The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)

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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  This is interesting because here we are July 3rd thinking could we get started today?  Could we have been under way today? Tomorrow is July 4th and banks are closed but maybe the Redemption Centers would be open, etc. etc. etc. or maybe we wait and start on Thursday or whatever.  Yes. That could be what is going on. I heard a little before lunch time today that everything was ready to go this morning and a Go and we were going except we had a little issue. It maybe not have been too small of an issue, but it was an issue that needed to be settled, straightened out before the Green Light could be given.

Bruce:   Part of that was a Tit for Tat I believe President Trump had with Christine Lagarde with IMF regarding allowing our rates to be seen for the new USN here in the United States.  Our new dollar, the USN, is gold back, and one of many currencies that are already gold backed, 100%.  Our dollar, the USN has been trading globally including today for 7 days already. That is a remarkable thing to know, but yet it is not being traded yet here in the United States. So there is a little something that needs to be worked out. I think it has to do some not thrilled with these tariffs, sort of something that need to be ironed out. My understanding it will be ironed out tonight, over night tonight.

Bruce:  We do know currencies have been coming up and coming back on the screens. Remember they have been off for a little while. They came back up and all of sudden we had 28 currencies and we had 9 to go. Then we had 7 to go a little while later. Than as of 6:30pm last night we had 5 to go. Then as of this morning we had 2 to go. The two currencies that were left to show up on the screens were the Iraqi Dinar and the Zimbabwe Zim. Those two currencies needed to come back up. I believe that is all what we were waiting for this morning to go ahead, but the fact they didn’t show meant we didn’t start today even though we were hearing things that were very positively for today.

Bruce:  Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We are expecting an announcement tomorrow somewhere after 1pm, maybe around 3:30pm EST or so.  We don’t know for sure what it will be or what the subject will be about. It could be the President making an announcement about the restored Republic and returning to the Gold Standard.  I would hope that would have something to do with that. Maybe that occurs.  We have a little window tomorrow.

Depending on the announcement, we could hear something before too late in the evening or nighttime tomorrow. Bruce:  Even if we are to receive the toll free numbers tomorrow, would that mean that we would get started right away? I would think because it is the 4th of July, probably not. However, could it be we would get toll free numbers in time to assimilate those as directed and set appointments on Thursday?  It could be possible. I am not going to say it is definite, because it is not.  Nothing definite in this as you guys who have been in this for a while know that.

The Intel and information we get one minute can alter in the next 10 minutes, two hours we could have something completely different.  It is just the nature of the beast and you and I know certainly after 14 years.

Bruce:  I do believe we are in a great period of waiting for this to come through for us. It has been told to me this will be a 4th of July like none other. I believe it should be.  If we get the announcement even if it is just what I anticipated which is a restored type of announcement regarding we are back on the gold standard. If it is something like that, it is game time. That is it. Game over.

Let’s see what happens. I am just going to pay attention and see what happens. I always get information after the call tonight, but I tell you what I am excited. I am disappointed we didn’t get it this morning as we were supposed to. There were things that were supposed to happen.

Bruce:  All the funds that have come in with these mega tranches have been received and confirmed.  They all made it in as of 1:30pm yesterday. Boom. Done. Everything out west is lined up and ready to go from what I understand.  People are making the pilgrimage out west to get started with the exchanges as part of groups. That is fantastic. Good for them.

What we are looking for here for the 6 million to 6.5 million people as part of Tier 4 is looking for the toll free numbers. I will still put them out as I have indicated.  We will set our appointments, and we will go to the Redemption Centers as planned whenever they are open and ready for us. There is no change in any of that. It is just this week is a little bit strange with the 4th being tomorrow. It may turn as a result of this announcement into a true Independence Day for us tomorrow. Let’s see where this goes.

Bruce:  People ask me about rates. Realistically we do not have them right now, because they are coming back up on the screens. They are being populated, being traded, being moved, and we are waiting on the last two to show up. Maybe they will be there tonight.  Maybe they will be there tomorrow. We do not know. We do need those two to show up obviously, the dinar and the Zim, before we can go and do our exchanges.

Bruce:  Everybody have a beautiful safe 4th of July. Celebrate what it is what we are here for. Remember some of the celebration we have is going to be after the blessing and with Rebuilding America and the Veterans Retreat Network.

Bruce:  Thank you Everybody for listening tonight. We weren’t sure. There were a lot of people that were told not allowed to do calls. They were told they would not be allowed to do calls at this point couple days ago. I did not get such a message so I felt we would go ahead and have one tonight, and I bring up guys up to speed. That is what I did.  Thank you everybody for listening.  Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you Big Call Universe for tuning in and being faithful for so many years.