The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. First the only thing I have new about Iraq other than the rate is solid on the screen and I know what it is too, I know what it was two days ago.  I do not know if it changed. It may have had, but I know Iraq is looking for some type of approval from the IMF for something regarding Chapter 8.

​My understanding is Chapter 8 is a United Nations thing that takes you from Chapter 7 which they completed to Chapter 8, and I believe is IMF is just acknowledging Chapter 8 from the UN that should take place tomorrow. I know certain Iraqis that we talk to in Mosul, and in Sulaymaniyah, and so on that are part of our extended team are indicating that they are excited and they are looking forward to things popping here.

​Bruce:  For our purposes right now, we know the conduit between Iraq and Iran for Dinar and for fiat currency for the US is pretty much all but stopped.  Oil sales from Iran to China have been sanctioned. They have the ability to sell oil but only to a few Middle Eastern countries like Iraq which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to send oil and natural gas to Iraq.

They may be sending gasoline, but the idea of sending oil and natural gas to Iraq I do not get that. It supposed to be Iran can send it to Afghanistan, to Jordan, maybe one other country I have heard. The sanctions are heavy duty on Iran.  So things moving along there.
​I mentioned that things were kind of tightened down on Venezuela as well.  So that will work for our good I believe.

Bruce:  Realistically what we are looking for and I believe we will see it on Sunday which is November 11, 3 days away. I believe we will see something come out with the gold back Yuan from China. Now this is only my opinion. So take this with a grain of salt. My opinion is our USTN, United States Treasury Note, is gold back and been traded the last two to three weeks internationally but not known here in the United States. My feeling is our USTN will be out within an hour or two of the Chinese gold back Yuan.  My feeling is there would be too much of an advantage if China came out way ahead of the US on a gold back currency.  A lot of investment would go back to China backed by their currency.

Bruce:  When you have a currency gold backed and everyone knows it, pretty solid. I think it would be true here. If we put out a gold back USTN and make it known, then a lot of investment money would come in here. That is what keeps our dollar strong as it is, but I believe that President Trump has been speaking to President XI three or four times over the last couple of days. I think they have agreed upon the time when especially when Steven Mnunchin on the line and Mike Pompeo on the phone I would think we would have that agreed upon where our USTN would come out pretty close to the gold back Yuan.

Bruce:  Here is the interesting thing about dates. Sunday our banks are closed. If it comes out Sunday night in Iraq for example that is our Monday morning, our banks are still closed. Well because Veterans Day is November 11, 2018 (11/11), and even though that is on Sunday, our banks are already closed.  It is observed on Monday, November 12, 2018.  Banks are closed on Monday. So we have the so called 3 day Holiday that everyone wanted, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. However even though our banks are opened on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, that means that day is our first true banking day happening since the holiday.

Bruce:  We know, this is an update, on Tuesday we had rates that were flashing intermediating on the screens. Yesterday we had rates that were more solid, but we had the word PENDING flashing. Today the word WHOLE was flashing. This evening all rates are up on front and bank screens at the banks, and there is no hold. That would mean that everything the banks are seeing on front and back screens are good to go. All the brand new codes can be entered. When they are entered, everything is hunky dory, and you can log in and see it in full living color so to speak. That is the first time that has happened in a long, long time.

Bruce:  Realistically they could pull the trigger anytime.  I heard some things that looked like that tonight would be a celebration call. It is not a full celebration call by any means. It is a preparatory regular Big Call tonight. So what happened was we got pushed because of a lot of legal activity, certain things being opened, certain clean ups still needing to occur, all kinds of subpoenas that is occurring over the next how many hours, but the good news is it appears we are in a window that should take us into completion by the weekend whether that is tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday.  We should be there in that time frame. I heard 36hours. I heard Saturday, Sunday. I am not going to call it. I can’t. I heard very strong information talking this afternoon, very strong, but we got pushed.

Bruce:  I am just going to be as positive as I have been and as expectant as I have been, and optimistic as I have been to get this party started. Do we have to have gold back USTN announced or out at the same time or when the Chinese gold back Yuan is out? China is calling it pretty much in conjunction with our President, and Treasury Secretary. Obviously it goes from President Trump, to the Treasury, to HSBC with the approval of the Grandfather, that component of China. Then it goes from HSBC to the other Tier 1 banks, trickles down to the Tier 2 banks, and then we get to go. I am telling you right now the banks have everything they need in place with rates up to go. That is very positive for us. That is very good. I want everybody to just relax, take a deep breath, and be prepared for something to occur by or over the weekend.

Bruce:  Redemption Centers we can start on a Saturday and take it on through the weekend.  Every day is a full day to the Redemption Centers. I do not care what holiday it is. I do not care it is Sunday or Veterans Day honored at the banks. As far as we know if we were to start we would continue all the way through and have at least 8 days for the internet group to begin to do exchanges. I have heard when it comes to the Big R out west that approximately 80% of the core groups have been paid out. I know they have positioned with full liquidity for Prosperity Packages which should come out one to two hours when we get notified and we set our appointments. I have heard some other positive things.

Bruce:  You talk about liquidity, I heard about tremendous liquidity. How do you feel about a 1 with 100 zeros after it? That is called a googol, and it has been distributed wherever it needs to go for Platforms, Bond Platforms, and Zim Platforms.  WE know the Zim Platforms in Zurich paid out today. There is mobility. There are things happening behind the scenes. We can’t really see everything, but we know this is moving much closer for us to get our start. I am excited about that. I am excited about everything. I wasn’t excited about hearing we wouldn’t be going today. I am excited to know we are within sight of it coming through. I want everybody to feel good about that. I want everybody to come into our Veterans weekend knowing something is about to take place.

Bruce:  Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob for all you have given us and done. Thank you Big Call listeners all over the globe and beyond.  Thank you everybody within the sound of my voice whether it is live or by a replay call or by a link or by the call notes that Pinkroses has done a beautiful job to provide as a transcriber. Thank you very much.  Thank you everybody behind the scenes as well.  Let’s just have a beautiful start to the weekend and let’s see where this goes. Thank you everybody. Good night.