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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We did find that there was a meeting on Saturday that was not really advertised. It was in an undisclosed location in New York, and it was a meeting made of primarily made up of Big Bankers.

There were 34 in total there, finance and banking people. What it was about was trying to come to a consensus on some of the procedures and protocols that we are going to experience when it comes to our exchanges and redemptions.

In that particular meeting that started at 10:45am Saturday and went to 7:30pm that evening. It was pretty long get-together in the room.

Bruce: There was a very important call that was made into that meeting by President Trump. That call lasted about 18 minutes. It was very valuable and the President brought a real cool concept that was you know how we have been talking about leveling the playing field around the world with trying to make the trade for example more even, fairer.

That concept is also true with the currencies. The currencies will help to level that as well. There should be less currency manipulation also to get an unfair trade advantage.

So what the President brought was the concept – look these banks I do not want any one bank to have an unfair advantage over another when it comes to bank perks or benefits. These are perks or benefits that you would get as part of your exchange protocol.

You will be offered certain perks, certain benefits. The idea of one bank not offering anything above the other is a way to keep the playing field level, to make it fair. That was something that the President brought and talked about. I do not know what else he did bring, but I know there was a lot of consensus at the meeting on some things that we can talk about.

Bruce: Some of that has to do with things such as we have a very nice rate of return that we can make in our structure investments. I am calling them investments now as oppose to structure payouts because they are optional.

These are optional, but to me I think it is a great way to make a certain rate of interest quarterly, not just per year. It would payout quarterly. It keeps me for not having to worry about the investment side. I like the idea of going 20, 25 years on a structure investment that just pays a steady rate of interest. I like that. I think it makes it easier for us.

The amount of money that we are looking at it would be more than a full time job for you and probably ten of your best financial guru buddies to try to come up with a way to invest all of this money successfully and not lose it all. I think the key is to let the banks do what they do best.

If they are good investing in giving us a smooth even return, it doesn’t have to be a huge 18% to 20% return. It could be 1, 2, 3, 4 percent because the principle. The amount being paid on is so great that the amount of the interest earned is going to be extremely high because the principle base is so big to begin with. It is not like putting a $1000 in the bank and try to make money on it. It is amazing. That was something that was discussed.

Bruce: Also when it comes to our exchanges you would be looking to set up multiple accounts if you want for different structures like LLC that you might set up. You know we are going to get up to $14,250 in cash at your redemption. You will also be able to put $100,000 on your temporary debit card.

If you have another LLC account or a couple of new accounts, LLC accounts, each of those can be funded $100,000 each. You will have immediate access to those funds and it takes approximately 24 to 36 hours to get to the balance of your funds. Not all of us are going to need that much money right away. The point is you will have access to your funds in a couple of days after the day of your redemption.

Bruce: The other thing you can do is you can do some cashier checks. I do not want to or not to recommend. For me personally it is something I do not think is a very good idea to do cashier checks. Some of you have very specific amounts you want to take as a check to give to an individual. As far as opening another bank account, funding your own small town bank that could best be done with a ledger to ledger transfer which is the new wording for a bank wire transfer.

That is something you will be able to do up to five of those ledger to ledgers or bank wires at the time of your redemption. That would take care of you funding another account or maybe you have the exact amount you want to send to some company or whatever. You will have that ability to do that.

Bruce: Beyond that, I am sure many other things were discussed over that period time. It was a 9 hour meeting. It was very successful, and I think there was a lot of common ground that was reached in that meeting. That was Saturday. Since then, last night there was a call made where our President spoke to China, Russia, and Zimbabwe, and a couple of other people from the cabinet were on that call as well. I think it was the kind of call that could have been congratulatory.

I haven’t heard yet, but I believe it could have been congratulatory to Zimbabwe having their election yesterday, and the fact Zimbabwe has a gold back dollar that is from what I understand today is on par with the USD. It should be worth $1 compare to our USD $1. That is what on par means. The Zimbabwe way dollar was moving up from 84 cents to 91 cents to what I understand moving up all the way to $1.

Bruce: Realize this, do not confuse that new gold back Zimbabwe dollar which has similar denominations to the USD to the Zim bonds that we hold that are in these large denominations that we have, because that is a different animal. It is apples to oranges.

We do have rates showing occasionally on front and back screens. We did get a rate on the dong today, but the rates were all supposed to update last night. Some of them were flickering into the evening and night last night. They were still trading, flashing and so on. I believe that is still the case tonight. I believe they are still adjusting and so on. Just understand that will probably continue to happen. Some banks will have them locked in time for our exchange. So that is happening.

Bruce: By the way the front screen rate on the dong was way more than we thought it would be, and the back screen was quite admirable as well. The other rates we did not get. I am excited about sort of the positioning right now.

We know there are Zim platforms that are finishing up tonight in Hong Kong. That is interesting timing. We know there are things that have to adjust and final things we understood take place. It could involve rates, other little things to take place. We are right there based on activity out west with flights. We heard there was quite a bit of activity out there on Sunday so much so an entire hotel was cleared out so they would have room for 1400 people coming in.

There is a lot of activity out west that is telling us we are right there at the point I heard it said today We are Next.

Bruce: We know we are next as Tier 4. Does that mean Tier 3 is complete? I think Tier 3s are just about paid out, but they may not be totally paid out yet. That might take place overnight tonight. The point is we are in the process, and the process started to accelerate out west on Sunday.

People are being called to come out now. People are being called to come in. We know that some of these groups will be paid and made liquid probably the same time we get the toll free numbers and we can set our appointments. I think the idea keeping it live, shot gun start for at least Tier 4, would probably be what we are talking about there.

I am excited because I see the movement. I see it coming even though for example today most of our sources are absolutely either on lockdown or just blacked out in terms of gag order, quiet. People have told to be quiet and we have to respect that. It is amazing sometimes because I did not hear much of anything until 2pm today.

Then things started to trickle in and we got a better idea from a couple of banks with the timing looks like. What is interesting is even though we get pretty good reports from some of these people, they do not really want us to know when this is going to go so even though I might think when it is going to go, they do not want us to know.

Bruce: The biggest thing we can do is be patient and be in faith. We know it is moving. We know Tier 4 is next. We know we are next. It is the matter of us staying in patience and in faith for it to come to us.

I feel we are exactly where we need to be right now. Things are happening and rates are changing. Rates are coming up on the screens.

I think we are going to be in pretty good shape. I can’t call it. I can’t tell you when because I would have been wrong so many times, and I am trying not to be wrong or mislead anyone. I am trying to give you the scoop as I receive it. You know that.

With that being said we are in great shape. Keep doing what you are doing. Do not quit your day job. Stay with it, and look forward for this blessing to come in. Everybody have a great night and I will be talking to you very soon. Thank you.


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