The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I am excited guys. Yes, we thought we were looking at a Tuesday/Wednesday this week. We really thought that was when it was coming in for us. It did not happen Tuesday/Wednesday as we all know.

I think we got pushed a couple of days, maybe 3 days. It is hard to say exactly why, but we know this much. If we start where we are with Iraq, which is usually a starting point with us on the Big Call. It seems how hard we try we can’t get Iraq out of the way.

The good news is they arrested Maliki today. That was something we thought would happen eventually. So that was good news.

Bruce: Iraq is going to activate their 2019 budget on Saturday, that is the day after tomorrow, March 30th. So, they are going to activate their budget. That means likely that activation will be written about and put in their official Gazette which does comes out on Saturday.


They will also announce that the Dinar is international finally and probably put out a rate on Saturday. Now we know the Iraqi Dinar is going to be exchanged or traded internationally on the markets starting Sunday night.

That means Sunday night Eastern time when the Chinese markets open up in the morning 9:00 – 9:30 am on Monday morning for them. Sunday night for us on the east coast.

Bruce: Now, what they want to have happen prior to the trading internationally of the Dinar is they want us to have exchanged the Dinar prior to that. So that the amount of Dinar is taken in by the banks and the Redemption Centers and be utilized toward trading of large amounts for the Far East.

Meaning for China, and the other Far Eastern countries. So they want us to come in and get some of these exchanges started. I believe they are suggesting it by Saturday so they would be able to trade that currency actively starting Sunday night eastern time.

Bruce: Now let’s cut to the Zim. The Zim is also looking to be tradable. This is how it was worded to me: “We want it to be tradable and increasing in value.” That was put to me as tomorrow afternoon, Friday afternoon.

Now, I do not know if that means that they are expecting redemption of Zim tomorrow afternoon or not, but I do know they do want that Zim to be tradable and increasing in value starting tomorrow afternoon.

Bruce: Now, what is going on right now on the screens is the rates are still not on the front screens. They are not there. Remember I told you on the last call we had 14 currencies that would be offered in the first offering. Sometimes we use the term 1st Basket.

The new term is 1st Offering. They have added a new currency with that. I do not know what which one it is, but now we have 15 currencies in the 1st Offering, 15. That means 15 currencies will be going up in value. We would call it revaluing, but we mean going up in value.

Bruce: Now with the rates off the screens today and on the bank screens only tomorrow. Nether words no front screen rates will show tomorrow is what I am being told. On Saturday we would have both front and back screen rates showing.

Only thing on the screens right now are the names of the currency and a little place marker with the $ sign flashing next to the name. There is no place holder rate showing. So, they are getting ready to bring up all new rates back screens tomorrow, Friday, and front and back screens on Saturday.

Bruce: What is going on as far as to tomorrow, March 29th? The Bank of International Settlements which is in Basel, Switzerland, big train hub in Basel, Switzerland, is going to announce the gold standard or gold backed global currencies tomorrow.

Tomorrow the BIS is going to announce that currencies around the globe are backed gold. At least portion of if not all of the currency in any given country is backed by gold. The USTN that we talked about forever here, United States Treasury Note, and that is what it says on the bill.

By the way, we did hear one of our Banking institutions did receive brand new $100, $50, and $20 USTNs currency last Thursday. That is a week ago. That was a Tier 2 Bank. Most of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks have their currency, the new USTNs in the vaults.

Bruce: So, what you have is tomorrow we believe, on March 29th, the USTN will be announced as a gold backed currency or that we are back on the gold standard. Could we be dovetailing with this announcement out of Basel, Switzerland? It sounds like it.

It sounds like we will dovetail in with that especially if that is made globally and we actually hear about it on our financial news channels here. You would think it would be pretty big news. So, we will see. We will see if that shows up.

Bruce: The encouraging thing is that we are seeing movements in so many of these areas that we are looking for now. I tell you what we are doing the very best we can not to call it, but I will tell you right now before the end of the month, Sunday, March 31st, we should be off and running.

Especially if they want everything they talked about as far as rates coming out and the tradability of the Dinar coming out on Sunday night, our Sunday night.

If they want exchanges to take place prior to that, to get straight to the new rate, then we should be there. Just so you know the new rate on the Dinar should be coming out initially over $7 and then it will get traded up. Then the Dong will be $4 and trading up higher as a result. Some of you guys may have seen other bogus rates that had been put out there, but that is what we are hearing from the people that know and have seen the screens.

So, I am excited about the possibility, I going to say, between tomorrow and the weekend which tomorrow is a weekend in some ways.

Bruce: Other than that, you know they keep promising to pay the Cores. We can tell you this much, when I have been informed Farm Claims have been paid, CMKX, and all that stuff, I can tell you that the Paymasters of those accounts and funds, and Fines and Penalties and all of that, all those guys have been paid, but getting those funds to the end recipient is something that will come out all at the same time.

My personal belief is it will come out in conjunction with our start for exchanges. In nether words, all these different groups, everybody that we heard about, Indian Farm Claims, all of these different groups, in principle have been paid, but not to the end recipient. I believe is going to happen like a shotgun start when we begin our exchanges.

Bruce: So, I am looking forward to an excellent Friday and Saturday. If we did start on Saturday, we got a shot in getting the numbers tomorrow, a very good shot. Then of course, we will put the numbers out as I have mentioned on our website:, and then send out the email to all the subscribers that have given us their email so that we can send that number out in a mass email mailing.

That is primarily what I wanted to bring to us tonight. Things are relatively very quiet from a lot of people, but fortunately, we do have enough of good sources that brought this information to me today.

Bruce: Thank you for everything. Thank you, team, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and thank you, Big call listeners everywhere around the globe. Thank you, Pinkroses for doing a marvelous job of transcribing our call.

Thank you everybody for pitching in and listening and being part of our projects moving forward. Thank you Big Call Country, Big Call Universe. Thank you everybody. Have a great night. Expect wonderful things by the weekend. Good night Everybody.