The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Today I had indication that we were about to go today. So far that has not happened. I did not get the toll free number today, but I have been indicated that I should be on high alert. A few days ago President Trump talked about 3 days of mourning and 3 days of celebration.  The 3 days of mourning were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Today starts the 3 days of celebration.

​There were indicators of that this morning with some of the information that we received about other individuals in Group 3 that have been paid and received at least a percentage of their funds today and the reminder was coming in for them on Tuesday.  This was a good number of people.

Bruce:  We know the funding sources like Landa China Global, people like that with funding sources having people doing humanitarian projects through them, through these funding sources, over 127 of these globally that are all going under blackout at midnight tonight.

​That is a very positive thing when that occurs with these global humanitarian funding sources.  That means they have no communication with their recipients as they put together the process to put out the funds for humanitarian projects to their recipients. That is a little different area than what we are doing obviously taking our own currency and our own Zim redemption and doing our projects. We are not using a large funding source.  We are doing it individually. If we didn’t have the Zim, we would probably do something like that, but because we have it we are own individual funders. Really. That is a very positive thing for us.

Bruce:  We are in that process of 3 days of celebration. We know we can celebrate on the one hand because Iraq finally did what it is they were supposed to do putting everything in the Gazette yesterday, Wednesday as indicated. We had confirmations that happened. We do have confirmation of a rate about lunch time today for the Iraqi dinar at $6.78.  It does not mean that is the final rate, but it is the rate that was available today. It can be traded up and it can be traded down. It is just an indicator for you.

Bruce:  The other thing is tomorrow morning approximately at 3 am EST tomorrow, we understand that Iraq will put their rate on their CBI website. Obviously I am not going to stay up to for it. I don’t care that much. I know Iraq is done. Iraq has done what they said they would do. Yes, I believe it will show up tomorrow. That is all I need to know. Just a heads up for you.

Bruce:  There are things going on at midnight tonight, some things going on tomorrow morning early, and we believe we are in a good position of any day, any hour situation now because we did get confirmation late this afternoon before the Big Call that the Tier 4 Group As have been paid out. That would be groups based out west. That is a very positive step forward. We that remain are Tier 4 Group B, Internet Group or Informed Group, we believe that we as Tier 4 Group B the Internet Group are next. What does that mean? How many steps have to occur before we get our toll free number and go?

I do not think too many. I think we are in the position we can say virtually anytime. I understand yes, I am supposed to get the toll free number and consider it an honor and do the right thing with it by putting it out as indicated. I also understand it supposed to be a day time event.  I am not really expecting it in the middle of the night.  If it does comes in the middle of the night, I will wake up and do get it out. I am a light sleeper and I will get up and activate it, whatever it takes to get it out. Some of you will be mad at me if I call you in the middle of the night. Actually I am teasing because I do not expect it then. I do think we are close that we could have something possibly in the next day or so.

Bruce:  I know that some of the platforms are in position to pay out also. I know Prosperity Packages are staged and ready to go out. I believe certain individuals have been paid that need to be paid. I think Judicated Settlements are being handled. I think we are finally seeing a lot more movement now than we have seen. I just believe we are really finally in the place that we need to be in. China has wanted this done for awhile, and obviously ready to finally let this go. They are sort of working in conjunction with our President at our Treasury and also with Zimbabwe. They are sort of the Big 3: China, Zimbabwe, and the United States are the biggest 3 involved in this. Now Iraq has done their thing, they have moved in position that everything else is good to go.

Bruce:  We do understand the USTN currency is out and paired not only with the Zimbabwe dollar, but it is also paired with the Iraqi dinar as a trading partner, as a trading pair. Things are moving around.  Also we did get confirmation that Tuesday night after the Big Call at around midnight the entire the Quantum Financial System, the QFS, was fully integrated and operational.

That is really huge, and I believe that is a very positive thing.

​There is also continued clean up on Aisle 3 that is still taking place. I do not think it is totally completed yet, but a large portion of it was completed in the last few days. It may go on a little bit longer.  To be completely candid with you it could be the reason that we didn’t get started today.  Perhaps there is more to do.  That generally is the reason things are moved over 24 hours, whatever,   because there is more clean up to do either at the bank level or other areas.  There has been quite a bit already as you can imagine.

Bruce:  As far as the Redemption Centers go, they are also on high alert on call. The Centers that are opened 24/7 are sort of on a 24 hour on call.  Those that are opened let’s say 18, 19 hours also are on call. It is just going to be a matter when I get the toll free number and put it out, my understanding is they will be ready to start exchanges let’s say within an hour of that number  coming out. I believe they should be ready to go within 35 minutes to an hour after I receive the number.  Now there are other so called 800 numbers that certain group leaders are to also receive, but it is not for us.  Those of us who are listening to the call will use the Redemption Centers that are scattered over the country also working directly with Tier 1 Banks. So you have Redemption Centers that have Tier 1 Banks involved.  HSBC is over seeing it all.  Then you also got Abbott Downing, the high end section of Wells Fargo representatives will be there.  That is something all of us will use. When you call if you have Zim let them know that first, and then you will get routed to the Redemption Center closest to you to set your appointment.  I think we are all in very good shape to take advantage of this, and I am looking forward to it just as you are.

Bruce:  Then I would say this. It is going to be that we will be in planning mode for awhile. We do have Christmas and Hanukkah coming up.  There will be some things we will be getting done, and some things will happen after the first of the year and that is no problem.  It is all very good, and we are in planning stages and we will be in planning stages for awhile. You should be in planning stages for awhile. You should be taking care of your own personal debt situation first. Get that out of the way.  Be looking if you want to pick up a new ride. If you want to try to find a new home start looking to do that.  Just stay tuned to us if we send you an email go ahead and look at it. Open it up. Chances are it is going to be something about our plans for the future.  It could have something to do with future calls, pod casts, something regarding Rebuild America, or the Veterans Retreat Network.  I really appreciate the fact that many of you have indicated you like to do something with us to be part of this legacy. I am looking forward to that. I can’t really do it by myself. I can do a lot, but I much rather do it with a bunch of people that will gain the same type of joy I plan to from getting both of these programs underway.

Bruce:  With that said, I think you have the gist of it so far. I am trying to tell you we are very close. Yet you know me if I try to call it, I will regret it.  So I am not going to call it. I am just going to tell you I think we are really looking good the next couple of days. Let everybody stay positive.  Let’s realize that it will be our turn here very shortly. Let’s forward to it when it does occur. Stay tuned. By the way I will have the toll free number put on both of our websites: – the older site, and – the newer site. Either way I will have it out that way.  If you have signed up with your email at, you will get an email with the toll free number if you have registered your email on that site. Just do it, everybody, if you haven’t done it so you will get it.

Bruce:  Thank you for listening.  We appreciate you wherever you are in this globe. Yes all the way to Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East, Iraq, all over this globe. Thank you everybody for listening again and thank you Pinkroses once again for doing a beautiful job with the transcription. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and my team. Good Night Everybody. Have a great night.  We will talk to you soon.  God Bless you, and Thank you again.