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Bruce:  Welcome, Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  I am excited guys and it is for a good reason, I believe. You realize that this ride we have been on has been a little up and down. I know that for you, for me, for everybody. You know how we sort of had last week a Tuesday/Wednesday window that we thought would be happening.

The next thing you know it gets pushed. Then we were looking at a Friday/Saturday.  We didn’t get the Friday/Saturday. Things were happening. That is the important thing.  Things were moving along where we were seeing things getting accomplished, and that was important to me.

For example, our USTN, United States Treasury Note, did officially get tradable on the world exchanges by Friday night.  The Zimbabwe was put out on the screens. I believe it was some time Sunday that we had the Zimbabwe dollar out at $0.33 on the front screen.

We also had the Iranian Rial on front and back screens, and it was about $4.60 on the front screen.  It was probably going to go up from there.

Bruce:   I am just giving you a few ideas on rates which I don’t normally do rates, but there is so much noise out there that some of you heard and some of you have read.

I kind of know what the deal is on rates.  I can tell you some things that have been out there have been plain wrong.  For example, the Zim came out at $0.33.  Do you realize after 41 hours of trading, the Zim was at 6:10 am this morning, it was at $0.49 on the front screen?  Do you guys realize if you had a 100 Trillion Zim note and let’s round it up to $0.50 and remember that was at 6:10 am this morning.  let’s round it off at $0.50.

Do you realize what that would be worth?  Let’s see $0.50 x 100 Trillion = 50 Trillion dollars.  That is right, sports fans.

Bruce:  So, what is Zimbabwe going to do?  Are they literally going to bring the rate and increase it to the point where it is on par with the USTN at 1:1 meaning the Zim would actually reach a $1 rate on the front screen?  I believe it is possible.  I believe that might be their goal for us, for Tier 4 Group B, the Internet Group, the Informed.

Now should that happen do you really need to negotiate and get a backscreen rate?  Not really.  Not if it comes up to where it is now or where it might get to today or so.  I just want to give you that because I do not think anybody knows that, but you do now.  So, the trend is our friend because the trend is going up.

Bruce:  Let’s go back and talk about another friend.  What about Iraq?  What in the world are they up to?  Well, we got word that, you know Gazette days are Saturday and Wednesday.  Did the everything come out in the Gazette Saturday? No.  Did it come out Sunday?  No.  Well it come out tomorrow?

We believe so, Wednesday, because what we are hearing by 11:00 am Iraqi time tomorrow, Baghdad time, Iraq will have completed by 11:00 am what it is what they have been promising which is put out an international rate, have everything activated for their budget, Parliament seats they need to talk about, all of that is supposed to be done it should be if it is 8 hours to the east coast, 11:00 am should be 3:00 am EDT.  If I am wrong, forgive me, but that is overnight for us unless you are up at 2:00 to 3:00 am in the morning.  So that is a very positive thing of what we should expect from Iraq.

Bruce:  Let’s go back and talk about what has been happening over the weekend and culminated actually last night.  All of the Central Banks around the world have had to declare for each of the countries they represent that they were either Basel III or Basel IV based on their level and how far they were with reserves so on.

Whatever that protocol comes down to they were either Basel III or Basel IV compliant.  This is something the entire globe needed to be, and we had some confirmation from two sources they reached that.  I believed they reached that last night globally.  That is big.  That is really big.

Now let’s see what else is happening. That would mean the Central Banks around the globe are no longer cabal controlled like they were, but individually sovereignly owned by the country that they represent.  Now let’s tie another piece into that.

Bruce:  Last night at 7:35 pm EDT, there was a halt on international bank wires.  That was, now I am going to opinionate on this a little bit, that was a 24-hour moratorium on international fund transfers on which we use to call bank wires.  Now why was that?

I believe and this is my own opinion, here is the thing, if the world’s reserve banks around the globe were Basel III or Basel IV compliant let’s call it last night and the stoppage of those international wires occurred at 7:35 pm EDT for 24 hours, could it be that it was so international wires under the QFS system in conjunction with the Fentech and Cips would no longer be using the Federal Reserve as a middle man to process international bank wires because we know that the QFS system can do a ledger to ledger transfer what we use to call a bank wire anywhere in the globe from point to point, bank to bank, anywhere around this globe in less than a minute.

So, could it be that 24-hour moratorium that resumed at 7:35 pm EDT tonight, could it be that was the way to say: No more interruption on international wires, but these can literally go thru with the QFS, the Quantum Financial System, and they could go through in a timely fashion without any interruption bank to bank?  I just wonder if that might be the reason for the delay, for the stoppage of the moratorium of the bank wires.

Bruce:  I have given you a heads up on rates.  I know that the Iraqi Dinar is not on the screens yet, but is about to be, and I personally think it will hit the screens in that time frame we talked about prior to 3:00 am EDT tomorrow.  We know the Rial is on and is trading.

I have not heard, believe it or not, what the Dong is doing, but remember a while back I said the Dong and the Rial may end up on par with each other.  We know the Rial is a next door trading partner with Iraq and is probably going to be within a dollar of the Dinar.  So the Dinar supposed to come out well over $7, but maybe well over $8 or $9, and it should continue up from there.

People are wondering do I wait to go to exchange?  Do I wait to see what happens with rates?  Well you may not find out what is happening with rates, but I would say if you are looking at front screen rates with no NDA, okay for Dinar or Dong or Rial, you could very well go right away or if there is no rush for immediately, you could wait a day or two to see what the rates do.  You may unless you really look at the proper site for Forex, you may not really know what they are unless you have that type of site to go to.

Bruce:  Regarding Forex, over the weekend and before Sunday night when the Forex reopens, there was a brand-new format for the Forex, a new template.  Guess what?  These currencies that we hold were known as and have been known as exotic currencies.  A short form of that is exotics.  Guess what?  The exotics we hold are now in the same format as the rest of the world’s currencies.

So, they have been essentially upgraded to the point of being fully tradable just like we talked about like in case of the Zim, the Rial, probably the Dong, and I think the Dinar is just about ready to hit the screens.  That is very encouraging for us.

Bruce:  Now let’s talk a little about what is going on out west.  What I am understanding is the Paymasters for the Cores, for the Groups, for CMKX, and whatever else is out there, are made liquid.  The Paymasters have liquid funds ready to go.

I think they are just waiting for that Go signal to release those funds to individual recipients and then everybody will have funds in their accounts and have access to funds possibly about the same time we have access to funds.  Thus, the whole shot gun start.

Even though we have been told Cores are going to be paid every day for the last two to three months it seems like, it seems they are poised and ready to go.  Prosperity Packages have gone out to the people that are going to do the individual delivery to the recipients.  Those are not to go out from my understanding until we get started.

We are still the lynch pin in letting everything go and everything to be paid by our receiving the toll-free number which I hope is coming, I am going to use the term shortly, and I believe it is.

Bruce:  They have made liquid the funds for the Tier III SKRs.  There was still a number of Tier III SKRs that needed to be paid out.  Those were completed by yesterday in 5 areas, Chicago, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Reno.  Done and Done.

Now, there are some platforms and small private groups, some of them with Zim, some of them with other currencies and Zim, that were supposed to have access to funds after 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm this afternoon.  I have not gotten confirmation that has occurred. My gut says they have gotten funds yet because we haven’t gotten our start yet.  We will see.

Probably find out tomorrow or tonight, but one source that we have is talking about whether it is raining or cloudy where you are, tomorrow and I am calling it late morning, we will all be in bright sunshine.  Now, do not know what that is referring to exactly, but you can draw your own conclusion.  I liked it when I heard it.  It is a cool analogy, and we will see if that is what happens.

Bruce:  We know that there has been a lot of movement in the global financial system with what is happening. We have a handful of distractions that could be given over to the media possibly as early as tonight or tomorrow to keep everybody’s eyes off the ball. So, let’s see where this goes.

I think we are about as close as we can be until those numbers come over to me.  When I get them, I say get them, but there is really only one number for North America, Canada (sings it) United States, and Mexico our neighbor to the south, all on one toll-free number. That gets us one Call Center that transfers us in most cases, not every case, in most cases, transfers our call to the Redemption Center where we believe we want to redeem our Zim and exchange our currencies.  Some people will get another number to call.  So, beware of that.

Bruce:  We have gone over everything you need to know as far as the redemption process is concerned.  I know we have some new people.  We got some people that are less than a month old.  Even two weeks old in this.  They might have only heard one or two calls of the Big Call.  Can you imagine we have been doing this for 8 years and just getting into this now?  Wow.  Hard to imagine, but this is a great opportunity.

Maybe that last one or two people, or 20 to 30 people or whatever is the reason that this has carried to the point where it is.  I am very excited what has occurred, what supposed to occur overnight and I am referring to Iraq.  Listen, hate to tell you, it is not Iraq’s fault.  It is made to look like it is their fault.  Guess who is really pulling the strings?  That is right. We are.  I know there is a reason for it.  I know like in most things, timing is everything, and it is going to be the same case here.

Bruce:  I hope I have given you some things to think about tonight.  I think I have given you everything I could.  There is always a couple of things later I thought: Oh, I wish I had mentioned that.  But I feel you have enough to go forward with.  We will not be doing as I see it happening here in the next day or so, we are not going to be doing regular calls afterwards.  We might throw a celebration call together for 20 to 30 minutes.

Beyond that we will be doing what everybody else will be doing.  Making sure everything is set up.  You have about 30 days to get your legal affairs put together, to get your trusts, many other structures, LLC, whatever else that you use put together before you might get major access to your funds.  You will have plenty of access from day one actually, but to have full access it could be  I heard up to 34 days.  So, let’s call it a month.  No biggy.

You will have plenty of funds available to do your upgrade for your cars, for looking at real estate, for getting what you need looking at to pay off debts you have, etc. etc.  All of that should be available right away.

Bruce:  I did say on the call a week ago, I hope that we are able to get a structured payout with that I mean with interest, and let’s call it our motherlode account, master account for up to 20 years because that is what I like.  I am just saying that is what I like, and I understand now they have that option now that we can go from 2 to 20 years.  2 to 20 years in that kind of structure.

You say: Bruce, why would you want to do that?  Because I do not to worry about investments. I want the investment come to me like clockwork every quarter, ever quarter.  I am going to know down to the dollar what it is going to bring every quarter based on the interest rate that I am going to negotiate.  That interest rate will be very good.

Bruce:  Now it is not going to be 10, 20 percent on the amounts we are talking about, but it is just under 8 percent.  Let’s call it 7.5 percent.  That will be, and do not hold me to this because things change, interest rates change, currency rates change, everything changes, but I believe if you are a Zim holder with a couple of Zim notes, you will be able to negotiate that.  I think that is going to be very helpful to me to have a fixed amount.

Let’s use for example a Certificate of Deposit.  I am not calling this a CD. Do not get me wrong, but like that getting a certain amount every quarter for 20 years, I like that because I do not have to worry about it.  I do not have to look at it.  I just know it is going to be there for 20 years every quarter.  Now my situation is not how can I make profit, but how can I invest in people, in people’s lives.  How can I invest in ministries?  How can I invest in various projects?  How can I invest in this country with Rebuild America?  How can I invest in our Veterans lives with Veterans Retreat Network?  You know what I am saying?

Bruce:   I am not looking for you to donate to me. Nothing. I want nothing in the way of financial contribution with anything that I will be doing with the Big Call.  Only thing I like you to do is consider since no one will need a salary in this thing volunteering helping us with Rebuild and with a little bit with the VRN in a volunteer capacity.  With Rebuild to volunteer in your area to do the same type of thing I am going to do in let’s say 3 or 4 cities.

You would do the same thing in 2 or 3 cities, towns or communities in rebuilding them.  We will show you what it is we are doing so you can use that template as an example.  Say Okay I got it.  I see what they are doing.  I get the plan. Okay, boom, step 1, step 2, step 3.  It is going to be a step to step thing.  It will be very clear and I will put that out.  Just hang in there and let us have time to completely build it out and then we will make it available to you. We will let you know that way thru your email.

So, if you are not registered on our new website:, you are not going to find out.  Do that so if you want to be part of Rebuild or part of The VRN in some ways.

Bruce:  What do I need with VRN? Primarily I want some horse people. Out there, you guys who are horse traders or know somebody who knows about horses or loves horses.  We want to do something with Equine therapy with all of our VRN sites.  If you are into gardening, or growing food, I would like some help on our food domes, on our hydroponic, aquaponic sites where we will be growing healthy vegetables, raising Tilapia or possibly another fish.  We have not forgotten about that.  It is still there.

If you have raised dogs, or you are familiar with what I all Puppy dog Therapy, or Canine Therapy is something else we want to have not only for the veterans, but also for their families.  We want to have that.  We want to have horses even ponies for kids to ride. Wonder if we do a pony ring for the kids to ride and really enjoy that time.  Then for the older kids and adults including Veterans and their families, we want to have horses for them to ride.  Me, I am a rooky.  Sue is an equestrian. She knows her way around horses, but I am a rooky.  I am going to be in a learning mode.  So, I will be needing help in that.  We will let you know when we are ready.  So if you have a foul dropping or a something like that, keep  in mind we will be looking for some horses.

Bruce:  I am excited.  You can hear it.  I think we are just about ready to receive those numbers.  I will get them.  I will put them out on our website.  Bob will send out an email for everybody that has registered.  We will put it out on a couple of others places online.  It will go viral in about 10 minutes.  You will get it off our site or somebody will see it on another place online.  Do no sweat it.  It will be happening.  You guys will set your appointments and then you will have a beautiful new start.

Bruce:  I would encourage you to be ready to get everything together.  Go thru your currency again.  Make sure you got your two forms of photo ID.  Make sure you have a bill or some kind of thing that shows where you live.  It could be a phone bill.  It could be a gas bill, whatever you got.  Take that with you.

The stages of this thing will go fairly quickly.  Make sure let’s say your have 3 or 4 different currencies, make sure you have the total and not the number of notes like (10) 100 Trillion notes. The actual total number of Zimbabwe dollars for your bonds.  Get that total for Dinar, total for Dong, Rial, Aghani, etc. any total of the currencies you have. Have those typed out clearly.  You keep a copy, the attorney has a copy, and that you have a copy that you hand over to the person on the other side of the desk from you so they see what it is you say what you have.

That way when they run all your currencies thru the De la Rue Machine they will say, Yes, I got the same thing you have, or my numbers are a little different, you didn’t count right,  or whatever.  You at least got it as you see it, and then they will be able to verify and hopefully confirm your number on each of your currencies.

Bruce:  Now the only other thing I that I was going to mention is when it comes to the public, we are hearing a date for the public start.  This is kind of a movable beast.  It could change.  It could not be correct, but I am hearing April 24 for Tier 5, or the so-called Joe Public.  I do not know if that will hold up, but I think that is doable.

One other thing before we go.  A while back I told you guys it was international law that the last day for the Zim to be redeem was April 12 at midnight.  I just heard today that was no longer the case.  That April 12th deadline is not correct anymore.  So, it has been moved.

I do not know where it has been moved to, but I believe it has been moved back and maybe in that time frame later in the month.  I can’t say it.  I could be wrong.  My understanding is we are going to have plenty of time as Tier 4 Group B to redeem our Zim with no problem. If the rates continue to go like they did in the last 24 hours as of 6:10 am EDT this morning, we should be in really good shape with no need to even talk about a back screen rate.  It is not even worth it.  Keep that in mind.

Bruce:  I want everybody to have a great night and let’s see what transpires.  I hope I haven’t disappointed anybody.  I hope I was clear on everything I have said. I want you when you do ready other things, and believe me I do understand there are other things out there, and other calls out there besides the Big Call, I want you to weigh everything you hear with the gift of discernment. Nether words like I do when I hear something I know is, I hate to say BS, not correct, I shake my head. I shake my head and say: No.  That is not right.  Nope.   I have only been doing that for 8 years now, okay.  So, I still do it when I hear something that is not correct.

Bruce:  So, everybody, have a great night and let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Let’s see what happens.  I am excited.  I think and hope we are just about there. I want to thank my team starting with Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven and anybody behind the scene like Pinkroses who has done a marvelous job for us without having been asked years ago for transcribing our call so people in other countries can take the transcript and run it thru a translator program and get it in their own language.  That is valuable.

We heard that is being done in Brazil where they speak Portuguese. I do not speak Portuguese, but I do speak Spanish, French, German, and Italian.  It is a start, right?  I am going to learn Portuguese by the way.  I am going to add that to my quiver.

Bruce:  Thank you guys.  We appreciate you who have listened and have listened for years.  Some of you haven’t even missed a call.  That is something I even can’t say. I have missed some calls, but not too many.  Everybody, have a great night.  I am jacked up.  If you are not registered  on:, do it.  Do it tonight.  Good night everybody.  We love you. Good bye.