The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 12-24-20


Intel Begins: 27:40

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday December 24th  and this is a special Christmas Eve version of the Big Call  – welcome all that are here – we’re not going to do a very long call – we do have a little information to bring you so I think you will enjoy it – thanks for tuning in –

So let’s talk a little about where we are – in terms of since Tuesday – what have we learned if anything since Tuesday that tells us roughly where we are –  I can tell you in the terms of intel that between 1:15 and 1:30 PM today (Thursday)  Eastern Stand Time – all the banks were beginning to transition from the old system – completely over to the new Quantum Financial System –

This is globally – this also meant all bank wires would go out today after that time today globally –  because we are transitioning into the QFS – the gold backed dollar – which we call the USN – and also this is sort of the start today of a 4 day bank holiday – 24th 25th 26th 27th – and as much as I would have loved to deliver this blessing – to you by having it happen before Christmas –  unfortunately that was not going to be the case – and I told you that on Tuesday –

I have an idea of when we are supposed to go  but as much as Pres Trump wanted this to be for our Christmas – it is not –  now – the bond holders – yes they are supposed to have liquidity and access to their funds on Sunday and Monday – coming –  that means they have Friday – Sat – Sun and Mon to receive liquidity – that is in their account – that can be seen by their wealth manager – but bond holders do not have the coordinance  to see those funds in their accounts yet

They will get those on Monday and I understand have access to the funds either Monday or Tuesday – that’s when they will “be paid” if you will – that is when the liquidity in their accounts can be seen and accessed up to approximately 1 – 1 ½ %  of that total –

You’ve got to realize that those bond holders totals are very very high – and some are in the trillions of dollars – or more even – so getting 1%  of that is still a bunch of money – and it will be paid in USN – our gold backed currency –

That is fine for the bond holders – most of us are not – by the way if you have bonds that are legit – and you can prove provenance on those bonds – when you set your appointment – tell them that you have xyz bonds – and they will set up and make sure that a representative of the bank is qualified to handle bonds will be there at the redemption center to work with you at the time of your appointment –

That is what we have been told to say as to what will happen if  you have bonds – I am NOT talking about zim –  I am talking about railroad bonds – yellow dragon bonds – etc  you believe you will be able to exchange – “redeem”

So what else is happening? I told you the start of everything – really with the QFS – banks on holiday around the globe – that should takes us all the way through Sunday – Some of the redemption center staff in fact are off Sunday and Monday –

They are off today – tomorrow – they go in Saturday for 4 hrs – not sure why – maybe to update or fax things to do with the QFS – the USN maybe – and they are off Sunday – and Monday – going back in Tuesday – that leads us to believe for us tier 4B we could get notified Tuesday and start Tuesday – or we could get notified Tuesday and start Wednesday –

I would love to see us get this started this year because it would give us one good thing – and I know there are more –  but one really good thing that will have happened before the end of 2020 – It sets us up for a beautiful 2021

Our hope is that we get this thing started with numbers and appointments – that start Tues/Wed – and takes us all the way through to Jan 4 th – and then the public would start – the latest I have – the public / tier 4 – would start Jan 5th –

Those dates could change as you know – they tend to get pushed back – but that is what I had as of yesterday on that –

NESARA is beginning and taking place tomorrow – the St Germaine Trust and the Rodriquez Trust – are both set to pay out in major tranches tomorrow – Christmas Day – They are supposed to pay out and those will go – in my opinion – to the central banks that are tied to various countries around the globe – and they may also go to global collateral accounts – that are trusted – account holders – that can monitor the safe movement of funds in and out of those global collateral accounts –

We don’t know exactly whether the tranches that are going to come from the Rodriquez Trust and St Germaine Trust are going into global collateral accounts or in to the global central bank accounts – they should be independent from any global banking cartel – let’s call it – and truly independently owned and oversee by the individual countries treasury – and if that is the case then that would be a safe destination for these funds to arrive in –

Obviously they are going to u se the QFS – to transmit these which is a very secure system and that is a way they can monitor all transactions from now through the end of whenever – to make sure they go to where they are supposed to go – no that is with NESARA starting over this weekend –

Pres Trump is supposed to make some form of announcement tomorrow (Friday)  after lunch is how it was put to me – I don’t know exactly what time that is – I think it is going to be shown on Breitbart – Newsmax – I hope Fox or FoxBusiness carries this –

What is it going to be about?  I hope it is about our new gold backed dollar and returning to the gold standard and possibly something about NESARA – I do not think the Pres will use that terminology – I don’t think GESARA is going to be mentioned either – but maybe something in terms of debt forgiveness – we know that is a major part of it – there is a lot that we know is a part of GESARA – and NESARA – but how much gets discussed over this weekend we don’t know –

But we do know that when it is announced – or discussed – we have probably from 70 – 90% of it in activation mode – that is going to be interesting to hear – there is quite a bit to it if you have looked into that over the past little while – it starts with the gold backed dollar and we are going to be the first country to announce a gold backed currency – it is up to us to lead the world in that –  and my  understanding is that we will – to be the first country to recognize and talk about that –

All the rest of the countries will be asset backed which could include gold – precious metals – gems – oil – natural gas – other assets – in ground assets and above ground assets –

Be prepared for that possibility – over the next 2-3 days –  I am going to be keeping an eye out for an announcement by the President tomorrow afternoon –

With that being said – what are we hearing about when “WE” could start?  “WE” being tier 4B – I’ve heard from 2 major bank contacts that are letting us believe that more than likely it will be a Tuesday to Wednesday start for us – if in fact we are going before the end of the year – which I hope we are – and I believe we are –

We’ve been told by major bank sources next week – they have not said exactly what day – but “next week”  – I believe that everything is lined up – we have a rate on the Iraqi Dinar already – and we talked about that on Tuesday – everything should be ready to move forward –  the bonds – are wrapped up today I believe – in a number of cities but primarily in Miami – and my understanding is bond holders will have access to liquidity of 1-1 ½% on Monday in to Tuesday –

Otherwise we have the weekend – Christmas tomorrow – and no we did not get the blessing essentially for Christmas – but let’s believe our Christmas is coming just a bit later but before the end of 2020 – and the next year would be a terrific year for all of us – and for us helping to level the playing field around the globe with our humanitarian projects and everything that we plan to do –

That is really all the intel I’ve received since Tuesday in a very short concise form – So I’m excited still – disappointed that we didn’t have this before Christmas – and I don’t like hearing things like I’ve heard but I have to tell you what I get – and even though I’m not thrilled by the timing of this – the timing is what it is

Thanks everyone for listening tonight – our Christmas Eve Call – Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas