The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)

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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s talk about Intel now. Let’s see what we can bring now that might edify everybody and allow us to stay in faith for this, because sometimes it does require faith for us.

Some people for the past 6 or 7 years have just slipped away. They have become the sock drawer public. They have become people that are not following this on calls or blogs. I understand that it has been a tough road for a lot of people.

Some people are the opposite. They are absolutely addicted to every call, every blog, everything they can get their hands on. Fortunately, a lot of stuff out there is a little or no value. It is actually being put out in error. You have to be really careful to discern everything you read, everything you hear and try to find the truth in whatever is out there.

Bruce:  Of course, my opinion is many of you listeners have come to trust the Big Call for many years, and we are still here. We plan to be here through the time we can take you through the threshold into the Redemption Centers.

That was my goal all along from the beginning of the Big Call. To have everyone as prepared as we can get them so that you can walk in very comfortably, but also confidently into the Redemption Center and do your exchange with a smile and enjoy the experience. Not be freaked out or be nervous.

Be comfortably and realize it is going to be the genuine nature how you express yourself that the people are going to see.

Bruce:  They are going to see your heart. Let them see your heart as you express what it is you want to do in your life for the lives of others.  Let them see you. Let them see into you a little bit so that you can reveal that part of yourself to them and let them know this person is sincere, they are sharp, they have a plan, and they do want to help humanity.

They want to help with infrastructure, employment of people, creation of jobs, and longevity of a project.  I want to tune into their intent. I want to see what their intention is regarding the projects. I do not want to read Blue Sky. I do not want to see Blue Sky. I want to see what is in their hearts and what they intend to do.  That is from the perspective of the Redemption Center staff.

Bruce:  You should have no problem arranging a very minimal privately negotiable rate if you have the projects to support that rate. You have to realize that any of us that have Zim, the denominations are very large. So if you take even a $1.00 which is a good rate or even less than that. Let’s say a dollar. You are going to find whatever you have, let’s say a 10 or 50 Trillion note, that is $50 Trillion dollars.

That is 2.5 times our national debt which is going away by the way. Don’t worry about that part. You realize that is with one note. Say you have 3 $10 Trillion notes or 5 $10 Trillion notes or whatever you have, it turns into huge money.

Do not worry. Do not be greedy. Whatever God gives you for a number that you can use towards projects and make it happen.

Bruce:  There were 4, 950 individuals that were aligned with funding sources locally, meaning around the world. These individuals had arranged with these funding sources to donate the vast majority of their exchange funds, the actual posting exchange monies to these funding sources for projects.

In a lot of cases they donate 98% and leave 2% for their personal use, for example. That was a huge amount of people aligned that were not Tier 3’s but they went along side in the last 4 days with Tier 3.

They were supposed to finish at 3pm yesterday, but they finished at 5:06am this morning. That was 14 plus hours later than anticipated. Now, what did that do? What did that mean?

It meant they got completed.

We heard the numbers of those that was happening the last 3 to 4 days. We heard the number of 4,990 go down a little bit here and there. In my estimation they finished up about midnight or so last night. Well, they finished up at 5:06am EDT.

All of that is really good and cool, but what does that mean? It means that we had as a result a delay of 14 hours plus or minus, of where we were, from what we anticipated moving through today.

Bruce:  Now, what we also have is we have an agreement between our Treasury and the IMF regarding some of the countries and the Far East and their rates. We have an agreement today on that. It is good because those who were involved were getting down on the wire on it, and now we can move forward, and get this thing completed for us.

We know for example, as of yesterday morning, Monday morning at 4:15am EDT, we had 142 tranches of 950 Quadrillion dollars each received, processed, accepted, everything, all of those in a period of 3 to 4 days that were received yesterday at 4:15am EDT.  That is a lot of money used for our exchanges.

Bruce:  You might say that is enough for you, but what about me? Well, listen, realize that the vast majority of our exchanges are digital.  We won’t really see the vast majority of our exchange mother lode account represented in something physical as in USN dollars or another currency of some kind.

Yes, we will get some physical currency. Yes, we will be able to spend some money on a temporary debit card when we come out of the Redemption Centers. Yes, there is a portion of our redemption we will have access to immediately. However, that is a pretty amount of chunk of change. That many tranches received yesterday times 950 quadrillion each. That is a lot.

Bruce:  Wait, there is more, because even when those trances are highly watched and protected, there were 4 individuals that tried to hack into that. I am sure they have taken care of that situation, and as a result we are looking for additional tranches to start tomorrow that were planned on Thursday.

That is good. The amounts are vast. They are even larger than the last ones, but they are there for us to back us up for our exchanges and our redemptions of the Zim.

What it is telling you is a lot of funds have moved in the 32 international banking institutions globally. It is not just coming to us here in the United States. This is for all around the world, but it is very positive because it yes it seems at the last minute in a way, but they have this thing timed out. They have it timed out beautifully for those funds to be in to settle for about 44 hours and then to be distributed.

That is a very positive piece of news for us, because things are moving in the direction where we should be able to get started here in short order.

Bruce:  Beyond that, we know that rates have been off the screens. They got back on the screens. They were moving up for the most part. We had 22 currencies on the screens and I think all but 3 were going up. The 3 were working their way down slightly.

That is okay. We are going to have that movement of some up and some down to level the playing field. That is something we knew was going to happen and we are excited about it.

Bruce:  In addition, we anticipate things around July 4th to be very good. We anticipate the public starting in the vicinity of July 3rd.  That is the sock drawer public. Those not paying attention to blogs, might have been gifted a note here or there and putted it away, or used it for whatever, hopefully not as a dart board.

That is something to take place around that time. Now, around July 4th, possibly, we should be getting some form of Gesara announcement coming forth which is very positive for us.

We should some sort of information that should tell us a little bit about what we believe to be the year of Jubilee which is the year of debt forgiveness that type of thing.

Possibly get some insight into a new tax system, possibly some other forms of debt forgiveness. If that is the case on July 4th, it takes the name Independence Day and gives it an entirely bold new meaning. I am looking forward to that as should everyone else.

Bruce:  Also, I know things are happening with the Tier 3s wrapping up. Certain things are happening out west that are moving that process through. Realize the process we are looking at is governed primarily by what we hear from our major banks, what we hear from our Treasury sources, and from our other Government entities.

I feel very confident where we are. Even things were looking good even for today. We expect hopefully a beautiful rest of the week. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see if everything comes through as anticipated, and let’s stay in faith.

Everyone work on their Superman or Superwoman pose and go into the Redemption with confidence but not arrogance, with boldness in terms of which you wish to negotiate if you have humanitarian projects but not greed, and just go in knowing whatever you come out with will be adequate, more than enough to do what it is you are called to do, more than enough.

Why? Because we serve the God of more than enough. That is what is coming with this blessing.

Bruce:  That is our call for tonight.  Everybody have a great night tonight. We are looking forward to a great week.