.

They got into Iraq in the morning the next day Iraqi time. Yes, he did greet the troops that were there and had a nice (20) minute rally with them. He was very well received. In addition to that his main reason for going, even though that was very important, certainly very important part of it, was to congratulate Mahdi on putting their new Parliamentary form of Government together.

So he met not only with Mahdi, Abadi, A-lak from CBI, Barzani, and etc. He met with them to congratulate them and celebrate with them in the vicinity of (3) hours before he took off for Germany. We know that because we had people there for that celebration.

That was really a big deal. For him to go and make the trip all the way to Iraq after he already had a phone call with the troops earlier Christmas morning earlier that was pre-recorded that none of us were able to hear. They didn’t put it on the news. They didn’t want us to hear it evidently. My understanding is that he said some things relative to having a monetary reform this week and that it would be good for us. I think he made a comment to that effect.

Bruce: Beyond that, you guys realize how far the stock markets have dropped. They have dropped heavily until yesterday. I did not see what the markets did today, but yesterday we went up 1,080 points in one day. Huge. I think that is a record. Why was that? Why drop 650 points one day and up a 1,000 plus the next day?

My understanding is that there were some reductions of some USD liquidity that had to take place. We heard years ago the stock market has to crash. Are you serious? Why? It didn’t hit me until yesterday. The markets have to crash to remove the USD liquidity from the market so that USTN, our new gold back dollar, the United States Treasury Note, could be put back into the system as our new currency in the form of liquidity. I think that is why the markets went up especially a 1,000 plus points yesterday.

Bruce: Now, the President also yesterday I understand made a tweet to the effect of BOTD, Buy On the Dip. That is what we had dip on these market drops. I think he was advising possibly the concept buying on the dip. A well known financial concept that a well known brokers talk about as to when to get into the market. Possibly that is the reason too.

Bruce: We understand that everything went very well at the celebration for Iraq. I believe they have done everything we, the US and the UN, and the IMF have requested of them to do. I know that there is a group of delegates coming from Iraq to the United States here in a matter of days. That is interesting to me. Why in the world would they be coming over here? Is there something to announce. Is there something else we are going to acknowledge about Iraq? I tell you that is in the works. That is going to really fun when that occurs and hopefully it will be covered on most of the news channels.

Bruce: What we are getting. We heard from one of the major banks that between now and the end of the week something spectacular is about to take place. That was referring to monetary and financial reset here in the United States.

We all know what that is. So we will see how they do with that whether that comes through. Whether that is what we will receive. I believe it will be. I have heard from several sources anything could happen anywhere from tonight to Saturday. I believe that is very positive for us and should keep us prepared and ready to go.

I know that really from a Tier 4 Group perspective which we are, we are looking at the cores and the Fines and Penalties being paid and then we believe it’s a go for us. When will that occur? I think it is imminent, possibly occur tonight. Let’s keep an eye on that.

If that happens, I believe I will get notified on the toll free number and be able to put it out on both of our websites: and Then I will find a couple of other places on line to send it.

Bruce: Also I heard that the rates are pretty much on the screens except we have pending notification by dinar and Zim. Not surprising. So when everything solidifies the pending will go away and those rates will be solid and live. Also we have heard today that the Platforms and the Prosperity Packages are to be distributed on January 3rd or 4th.

We have been told for quite awhile now that those will happen after we receive our toll free numbers and we begin our exchange and redemption process. That should give you a heads up. We didn’t have the Christmas we thought we would have, but will we have a New Year’s celebration like we have never had before? I think that is very possible.

Bruce: There is also the possibility Tier 5, Jo Public, could actually start around Wednesday, January 2, 2019. It may not be that soon, but I could see that could be possible. We are in the situation where I believe we are preparing for this to finally occur.

I believe their intention is for this to happen this year. At least for us to get notified, at least for us to get our numbers. Maybe we are setting appointments for Wednesday, January 2nd. But we have opportunity, possibly, to get it before then.

Now I can’t be any more specific than that or I would be calling it. I am doing my very best not to call it, but everything we are hearing is that things are moving, people are putting certain large deals together that are taking place. Everything is coming together. I can’t say it any other way. I think finally we are at the end of this ride. Maybe this is going to be our last formal Big Call, and it will finish up (7) years. Anything after tonight will take us into the 8th year. I don’t think we are going to do it.

Bruce: We will be touch by email. We will probably do a podcast after we do some initial meetings which is a few weeks away let’s say. We will send it to your email. If you get something from us, from Big Call Universe, make sure you open it. It could be a link to a pod cast that will give you an update from us as to our progress, and as to a rough idea of the timing of our projects.

You know we are going very strongly with the VRN and Rebuild America. We have a lot of initial concepts already down, but we are going to be meeting about that putting those two together. I do want volunteers for Rebuild America all over the country. You have a part of the country you would like to see improved, especially housing, schools, clinics, recreation centers, parks, areas like that. We are not supposed to do infrastructure per se.

The government is going to take that on themselves. I have been instructed specifically not to encourage people we are going to do infrastructure in Rebuild. We are going to do the other things, housing, clinics, everything we have talked about in the past. With the VRN, something with Veterans. We will be working with Veterans. I can use some help on equine therapy. If we have horse people out there which I know we do, I would love if you want to volunteer to help with that and maybe source the horses we need with that. That is an area I am not familiar with, but we have to be educated on that. Really guys, it is going to be exciting.

Bruce: If this goes before New Years, please stay home and celebrate privately, quietly for New Years. Do not go out and become a statistic after all this time. Do not start drinking and get into an accident. That is amateur hour. That is for the amateurs to go out and tear it up. We do not want that. I do not want that for anybody in this community. Not only for Big Call but all the way across our community. We made it this far. Let’s not cut our lives shorts because of some stupid act of celebration. Okay? Let’s keep it real.

Bruce: I do not have any updated rates because the rates have been on and off the screens. I am going to tell you that it is more about your attitude and confidence in making your presentation of any projects you want to do. You can talk about Rebuild America. You know enough about it to talk about it what our intention is as a group. If that is your main thing, cool. If it is working with Veterans, cool. If you have projects of your own, fine, that is great.

That is not about what you have in writing. Not about you making a book report. It is you speaking confidently and for them to see you this person is serious about doing something for humanity. Is this person serious about making a difference in this work for humanity?

If you are interested in negotiating rates you will have some flexibility at the Redemption Centers that you won’t have elsewhere.

Bruce: So when you get the toll free number, call. There will be actually (3) numbers. There will be a number for the United States, a number for Canada, and a number for Mexico. I will have all (3). I understand I will get all (3) of those. I will put them out which one is for which. That way you call and like I said there are (6) zones in the United States. You call and give them the zip code for where you intend to exchange even though you don’t live there. You see what I am saying?

You give them the zip code where you want to do your exchange and check that out. They connect you with an extension to that region of the country and they finish with your appointment and you set that up. It is that simple.

Obviously you want to try to bring (2) forms of picture ID. Bring (1) or (2) statements that have your home address, a phone or electric bill, something like that. One thing that has them concerned is duplicate Social Security numbers. If you have your Social Security card, bring it. If you have something of a legal document or official looking document with your social security number on it, bring that. It is just to prove who you are.

This is part of know who you are rules. They are going to make really sure for your exchange you are who you say you are and that your social is not duplicated and someone else doesn’t try to use your social number. Keep that in mind. You should be able to knock your appointment out in hour and half or so.

Bruce: If you have your trust stuff done, your trust paperwork, bring that. If you don’t, bring a sheet with (8) or (9) trust names so that you can try to see if those names are available in your state as they attempt to see if they can get that trust name for you as they put that together. It would be a little easier if you have all that together already. If you don’t, make sure you have that.

Also make sure you have your trustee names so people who you want to control the money in the trust, and also have a few beneficiaries you want if something would happen to you so that the trust doesn’t get passed down to someone else, the proceeds of the trust. It is good idea to have trustees and a name or two of Successor of Trustee as well.

Bruce: Other than that, guys, it is a slam dunk. It is pretty much what we talked about for the last several years, and I think they will be tracking you by your cell phone from your residence to the Redemption Center and back again.

They want to make sure that you get there safely and you return home safely. So they will have eyes on you in that sense using GPS. I would say other wise guys, be confident when you go in. Be kind. Look them in the eye. Don’t look down. Don’t look to the left. That means you are lying. Do not do that. Just enjoy. Have fun with this. It should be some fun. You are going to have (4) of perks, and I have heard some of them. They should be pretty good.

If you are a Zim holder, you do not need any perks. Let’s see what they have. See if it is something you think you will use, and have fun with it. You deserve it. You have earned it. If you have ridden the ride of the Big Call for all (7) years, you should get a (7) year pin or something like that. It is going to be a magical experience for us.

Bruce: Try to be aware of what you feel when you go, what your body is feeling. Are you going to feel some butterflies? Yes, that is okay. That is part of anybody. Any comedian, any actor, anybody that is in a musical group that gets up on stage feels butterflies. It is normal. It is part of the process. It is okay. It is cool, but have fun with it. Have fun with it. Look them in the eye. Just be honest with what you plan to do. They are going to read you and determine what to do for you with you by your attitude, by your confidence level, and how well you know your subject which is really your projects.

It is not about me of the Big Call, but if you want to do Rebuild America just let them know. They may know about it. They may have heard about it. You might be the first one that mentions it to them. What is Rebuild America? Is it what the President is doing? You say Well, it is something like that. He got his idea of rebuilding America after Big Call’s idea of Rebuild America two months later. It is true. I am teasing, but it is true.

Bruce: Listen guys, we got some good ideas. It is going to be great. We are going to partner together to do these things, and I will have some suggestions, a template of ideas, and try to make it as simple as I can. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. It is just going to be connecting the dots and having fun with this project.

I think we should be underway in a matter of weeks. I think we will get started with some movement probably in the first few months, and we will be in touch with you through email. You say Where do I register my email? Where do I put it? It is last chance. I didn’t do it. I didn’t believe enough in the Big Call to do it. You better believe it. So go to: and register your email. That is how you sign up. There is no charge. There is no fee. You just sign up with your email, and you will get a responder back.

Do not worry about it if you don’t get it, because we got you. Just make sure your email is spelled correctly when you sign up, and the system will capture it. We will do a bulk email with the toll free numbers when they come out. They will come out in a bulky email to all those registered. If you are not registered, you better do it now. Then of course we will follow up with our progress by podcasts, initial meetings. It will be fun. I want you guys to love this transition. I want you walk in confidently. I want you just to be proud what has happened. I want you to thank God for it. When you find out and get those numbers, just say a short prayer of thanks. Do that right away if you can.

Bruce: Let me say that is all I want to bring up today. Thank you very much everybody. Good night. We will be talking to you soon possibly by email. Good night Everybody. Thank you, Bob.