The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1-14-21


Intel Begins: 1:13:36

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call – it is Thursday Jan 14th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks everybody for tuning in again –

Well guys let’s do this – let’s talk about not only where we are but where we’re going – I think I have somewhat of a time line for us – let’s talk first about where Iraq is – you know – we do not focus on Iraq that much but we know that they are sort of a trigger point for this all to go –

We knew yesterday (Wednesday)  was supposed to be the day for the 3rd reading of the budget was accomplished – I have not heard whether they did the 3rd reading – and the theory is in that 3rd reading is that they need 3 readings  for any law to go through to be voted on – in Parliament  – to let that law stand – and to be enacted – and usually something goes into the official record of the Parliament in Iraq – in the Gazette –  on Wednesdays and Saturdays –  In a physical printed paper and they also have a digital version – which could show items any day – not just Wed or Sat –

Now I do not know – It has not been confirmed to me whether that did occur yesterday – but the reason it is significant is because of the rate – for the budget to be accurate – the rate for the dinar needs to be in that budget – so that is why it is significant – because we can “see” the rate – in their budget –

Now – here’s the thing – we understand that Iraq’s rate will be adjusted – even if they did do that and the rate is in the budget – which it should be – and they read it  yesterday – and it’s passed – we’re supposed to see it new – I think they will probably increase the rate but I don’t absolutely know it – I believe they will do that – either Friday or Saturday – Tomorrow is the 15th or Saturday the 16th is when the Iraqi Dinar rate is supposed to be increased – or “changed”

So that kind of brings us up to speed in as far as what’s going on in Iraq – We know that we’re going to have a Iraqi Dinar and Dong preferred rate – for us – Tier 4B for approximately 8-10 days and then after that time – rates will probably be adjusted downward for the so call general public – what we call tier 5 – and we don’t have a clue at this point when Tier 5 will get started – my gut reaction on it would probably be starting in February – because I think the date of the 15th  anything that happens for us will probably take us through the end of the month of January –  that is projecting it out a little bit – you get the reason –

Now – there has been an additional – try to open your mind and pick up this number – there are 12 additional tranches – or transfers of funds from some of the larger Trusts –  who knows where its coming from – but these 12 tranches each – have 60 zeros – behind 1 – so 1, zero zero zero – and keep going – write it out – 60 zeros – that’s a bunch – I don’t know what that number is – but it is big number – and there are 12 of them – it will take a few days for those funds transferred  and that by the way is for  us – Those fun ds are going to our Treasury  which is wild –

That is there for us – for our exchanges – for our zim redemption haven’t we already had big numbers sent? Yes – and this is probably what they need for us to go forward with our group tier 4B –

Alright – so let’s talk about everything else that is supposed to happen before us –  we’ve got the bond recipients – originally bond holders – and they transacted their bonds and hired a seller they are no longer holder of the bonds but recipient of those funds of the sale – those are still going on but for the most part have been completed – However – there are some large players that are involved in funding projects – I would put in tier 3 or just VIP’s out there – these guys are Whales – but  humanitarian  in nature –

So we know of some that are still doing their –  bonds – boxes of bonds – etc  other certificates tomorrow evening – so that is an ongoing practice that should be wrapped up through the weekend – and that is a really good thing – so it comes down to where are we now?

You know these bond holders and the bonds needed to be done and my understanding is that the majority of those have been done but guess what?  They have not been allowed to have that liquidity available to them yet –

I know this has gone on for weeks – many weeks – some of these bonds have been transacted a long time ago – but yet those funds have not been released – my understanding is that we would start Friday the 15th – Friday evening-  and into the weekend – I think we are going to see some movement – quite possibly when those bond holders accounts see the liquidity and access this weekend –  tomorrow – Saturday – Sunday

So then where do we put ourselves Tier 4B? The latest information I have received today – and it was from very high up bank sources with our lead bank –  not HSBC by the way –  the lead bank on the east coast – and this is really good communication that’s pointing toward notifications for us most likely – although it’s possible Sunday – most likely Tuesday  with exchanges either Tuesday or Wednesday –

That is the latest most updated information I’ve received today – so yes we’re pushed off again – today – this Thursday  – Tuesday is 5 days away –  right now that’s what we’re pointing to  and we need to pray that in and believe that is what is going to occur –

They have been sort of monitoring things that are happening in the political arena – yes but yet I am told that is NOT something that is holding us back – I think it’s more about to do with security to an extent again – we have a lot of troop movement taking place – I think tomorrow is a big day for that and I believe we’re moving into an area where we won’t have security issues so we’re just going to hope if we have any kind of mini uprisings that they get squelched quickly – and I believe that will be the case –

I think we’re looking at the possibility of some blackouts – and some communication blackouts maybe tv channels going down – shouldn’t be that long of a period and I told you last time I think it is a good idea to prepare for anything that could take place – make sure you have plenty of food and water – stored up – and we’ll see

This is a day by day environment that we’re witnessing right now – stuff that we’ll look back on and shake our heads –  and go “wow” –  can you believe what we went through to strengthen ourselves and to deal with the perseverance  and the long suffering – and everything that we needed to be able to make it all the way to the end of this race

I feel like the end is near –  we can see the tape in the distance – hopefully only about 5 days off – so we’ll see let’s see what happens – but there is a lot of money moving and these tranches need to be settled and finished in the Treasury  and then go to the banks – go out so they can be utilized for our exchanges – and I think we are transitioning into NESARA and the USN – as our currency – We are just going to take it one day at a time.