The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1-7-21


Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Intel Begins: 1:08:13

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – its Thursday January 7th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again

Ok let’s go right into our all-important intel segment – and I will try to describe where we are – Last Tuesday we talked about the bonds that were being paid out – we knew Wednesday – yesterday – would be a big day – bonds – when we said to be paid out – we really mean funds would be available –

We know today – Thursday – that we’re still – I hate to say waiting – but I believe the bond holders are still waiting for their funds to be available to them – even though they have been transacted already with buyers and sellers – what I am hearing this afternoon is that some of the larger bond holders are supposed to be paid overnight tonight – such that they would have access to funds tomorrow morning –

Access to funds – that’s the name of the game – it’s one thing to have funds in your account – and another thing to have them available and have access to them – that’s what’s happening now

They were still going through today – tonight and maybe into tomorrow (Fri) as well as far as bond transactions – making those liquid and available out of the transactions occurring in Miami and that is ongoing as we speak – there were still bonds and boxes of bonds to be hypothecated today and tomorrow –

So – where does that put us? It should put us in a position where we are available – initially we thought Tuesday /Wednesday – of this week – for notifications – Now we’re hearing more like Saturday for notifications – maybe getting notifications to us Saturday and starting Saturday –

Or…..we could get pushed to early next week – we have heard both things from a couple different sources – and we know that this is what we are looking for – we’re looking to be notified and to get started –

We also believe that the funds that will be available to the bond holders – to the SKR holders – in tier 3 should all have acceptability approximately the same time – which could be – I don’t know about tomorrow (Fri)  but I am going to say tomorrow (Fri) or Saturday – if we are all going together as a shotgun start – This is what we heard in the last several days – that all of the liquidity from bond holders to group members – group members out west – to  us in tier 4B should occur at the same time –

So obviously for us to get started we need to be notified – we need for those secure email servers from Wells Fargo to send us emails which will include the toll free numbers to call and for those who do not have emails – or they do not have your email – for some reason you’ve changed – that is where I come in and I put out the number –

Now who is getting it first? Am I getting it first – are you getting it first? It’s hard to say – we had approximately 527,000 emails coming from the Wells Fargo servers – we had 6,000+ that were disqualified and pulled from those and so the number might be closer to 521,000 – whatever the number is – they are supposed to go out – we heard originally in 4 batches – that may have changed –

We know that the redemption center people went in today and we do not know what their schedule is quite  yet for the remaining days and into next week –

You know as well as I do they keep pushing this back – this is a very slow release – I think they are releasing it very slowly so the economy does not overheat – but obviously we are getting a little bit anxious and we’re looking for the notifications to happen for us to start –

So that is still the case – that is still what is going on – and other than bond holders having access to funds we believe overnight or in the morning – we should be there right behind them – Once the bondholders are done there may or may not have to be an audit – I am hearing one is not necessary and we can go ahead and get started –

I know it’s not a whole lot but today was one of those days that was very very quiet –  now watch what happens after the call and tomorrow – maybe we will get more but for right now this is telling us to continue to listen in – continue in patience – and prayer and perseverance –