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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call.  Where we are in an Intel point of view is we are in a very good position right now. I heard some things yesterday that were telling us just exactly how close we were. Even though we didn’t get a start last night or this morning, we are in good place for that to take place.

I will say now Iraq did their thing. We got word out of Fallujah that today Iraq did make their announcement about their elections and did essentially what they needed to do. Also, they did have a reinstatement of their rate.

I believe they have their actual revalued rate ready to go. I know it has been populating and put on the back screens now. Basically, what we heard last night kind of late, early morning in Iraq the people were celebrating and carrying on in a joyous fashion. That was good news.

Bruce:  When it comes to the bank, we know that the bank rates have been down and started to populate leave the screens and then come back. Then they go and come back again. We find today they were back on, but none of the banks are really telling us what the rates are. Just they are back on. I know at 4:30pm today they did get sort of reset for us.  The rates on the front and back screens were reset for us at 4:30pm.

Bruce:  The Tier 3s were about to wrap up. They are still not quite done, but the Tier 3s I do not know if they will finish up tomorrow or not. Some of them are being handled tonight. Some of the funding sources are also being handled whether they are part of Tier 3 or not, they are being made liquid tonight.

So, they should have liquidity by morning. So that is happening and is a positive thing. The other thing about that is we did confirm we don’t have to have Tier 3 finish before we start. There was always that question. I think I did mention it twice what we are hearing is Tier 3 does not have to be completed for us to start even though they are close to being completed.

Bruce:  We heard Prosperity Packages are sort of staged in position to go out. My understanding is still Prosperity Packages cannot physically be delivered until we have our 800 or so-called toll-free numbers so we can set our appointments. At that point, they can go out. That is sort of something we have to wait on for those waiting on Prosperity Packages.

Bruce:  We know there are major, huge tranches of funds that have taken place today that have come into the United States.  We had two of them at 2am, two at 8:30am, two around 2pm in the afternoon, and couple of them about 7:30pm tonight. Those are very positive. There is even more coming.

The most important thing was the ones that came through this evening were complete and confirmed. That was a very good signal for us. That put us in the position to be ready to go. So that was very positive.

Bruce:  We know we have enough gold to back our currency. We have received more, and we are not leasing gold anymore. We have it.  We have our own gold to back our currency up. I believe we will see that happen just before July 4th.

I believe. That is coming along with very positive announcements that should happen on or about July 4th. We should get I believe next week as well very cool announcements. I am looking forward to that.

Bruce: However, I do believe we are in a position to get started with our Tier 4 Internet Group.  I am looking forward to receiving the call that will give me the information I need to be able to seminate the toll-free numbers and get those out.  I am looking forward to getting those out.

Bruce:  When you are down to the wire, really down to where you can see that finish line and cross through and break through that tape like we are going to do, there is not a whole lot else that I can even think of that we need to know.

I have talked a lot about the Redemption Centers and the processes of the Call Centers and how that is going to work and how we are going to go in and what we are going to do.  You go in confidently. You are not going to be reading a large book to these people. You are just going to be taking a couple of pages with bulletin points explaining what it is you want to do. You are going to talk about the longevity of your project.

Talk to them about the infrastructure that it will include if it does.  Talk to them about the jobs that will be created with your projects. Then, of course, tell them about your intent.  What do you intend to do? I talked to you about this on Tuesday. Just intend as honestly as you can what your heart is and what you intend to do not only for the world but for the universe not only for the United States but for other countries if you have a heart for other countries.

Bruce:  We have Rebuild America which is going to be very big. I would love to have some help with other people and I talked to you about that. We will work with the veterans. We are going to try to save every veteran’s life we can that is homeless. Get them into lodging. Get them into a home. Try to just keep that from being an ongoing problem.

Suicides. We heard about 22 suicides today from homeless veterans and so on. That is just unbelievable. We want to stop that. The President is doing an awful lot for the veterans and the VA and everything to stream line their medical care and make it much better.

Bruce:   What we will try to do is dove tail in, so we so not step on anybody in the VA or do anything that is going to impede what they already get. Just try to help them and offer them an opportunity to have a nice place to live, food, and make sure if they have any abuse like drugs, we will try to get them some help. That is part of our Streets to Retreat Program.

If you have a heart for people that are on the streets whether they are veterans or otherwise, Streets to Retreats would be the one we would have for especially our veterans. Because we do not want them out there. You know what I am saying. It is just something that we need to work on.

Bruce:  Once we get them into our Veterans Retreat, they can have jobs there, they can stay there, they can learn, and they can be helped if they have PTSD or any other thing.  They can essentially move up in that aspect of our organization. Then we hoped to have plenty of housing too. In fact, one of the first things we are going to do with Rebuild America is to make sure to help veterans that need housing.

I think that is one thing we can do with some of the houses we build or some of the homes we rehab. I think definitely that is a great place we can start. There is a lot that we will be doing. We will go one step at a time and make it available for you to follow in a step by step template of what it is we will try to accomplish throughout the United States. I am excited thinking about it.

Bruce:   I am excited about our timing. I have heard of a specific time frame that we are looking at right now for this. I think we are in a really good place for this to come to us now that those tranches have been made.  There is more to come than just those (8) we received today, but the fact we got those eight in the timing fashion we did is very positive for us to get a release to get started.

Bruce:  Just stay in faith for it like we have been talking about it.  Be prepared. Make sure you have all your currency laid out and you know how much of any particular currency you have and write it down or type it up and print it out so you have it ready to go so that you have a copy of it.  You can actually hand a copy of what you have to the person at the Redemption Center so they see what you think you have and they can compare it to what they are able run thru the de la rue machine.

Make sure you are in agreement on the amount of currency for each one you have.  Otherwise have fun with this experience. Let the first day of summer to be an indicator of the first day for the rest of your life. I mean of a very enjoyable, fun filled, joyous, meaningful abounded life.

Bruce:  Thank you Pastor Steve, Sue, and Bob.  Everybody, thank you for listening all over the globe.  Thank you, Big Call listeners. We appreciate you and we have enjoyed doing the Big Call. We will be in touch. Stay in touch. We will be in touch with you by email. All have a great night. Thank you everyone. Good night Everybody. Sleep well. God Bless you all.