The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  You remember Tuesday’s call I talked about this weekend being sort of good for us.  We should be good for this weekend. I am still hearing that tonight.  Now remember the weekend is really to me even though Sunday is the first day of the week, we always look at the weekend being Saturday and Sunday.

What I am hearing today has been very positive. Now let’s talk about what is occurring and what just occurred.

Bruce:  First of all, Native American Claims in 17 states have been paid.  Those are done.

The Fines and Penalties are either complete or are in the phase of completion.

The CMKX is in process, and should be completed here in a matter of a couple of days.

With that, packets are going out to recipients for verification of KYC, Know Your Customer information.  That is in process, and that process is not really slowing us down.


Now there maybe other things going on behind the scenes that I do not know about.  I will tell you about one I do know about.

Bruce:  We know about funds, I call them tranches referring to transfer of funds. These tranches started yesterday. I believe last night. They are coming out of HSBC China and moving through other banks and ending up and now this is in the United States, but it is also happening around the globe, not just here.

It is happening and getting funds to four of our Treasury Reserve Banks. Before you go “What are you talking about Willis?”  Yes, Treasury Reserve Bank.  Not Federal Reserve Bank.  That is the new name for these banks.

This is happening for Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Reno. These funds are coming in and came in to be able to hydrate accounts for CMKX, but also today and tomorrow and Saturday these are coming in large numbers to prefund our exchanges.

Now we have had plenty of funds that came in 83 zero tranches before.  Those funds and these funds will be used for our exchanges and Zim redemptions.  These are to continue every 12 hours and they may go on and on and on.  They may not stop Saturday. They may continue. I do not know that. I know they will go through sometime Saturday.

Bruce:  I also know through good sources that THEY SHOULD allow us to set up appointments Saturday for our redemptions and exchanges.  It could be Saturday or Sunday, but I am hearing more emphasis on Saturday.

Now for that to happen, I should have the toll-free number for North America.  That is Canada, the United States, and Mexico to put out on or by Saturday if we are to start setting appointments then.  That is really as closely we can talk about it without calling it per se.  I feel really good about this.  I feel really good everything is coming together.

Bruce:  We know for example the Dong has been traded up.  We know it started pre-trading two days ago. The Dinar is trading up. It started pre-trading 31/2 days ago.  Even the Iranian Rial is trading up, and so is the Zim.  There is activity out there.

Now the question is: Is the USTN which is the new dollar for the United States, the United States Treasury Note.  Notice there is no Reserve in that. United States Treasury Note. Is that new currency which remember it is digital, but also it is going to be a physical dollar bill for us, Is that live and trading?

I am having difficulty confirming it, but we believe that as of today.  Yes, it is live and Yes, it is trading.  I haven’t been able to prove it or confirm it.  Maybe you can, but regardless I know we are moving in the right direction because of what has occurred, who has been paid, and who is about to be paid.

Bruce:  Where are the Cores?  I think the Cores are sort of like us in Tier 4 Group A and Group B. I think Cores are waiting for the release just like we are just waiting for the release of the toll-free number.

Will that be some kind of simultaneous release for us in terms of all of Tier 4, for Group A Groups and Group B-the Internet Group, or those who are Informed, the people who are listening to the Big Call, people that are reading blogs, people that are following this on a daily or almost daily basis like we have.  I am in my 15th year.  That being the case, we are looking for this continued movement to take us in that direction.

Bruce:   We know that Gesara is to be brought out four or five days after we go maybe initially, some initial discussion about it.  We know there will be a new tax plan talked about around if not on April 1st. No, it won’t be April Fools Da either.  It will be some serious good news. I won’t go into that. It will ruin the surprise, but there is so much that we are going to find out within weeks of us starting.

Will we still have 8 to 10 maybe 12 days to exchange and to redeem Zim before the so-called John Q Public or Tier 5 starts?  That is something we thought would be the case and could be the case, but you never know when Tier 5 could start, you never know.

We heard talked about they may go when we go.  Then I heard no, they will go 8, 12 days later.  It doesn’t really matter to us, but we are always conscious what would possibly take place.

Bruce:  This is something we are getting ready for that is just about the end of this ride.  Every time we talk the ride seem to take longer.  Certain people have certain things they say.  I would say this:  Don’t be your own dream stealer.  Stay positive.  Stay in faith. Stay as jacked up as Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob were tonight and be prepared to take advantage of this when it happens.

You know we have been preparing for this for a long time.  It has been great for our patience.  It has been great for our understanding and learning, and it is going to be good for us when we have this and in the right frame of mind to take advantage of it and go forward with our projects and go forward blessing humanity.

Bruce:  There is not a whole lot else right now that I think is relevant for us, because this is where we are.   Enjoy it.  Stay with your Plan A.  Dance with the one who brung ya.  Just have that Plan B which we know is Blessing.  It is in the wings.  It is on deck.  It is almost ready to step up to the plate with us.

I am excited about it.  Sue is excited.  Bob is excited, and Yes, Pastor Steven is very excited it.  We all are.  We can see our future before us.  Let’s go and embrace that future.  Stay positive.  Stay in faith and be all that you are able to be for anyone that needs help.

Bruce:  Thank you all for listening tonight.  I am looking forward to the weekend. I will say that. I am looking very forward for Saturday and Sunday.

We do not know when exactly exchanges will start.  It is hard to say, but it will be depended on when the toll-free numbers come in and when we can set our appointments.  It could be that simple.  Let’s stay in faith and very positive for this.  Do not let anyone, anyone I do not care if they are online, someone you talk to, not anyone steal your dreams.

Thank you everybody on the team.  Thank you, Sue.  Thank you, Bob.  Thank you, Pastor Steven.  Thank you, Pinkroses for a beautiful job on your transcription.

Thank you to all the Big Call listeners out there all the way thru Big Call Universe for listening and being faithful and supportive of us.  Good Night.