The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 2-4-21


Intel Begins: 42:20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday February 4th and you’re tuned into and listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we’re glad to have you here –

Let’s talk about where we are in the intel world – this is when we try to figure out where we are – in this process –  and being tonight is Thursday – we brought pretty much information  on Tuesday  – tonight is – ummmm – we have some information that lends us to believe that we could be where we need to be still this week –

But there is other information that takes us and moves us to the first of next week – of course many of you say this is the normally the trend – if we do not have it by Thursday – it tends to follow to the next week – and that is true – that has been the tendency –

We heard some things about bond payouts – that were supposed to occur last night and today  – the bondholders that are bond sellers were supposed to be receiving their liquidity – especially on the yellow dragon bonds – railroad bonds – and so on –

They are still paying those out and those funds are being put in position of various participants accounts – the bond sellers accounts – but they still have not had access to them yet – it is possible that they get access tomorrow (Friday) but we’ll see – will not affect most of us – most of us are not bond holders other than the zim – and the zim that we have we will do at the same time we have currencies to exchange

So…. What we have heard is – and this comes from one of our main banks – it is still going to happen for us – and I heard a clarification of another banker that deals with redemption centers and staff and so on – that Saturday was in play – Now I still heard from a couple other sources that said Saturday is in play for notifications and I also heard that the redemption centers – some personnel need to be in place on Monday at noon –  meaning they’re not needing to be there for us tier 4B – which is primarily their function – until Monday at noon

Now if that’s the case – that moves our notifications from Saturday to probably Monday morning – and that is NOT absolute – that is the latest information that we got today – that puts us there for notifications and toll free numbers –

Remember the email notifications that are coming from the Wells Fargo servers are going to be around 1.4 million emails – and they do know how much currency you have because they have talked to all of the sellers – all of the currency sellers including ebay – have released that information to the Treasury –  so they know – and unless you have been gifted  they might not know how much they have – but if you have purchased  they know what currencies you have and generally speaking how much you have –

We all know that the totals may have changed – if we have gifted – they know that already – now one thing that is important when it comes to the email notification – 2 things :

We’re pretty sure that the email notification will contain a NDA – non disclosure agreement – with – probably as an attachment to the email – that you received – so that when you get that from Wells Fargo and you call to set your appointment and so on with one of the 2 numbers that are in that email – it is also supposed to have 2 things- a personal identification number for “YOU” the recipient of that email – your own personal ID #

And you are also supposed to have a simple one page non disclosure agreement – what might the NDA say? It might say that you are not to talk  with anyone about the setting of this appointment – about where you’ve set it –  the day or time – or anything else surrounding the currencies or your appointment time –

It needs to be kept quiet – and that will probably be in the NDA – and also you may be prohibited from purchasing anymore currency at that time – in other words they don’t want you to go out and try to buy more currency –

Once you set your appointment – you’re not going to tell them on the phone how much you have – you will just verify that you have dinar – dong – zim – whatever you have – let them know that – I do not believe they are entitled to know the amounts –  they may already know the amounts or think they know but they are not supposed to ask you that on the phone –  so do not surrender that over the phone –

The NDA though probably will preclude you from purchasing anymore currency and they’re basically wanting you to keep very very quiet regarding the appointment

The personal ID# that should come in the email is going to be for you to enter on a dial pad –  or said verbally – when you call the toll free number – but I am not 100% sure how that is going to be used  or instructed to use – but you will know and probably should print out the email when you get it – so you can have it as you may be requested to bring that with you to appointment –

Beyond that …. Today we know that Australia according to – this is from a person involved in a bond transaction – told us that Australia is entering or about to enter their codes into what we believe is the GFS – so that they can begin exchange or possibly trade with the United States in USN – our new asset backed currency and my understanding today is  there are 3 countries – one is Australia – that needed to enter that information into the QF System – 2 other countries besides are y et to go –  not sure who those are –

But it is coming to the point where that should say that our gold backed currency which we call the USN –  in digital form – is either already in process of being traded or is about to be –  so that is very encouraging for us –

We are at the point of waiting for the NESARA legislation to be brought forward and announced in some form or fashion – there may be an announcement of some kind tomorrow – late afternoon  and I am hearing that  there is intention to possibly initiate at 6:30 PM tomorrow night Eastern time – Don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like or what would be said – but there is something to be said for getting the information that has been hidden and not really put out on the media to be put out – so we will see if anything from that happens starting at 6:30 PM Eastern tomorrow (Friday) – if anything “unusual” happens as far as that goes

The concept of getting this started is one that we know we’ve been waiting for quite a long while – we had heard that this was going to be the week – but we’ve heard them say that to us before – MANY TIMES – but they have missed it every time –

We heard this week early that we were going to get started by Tuesday or Wednesday and what happened was something happened with the Treasury to slow it down and not allow it to go forward – it’s almost like the game that Iraq and the United States have been playing one step forward two steps back – because Iraq had basically passed their 2021 budget – they passed the portion of the HCL that gives Kurdistan a certain percentage of the budget – we believe it was agreed at 12.6% and everyone was happy and all that good stuff – and then we find out – maybe it hasn’t fully passed and there might be a few more things to discuss –

I think those are stalling techniques – that basically in principle everything has been done – but they are making it seem like more needs to be done

But bringing the budget out in the gazette which we thought would happen yesterday is now set to come out Saturday – in two days – maybe that will happen we can’t set a watch by that – all I know is that it is intended to bring that out on Saturday and publish it in the gazette – which would make the dinar rate visible – It might also be on line in a digital format –

It’s something that is happening but it’s happening in regards to us – whenever we get started – it seems we’re not going to have that out or in the gazette finished completed until we get started and notified to set our appointment and start our exchanges – so we just have to wait on that – I don’t think it’s a huge thing for us – we know that Iraq is a big part of this but so are all the other countries that are going into the first basket with rates that are going up and they are somewhere in the vicinity 20-22 of those currencies we believe – so we’re just going to have to see how that shakes out

Other than that  – that is pretty much what I wanted to bring out tonight – there’s not a whole lot other than seemingly a change in the timing and then there’s the possibility of an announcement tomorrow and I think we are going to see more and more announcements next Tuesday / Wednesday that we should be looking forward to – Let’s hope we are notified and underway