The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  We weren’t even thinking we would have a call tonight.  That is how close we thought we were earlier this week.  There are a few other people out there that also believe that and also indicated they thought I wouldn’t be doing a call tonight, but I am and we are.

I just want to tell you things are very close and we said this of course before. It is not new to say we are close, but sometimes i get information that is a little better than normal or it is different or gives us indication that something has happened that we didn’t know about before.

​That is sort of what happened today.  We got little bits and pieces of things that pointed together the timing which is in this week.  It may not even not be two days away.  It is that close.  Thursday call may not necessarily happen. If it would, it could be a celebration call.  We will see.

Bruce:  Let’s clarify some things that are out there. Somebody had put out the concept and it has been out before and I have talked about it for years now, but i will continue to talk about it.  That is the concept of the Zim and the zeros.  There has been talk about 6 zeros.  There has been people who have put that out consistently, but they are consistently wrong.  In fact they are so wrong to the point where it is very obvious the Zim notes we have 2008 AA notes are bonds.  They actually say on them that they are “Payable to the bearer”.  That means payable to the bearer puts them in the category of a bearer bond.

​These are actually gold back bonds that we consider like currency but they are really far more than currency.  You can’t take zeros off of a bond.  So it is really important to realize that is a lie, and certain people continue to lie about it. So do not believe that.

Bruce:  The Zim notes are very special.  I told you on Thursday’s call the rates for the Zim on the front screen will be between $.14 – $.26.  Multiply that to the amount of the denomination and that is what you are going to receive.

There are other things as I mentioned on the Zim.  There is a front screen and back screen.  The only way you will have access to talk about back screen rates would be if you had humanitarian projects to back that up.  That is a matter of joining what we are doing with Rebuild America.  Possibly working with us with our veteran causes for the Veteran Retreat Network or doing a number of projects you thought on your own, or something else.  There are so many humanitarian things you can do.

It is important that we do things that create jobs, that will last a long time.  Not something that will last a year or two, but something that can go 20, 40, 60 years.  Really go into the future, but that is something that is up to you how you see those things, how you envision.

​What Sue has been telling various people she has been working with is to take their concepts fine tune those and make them presentable in a way that is understandable.  It is so easy to start  talking about something and get scatter about it off on these different tandrems.  You want to remain focused, confident, and tell what it is you plan to do very honestly, very much from the heart.  That is what you want to do.  That is what they want to hear from you.

Bruce:  Beyond that things are continuing to migrate upward as these currencies are being traded.  We are looking forward to possibly 3 different announcements coming together for us the next day or so.  I do believe that Iraq is at the point they have done what was mentioned and what they put in the Gazette last Wednesday was put in the Gazette SAturday, and Saturday’s information was put out on Monday.

​So my understanding was you have an Internationally known rate on their dinar.  If it is not Internationally known, it should be right at that point. Does that matter? I think we are at the point where we are really beyond Iraq.  Iraq has always been important.  They have always been a lynch pin for things that are rolling on this GCR, but finally they have completed everything they have been asked to do.  I do not think there is anything else.  I think that means that we can move forward.

Bruce:  I tell you this much it is interesting to me I said something about Vietnam a second ago.  Did you realize Vietnamese Dong is going to be fairly close to the rate of the Iraqi Dinar on the front screens?  I mean it could get within 8% to 10% of the Dinar.  That is how fast the Dong is rising to meet.  In fact China wanted the Dong to be on par with the Dinar, but i think it is going to be within 8% to 10% of it.  So I will say this, the Dinar is fast approaching $7.00.  That will give you some idea what I am talking about.

Bruce:  It is hard for me to come up with new things to talk about when it comes to what is happening.  Banks and Redemption Centers are having meetings.  They are having meetings that are running late.  They have calls.  A lot of the stuff is very private behind closed doors.  We do not have a direct visual on what is happening in that area, but I can tell you that things are moving to where for example people are being called from cities in the west saying: Go west young man.  Go west young woman.

​Nether words they are summoning people to come out.  My understanding is the Pay Masters have received their release codes.  Now the question is:  When will they enter those and when will they actually transact and pay these various groups?

That is what is coming next.  I make it sound simplistic, but it is not as simple as it seems, but once they get the Go ahead everything goes.

Bruce:  I have heard that there is a time when everything is supposed to be released globally.  I think it is up to grabs when that is exactly when it will be.  I think there are very positive things that could happen tomorrow.  I do not know if the actually 800 number release will actually be tomorrow, but it could.  It very well could.  We are looking very strong for the remainder of this week. Let’s say it that way.  Very strong for the remainder of this week.  In fact we may have a fantastic Valentine’s day on Thursday.  So with that guys when you get down to the end there is not much else you can add.  So that is where I am going to stop tonight. I am going to say I am encouraged. I am excited.  We thought we would go this afternoon.  We didn’t get it by this afternoon, but it means we are so close.  We did have the call.

Bruce:  Everybody I appreciate your loyalty, and your faithfulness.  Try to be wary of certain things you read on blog sites.  Test your power of discernment to resist some of the things that are being said especially about the zeros off of the Zim.  It is a lie.  It is not true.  There are no zeros coming off the Zim.  I am so tired about that.  It gets me so emotional.  I have heard it for so long now and it is like come on let’s finally come to an agreement about that.

​I appreciate everybody.  Thank you so much for listening to the call again and being here all around the globe.  We appreciate you.  I love my team: Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven so much.  Thank you for your assistance and allowing me to do what I do with the Big Call, and really appreciate it.  I want everybody to have a wonderful week especially a very loving and heartfelt Valentine’s day.  Thank you everybody and have a great night.