The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1-28-21


Intel Begins: 1:09:20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday Jan 28th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again  – here we are towards the end of January – and – still here – after all these years – isn’t there a song like that?  Still here after all these years – in our 10th year of The Big Call

Let’s talk about the intel tonight – I’ve got several things I want to bring out tonight and let’s start it off as a slow day – and then turned into a really good intel day today – I am very pleased with what we were getting –as the day progressed – especially into mid to late afternoon –

First of all I am going to try to remember everything I missed to bring – First of all I’m going to talk about Iraq – Irag did do the three readings and all of that – they did that last Saturday – but what we are looking for them to do is to do a final vote – a final vote of the budget – AND…..  the HCL – now I have not talked about the HCL in probably 5 or 6 years – if then

The HCL is the Hydro Carbon Law – it’s the Oil and Gas Law – and that is the law that takes percentages and attributes the percentages to the region of Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq and Baghdad – and there is probably a lot more to the HCL than that – however but they are going to vote on is a final vote on 2021 budget and the HCL on Monday  – but to be able to do that they have to have a new rate on the Iraqi Dinar before the vote-

So …. What we’re hearing and this is coming out of Mosul – one of our individuals that lives in Mosul and he said that has to happen before Monday – well guess what ??  The first business day for Iraq is Sunday – my gut is they will have that new rate on Sunday –

Remember they are 8 hour ahead of the East Coast under Eastern Standard Time – so we should have that new rate – and the vote and be available to be published in the gazette whenever they choose – But the timing is interesting as far as the vote on Monday – Remember – we do have a group of people over there in Iraq to help them finish this – and give them any additional help they need regarding the reevaluation of their currency –

What is it going to come out at?  I don’t know exactly – I know it should be really good – along the lines of what Dr Shabbibi  said it would be – back in 2012 – I can’t believe that was 12 years ago that we heard that – (ha ha ) and our friend Blue Star made the inquiry to Dr Shabbibi – at the International Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC –  and got the answer that I have told you many times –  on this call before as to what the Iraqi Dinar could support in US dollars – So… it’s a really good thing – we’re moving in that direction –

Let’s see what else is going on – Let’s talk about bonds – Bond paymasters – these are people handling the payouts of the bonds transactions to the former bond “holders” that are now the bond “sellers” of the bonds – that have been taking place both in Miami and Reno – For a while we thought it was only Miami but came to find out both cities – and not to mention but also Zurich Switzerland and Hong Kong – so those areas are hot and heavy – and we have heard we have over 900 paymasters in Reno and they are busy transferring funds down streaming funds from their accounts to the recipients accounts for the groups we refer to occasionally as the groups “out west”

Now…. Those accounts are being hydrated but I have a theory – and this comes from the fact banks – talking Wells Fargo – Chase etc  – they do not see tier 4A and 4B as two separate things – they think of it as one group – one entity – even though we see it as  two –  4A & 4B –

So…. That tells me if there is a shotgun start to be had – what it means is that 4A – those funds – those accounts  from those paymasters are going into accounts – guess what – if you’re part of one of those groups out west – you don’t have the coordinance yet – if you’re a recipient you don’t have those accounts – you don’t have the number for them  – a way to get into them –  to check them – you don’t have anything yet – UNTIL you get notified – tier 4B – the internet group – we don’t have anything yet until we get notified – do you see the parallel?

Tier 4A has already ponied up all of their currency – years ago – years ago – they have a rate and know what it will be – for the most part – there is some discussion about a change maybe – but they have ponied up their currency – they have already done their exchanges – but they have NOT been paid – they might have had a little emergency fund – some case   little bit of a so called healing fund – but for the most part most members of the group have received NADA – ZILCH – nothing – so bottom line is they are in the same boat as us pretty much –

We are waiting on notification just like they are – and my feeling is they are going to get that notification when we do – hence – the shotgun start – those of  you that do not play golf do not know what that is – but this is the thing – it makes perfect sense to me – their accounts are being paid into – paymasters to recipient but they can’t see it until notified – and really until not only get their account  number information but they are also going to need probably – I don’t know this absolutely – but they may need bio print reader – to make sure they are who they say they are – and they are going to need to use a key card – a special card that is NOT a debit card – it’s just an ACCESS CARD – to access their account – at the Wells Fargo bank – or another bank of their choosing – another tier 1 bank – but right now it is my understanding that all of those transactions are being done through Wells Fargo out west – and the bonds down in Miami are being done through Wells Fargo – Simple as that –

So….. what are we hearing about bonds – we are hearing that at 4 PM today we had 28% of the bonds which are many varieties –  German – Yellow – Railroad – Dragon – this color – that color – I bet there are 15 different types of bonds – as I heard from one of our bankers is hearing 28% of the bonds had been completed – and I have been instructed that the bond payouts – the liquidity – the access to funds – should probably takes us all the way through Saturday – completed by  Saturday night – and they will have access to a small percentage of those funds –  not that much of it – a small percentage –  but the bond payout amounts are so large that a small percentage is still a lot of money – a LOT of money  –

Okay that takes care of the bonds — let’s talk about the redemption centers – staffing – the staffing went in at 10 am this morning –  had a short meeting – after having the 5+ hr meeting Tuesday  – were sent home at 4:15pm – going in tomorrow at noon – just in case – until about 4:30 pm – they are on a 35 min call time notice –  meaning  they get the call to come in and then be there sitting at their desk ready to go within 35 minutes – that is the shortest response time they have ever had to utilize – that is a good sign –

We are near the end of the month – it’s the 28th – we have heard that the 31st  which is Sunday – is a special day for us – and should be a new freedom day – it’s being called “Freedom Day” – brought out a couple days ago – maybe some of you read about that – I think it has a very valid meaning for us – not regarding so much the GCR but maybe regarding things with our government  – could be regarding the beginnings of NESARA – and could be a very interesting day on Sunday – for some pretty cool announcements –

Is it possible that the EBS gets turned on then?? For some reason??  Maybe – could be – We’ll see what happens – just beware that the freedom day that’s been termed – may turn into something for us –

Now as a result of that – I am hearing very good things about early next week – as in Monday / Tuesday – that is the first of February  – Monday – I would not be surprised if we get our surprise on the first for notifications and the second for exchanges – that is what I’ve been getting today – this comes from a very strong couple of sources – and is from the lead bank and not HSBC –

There may be more but that is pretty much what I wanted to bring out –