The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)

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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. This is Tuesday, 5 days since the last Big Call since we got fresh Intel. We got some fresh Intel since then. What is really fascinating to me is sometimes certain Intel sources have gone dark. Sometimes they say they can’t talk to us anymore. Then the next thing you know you get a phone call and you find something you didn’t expect.

This has been the case the last couple of days especially. Now, what is really interesting to me is there are a number of SKRs from exchanges that were done 3 and 4 years ago out west.

These SKRs are being cleaned up and hydrated or have had liquidity given to them just recently. Like this could have been an exchange done two years ago. A lot of people have traveled. Some people are waiting for liquidity to take place. That is what is going on. They are liquidity.

They are seeing funding going into their accounts, and they are seeing access to funds. That is more than they have had for a while. Sometimes they have access to certain amounts. Then they are being told in 34 days you will have access to it all of it.

Bruce: I do not know if that is going to be the case with us. Could be where we get access to a good amount we need right away. Then 34 days later we got access let’s call it the motherlode. Now in my case my motherlode account is going to stay virtually untouched. Okay. I am referring to the Zim when I am talking about that, because I do not need that.

That money is going to continue to earn on an annual basis paid and payout 4 times a year, and I will live on that interest and use that interest that is created for humanitarian projects like Rebuild America, the Veterans Retreat Network, Pastoral Retreat Network, etc. That is how I am planning on doing it.

Not really even get into the principle of the master account which we have all call the motherlode account for a long time now. That is just a plan that I am going to try to use.

Bruce: Initially though, let’s say you need additional $1 million, $10 million, $100 million, or you need something let’s say the first week or two, you can let them know that is what you are looking for.

There is no problem with that. Maybe more than that you need to get things started. Whatever it is, it is not going to be an issue especially if you are a Zim holder, especially. Now your other currencies you might have could limit you a little bit only because I do not know what you have or what you will get for them exactly. Let me tell you something.

Whatever you get it should be plenty and you should have full access. Let’s say you have Dong, Dinar, and maybe Rupiah or Afghani and you exchanged that. The funds that come from those exchanges you should have immediate access to virtually all of it.

Bruce: The Zim is a different animal. We know the denominations are huge. We are talking billion $ denominations, trillion $ denominations on these bonds. We know that when you take that and multiple it even at a front screen rate, it turns into serious money, lots of money.

What I am trying to say is that motherlode let’s say I am going to take 70 or 60 percent and plan to use it for humanitarian projects, my understanding is there will be nothing wrong leaving the majority of that in the motherlode account especially if they do allow us to do a structured payout or settlement of many years.

I am going to ask for 20 years. Let they make money with that money so that every quarter I know how is coming in. I have a percentage rate that I have agreed to, and I have X number of money in the motherlode account. I can do the easy math and know what to expect every quarter. That is what I prefer. That is what I am going to ask for.

Then I will be able to spend, give all of that as much as possible every quarter not to my projects, to ministry, and to whatever else is necessary not only in the United States but globally. I think that is going to be cool. I think that is a plan I am going to use and hopefully they will agree to that.

Bruce: So that is what is going on out west. It is cool because they had it down to where we had less than 400 SKRs that needed to be liquid as of last night, less than 400.

I am excited that there is progress moving. Now is everything paid out? Not yet. Are they moving forward with groups, with private groups? I am not going to talk about Farm Claims because I have heard things about it, but nobody is able to prove it yet.

We have not seen any proof of that. We have heard really good things the Native Americans were paid. That is good and that was done. We heard CMKX were finished up and hopefully that is completely paid out. Fines and Penalties handled.

Bruce: There has been a lot that has been right at the brink of going, but for some reason it has not gone like the Cores. The best example I can think of people are expecting any moment, but yet we have not gotten any proof of that yet. I say yet because here is what has happened.

You guys remember the Mueller Investigation that made the news since Sunday. That was handed over Sunday. I can tell you this much from my understanding that needed to complete before we went. Before our exchanges and redemptions of Zim took place. I kind of wish I had known that a couple of years ago. Don’t you? I didn’t know about it until yesterday.

Bruce: Okay, alright now that is complete, where are we? From my understanding the President had a very good phone call Sunday with Tier 1 Bank leaders, five Tier 1 banks, and told them now this has happened and the investigation is over and everything is looking good, you can let it go.

We are in the position now having heard it is allowed to be let go. I have heard things were released overnight last night or early this morning from European sources. I have heard that we are looking to receive, meaning me, the toll-free number even as early as today or tonight.

I can tell you I do not have it yet, but I do know we are expecting some really good movement for ourselves very shortly. I am not going to call it, but I do expect something to happen here very soon. I am trying my best not to call it or pick a day. I just won’t do it.

Bruce: This information we got yesterday told us while the President was investigation like that and even though it was contrived and without evidence, it did go on for two years and that affected us. So, I am glad that it is over and we are moving forward, and I am glad this blessing will be able to come now.

I am hearing from different sources that the toll-free number is close. I am just going to say it that way

Bruce: The rates on the bank screens were gone. It’s past 9:30 pm tonight on the Big Call and they could have populated by now. That was a possibility. China opens around 9:00pm – 9:30pm. The rates could have come back onto the screens. By the way there are 14 currencies that are revaluing. That means going up in value. We have six of them. That is all cool.

These rates for these currencies show the name of the currencies, no rates, but just a pending that was flashing. When that happens, it means nothing is going on until those rates repopulate. Could they repopulate now? Yes. Could they repopulate overnight? Yes. Could they be on the screens by 9:00 am in the banks? Yes. I would expect it. Not guaranteed, but I would expect it. Could they be the new rates that we have been looking for? Yes. I believe so.

Bruce: There have been yesterday, which would have been Monday, in about 27 states a limited number of exchanges done on Dinar and Dong at low we would call teaser rates. These are below the rates where they are going to be. That has been going on. There also have been liquidity in terms of SKRs in the last number of days for people that were able to exchange years ago and get a SKR and leverage a line of credit against those SKRs.

Some of these people were coming against I, and they helped liberated them by taking care of some exchange for them. Now it doesn’t mean everybody is completely out of the woods on that deal because you know there is question whether not people can do that and whether that was fair for people like us who have not gone yet.

So, there is going to be a question if they will face some legal consequences. Remember this: What am I not? I am not an Attorney or CPA and I do not play either one on the Big Call just so that you know.

Bruce: I am encouraged thought. I am not going to say this is our week. That is another expression I never want to hear again: This is our week. Don’t ever come to me with that. We can make a list of 60 or 80 expressions or words that we never want to hear again. I know you guys know what I am talking about.

Somebody will make up a T-shirt and put the top 20 expressions never to be heard again on the T-Shirt. People look at it and go Huh? What are you talking about Willis? They will not be able to understand what that means, but Dinar holders and Zim holders will read it and laugh and go: Aha. Okay. I get it. Yesss.

Bruce: So, I believe we are looking at new rates either now or by tomorrow morning. I believe we should be moving forward here fairly soon. I do not like the 4 letter S word: Soon. I don’t use it very often, but when I do use it I mean it.

Beyond that guys, when it gets this close, when you get down to that point where a lot of your sources are giving you proximity or even time frames you are looking to receive something, you just kind of listen and go: Okay. Thank you. Let’s see how that goes. Let’s see what happens tonight. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. That is another one. Put that one on the list: Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Ya, that one is gone. You guys catch my drift. You know what I am talking about.

Bruce: There is not a whole lot to say other than we are definitely in the process. It has started. The fact the President was able to release this on that call on Sunday shows we are seeing movement. I am seeing things we have not had before. That does make this new. This does make it different. That is what I am going to give you tonight.

Bruce: I am going to thank everybody for hanging in there with faith and love even for me and everybody else on the call. I want to thank you and ask you if you have a job, do not quit your job yet. If you don’t have a job yet, get a job. If you had a job for a day, or two days, and you had to politely decide you could no longer afford to work there, that would be okay. Just do the right thing with notice what you agree to and leave with your head held high.

I feel like guys we have always had this for Plan B for Blessing Plan. Plan A puts food on the table and takes care of your needs. Let God provide for you through your Plan A. Let God super bless you with this super Blessing Plan B. That is how I am looking at it. I would encourage everybody else to do the same thing.

Bruce: Yes, we are right there. We need the evidence of this blessing to come forth. If you want to do anything pray with Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and I for this blessing to come to us. Thank you, Pastor Steven for a wonderful time. Thank you, Sue what you brought to the call tonight.

Thank you, Bob, for everything you have done and all of your helpful words of wisdom regarding our health and wellbeing. Everyone, have a good night and see where this goes. Good Night Everybody. Take care and have a great night’s sleep.