The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce: Good Evening Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call tonight. This could be our last call for a little while. Here it is where we are. Let’s start with Iraq. Iraq is coming off their holiday Eid al-Fitr. It started Friday and today is their last day.

They are ahead of us by 8 hours on the east coast from Baghdad. What is significant is their ISX, Iraq Stock Exchange, has been down throughout the holiday. It is getting ready to come back up at 7:30am Baghdad time tomorrow, Wednesday, June 20th, which is tonight at 11:30pm EST.

That is indicative their stock exchange will come back up then and presumably with the new rate and presumably with the new rate of the dinar.

Bruce: Let’s talk about rates. Rates came off the bank screens on Saturday and have been off pretty much until today. They were off this morning and they started populating.

They started coming back up and the rates were flashing with a pending indication by each rate flashing as well. Until they go solid and that pending goes off, we have on hold or pending notation we can’t do anything.

What is interesting is these rates are coming back up we had an 18th rate. An 18th currency that is going to be considered going up in value in the first basket. It looks like of those 18 currencies, we had 17. One just added here recently the last day or so. It looks like it is the South Korean yuan. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I think that is pretty cool.

Bruce: Let’s talk more about the rates. Here they were today coming up repopulating, sequencing which is the bank’s term for it, trying to get to where all the rates are on screen and ready to go. By end of business today which is usually by 5pm, they still had not finish sequencing.

At 9pm tonight I heard while I was on the Big Call tonight, they are sort of on and off at that time. It tells us they might be on for a little period, a little sequence, and then off and then on again. I think what we are looking for is for those rates to solidify and get into the complete on stage, and that is what we are really looking for prior to go time or maybe that would be “Go Time”.

Bruce: I heard today that ppl know we are right there on the cuff, precipice of this going. We are on the cuff of the summer solstice. The real summer solstice is June 21. That is still the case. However, I believe we are at the point where because where we are because of the international banking week, we can go at any moment.

Bruce: Also, I have heard today that we are on the step, right there on the front step ready to walk thru the door. I couldn’t tell you for sure when we could go. I do not know that. I do understand that I am honored to receive the toll-free number for the internet community. I look forward to receiving that. I will have some lead time to receive that which is a blessing. It allows us to be more prepared to get the number out to everybody. I am excited about that.

Bruce: Banks were really busy trying to get everything together today. We know one of the banks was really busy with changing of some of the legal documents in a number of folders that needed to be addressed with attorneys and other banking officials. That went for 7 hours today, those meetings. They concluded favorably. So we got that done.

Bruce: We know the Redemption Centers and Exchange Locations, and you know I make a slight distinction between those two terms. The Zim holders will go to Zim Redemption Centers. We use the term redemption because you are redeeming the Zim. It is a bond, a gold back bond, and it will be redeemed.

The other currencies that we have will be exchanged at the Exchange Locations. They are doing a lot of testing with the Call Centers to make sure they can transition the callers to the proper locations especially if they are Zim holders. There is a whole protocol right now that they are testing. That testing was supposed to complete at 7:15pm EST tonight. They might have all their testing knock out.

Bruce: There is a little more clean up on aisle 3 in the cyberspace that is going on. That maybe ongoing, but I believe they are far along it to where it is no longer a threat to us to go ahead and begin. They know who we are already in Tier 4. They know who we are. We will actually be pleasantly surprised to know we will be monitored from the time we set our appointment and the time we go to the Redemption Centers and from there back home. Because for security purposes, they want to make sure we get their safely and arrive safely and return safely. They got that figured out. It is all cool. That is a real positive thing I think.

Bruce: I really believe that we are in good shape. The rates are solidified. The testing for the Call Centers we think is complete by now. Cyberspace stuff is working through its course and doing a great job on that. That is basically where we need to be. Tier 3 what we understand, and I haven’t heard anything more about tier 3, I think they wrapped up. I believed they did. We were told they didn’t need to completely necessarily before we started. They may have completed already, and it is a moot point.

Bruce: I am excited. I am doing my best not to call it. I am being honest with you. I really am. I feel good where we are, and I feel good where everybody is. I feel great because we have faith and we have had faith for this. I feel great we are not going to the Redemption Centers with any amount of fear whatsoever, but with confidence, not arrogance. Confidence in what we are going to do, knowing what our intent is.

What is your intent for your projects? What is it you intend to do? What are your intentions? I want you to concentrate on that. Remember that. Write that down. That is what they will want to know about.

Bruce: We talked about infrastructure. Very important to talk about that. We talked about longevity the fact your projects can go 10, 20, 50, 100 years. These are projects with some longevity. Many of them. Rebuild America can continue until the cows come home. Working with veterans we will continue to do. We will not stop working with the veterans with the Veteran Retreat Network. Keep that in mind. Rebuild America continues.

Will we stop with America? No. We are starting with America. Then we will rebuild the Caribbean, Central America, and allow people down there to have jobs, to have homes, to have a life style in the country they live so they don’t have to gain access to our southern border. Let’s give them a reason to stay in the countries they are in. Same thing in Africa, and same thing everywhere. Let’s give these people to have a chance of a level playing field, a great opportunity to learn, to be safe, to have shelter, to have plenty of food and water. There is so much we will do.

Bruce: I was thinking over the weekend, brainstorming, about Rebuild America, and how closely it will be aligned to the Veteran Retreat Network. We will have a number of these Veteran Retreat Networks all over the country.

I started to think about I am going to put supply storage depots on a number of these retreats so we that we can buy huge quantities of material in bulk. We will direct with Kohler. We will work direct with a lot of other manufactures. We will have materials so we do not have to wait on anything. We will have our own store houses. When we need materials we will have it. We will have it there. On certain items, not everything. A lot of major items so we can buy in bulk, get the deals, buy the best, and have it ready to go for our Rebuild America program.

Bruce: I was thinking about where those can be in the country with interstate access and so on. Getting those on the road to a town where we are rebuilding a town, a city, a community. I am excited about that. It will be great because we will be using our veterans and employing them on our Veteran Retreat Network sites. We will need some help. We will need help not only volunteer help. I am looking for 5,000 Big Call listeners that will volunteer until we get this thing started.

I am not asking you to make it a full time job. To do what I am planning to do which is to get people in leadership positions to take this concept and make it work in various areas of the country. I will probably have one volunteer type leader, at least initially, from every state and then one from every region that will allow us to have the continuity to rebuild the country in this project Rebuild America throughout the country. There is a lot involved in this in getting ready and getting started. I am excited about it.

Bruce: I am excited about where we are. I think we are on the cuff of this thing going. You know the summer solstice is when the most light is on the planet for one day of the year. That is what we are coming into, into this time of greater light. That is really where we are on the cuff with that. I know that is important to the Chinese and to those in the Middle East and to us too.

Bruce: With that said I am pretty excited where we are with our projects. I want you to remember the concept of your intent. Do not blue sky the people at the Redemption Centers. They will be able to read you and what your heart is. I want them to see your heart and see what it is you intend to do with your projects in mind. Don’t blue sky them.

If you want to mention the Big Call and you can say Bruce has got a thing called Rebuild America and it will be nationwide. I want to be part of that. Most of them have probably heard about that by now. If not give them a little heads up that we plan to do it at least 5,000 cities, towns, and communities throughout the United States. That is a lofty goal, but I think we can do that.

Bruce: I really think we can do it and we will do it not only with construction, infrastructure, new clinics, recreation areas, green spaces, make it a beautiful place for people to work and go to school. We will do all of that. We will also have community gardens, mentorship programs, apprenticeship programs, trade schools because we will need them.

We will need trade schools to get some people coming out of high school and even people coming out of college. There are great jobs out there right now. Job market is the best it ever been. I think it is fantastic. We will find ourselves that we need more electricians, plumbers, concrete workers, finish carpenters, etc. in the building trades, crane operators, heavy equipment operators. Once you are trained on them you can make decent wage. We will be paying really good rates because we will be able to afford it. I am excited.

Bruce: I hope we get our immigration system worked out because we will be short here in the United States of qualified people to help us. I don’t want to be short going forward. I want to build what we want to build. This was my birthday from the Big Call to give to the President to get this Rebuild America going.

I believe we will, but we need a little help from Congress to get the qualified people to this country to help us because I think we will be a little short with our own population due to the low unemployment rate. Our employment rate is extremely good right now. I think it will only get better.

Bruce: After this you have 5 or 6 or eight million people that don’t need a job anymore. You leave your job because you can. You don’t have to because you don’t have to work for a living. There is a vacuum, void there. A lot of those jobs will need to fill by other people. Then what? It will be amazing. Wait until you see what happens. It will be total full of employment. it used to be 4 or 5 percent was considered employment as an unemployment number.

Now we are at 3.8 percent and every month it gets lower. We could be zero unemployment. If you want a job, you will have a job. If you are a veteran, I don’t care if you walk or not, you got a job with us. You got a job with Veteran Retreat Network. We got you. We got your six. We got your back. Just be prepared. Watch out what is going to happen. Be prepared. Keep your eyes open. I am very excited.

Bruce: Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and all behind the scenes. Thank you most of all Big Call listeners, Big all Universe from all over the globe. It has been a great ride. It has been 6.5 years of just dedication to try to bring you the very best we can and to prepare you for really some of the best time of your lives that is coming. Stay with us. Stay in faith and I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Thank you everybody. Get some sleep tonight. God Bless you All.