The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 2-9-21


Intel Begins: 1:01:00

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday February 9th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we appreciate you being back with us tonight  –

Let’s go to the all-important intel segment and see if we are any further along than we were last Thursday – Probably the most interesting thing that we’re getting is – intel itself – the sources are starting to really dry up – because we are so close – we’re really trying to get the best information accurately as possible as we can – we always do that – but in these last days it’s a little harder to get exactly what we are looking for – and that is — when are we going to receive the toll free numbers and the emails – and to start setting our appointments and then go – that is the bottom line for us – and what we are really looking for

Alright – let’s go back and see where we are as of today – primarily this morning and midafternoon we got some information about what’s happening in Iraq – and it always seems that Iraq has one more thing to do – you know most of that is pantomime – it’s just the fact that Iraq is doing things according to their government but guess who’s holding a lot of the puppet strings? That’s right ….. our government is essentially our people are working very closely with Iraq to make sure that everything they have to do is done but not ready before we are ready to start – tier 4A and 4B –

It’s a continuous game of playing catch and not going too far out – we know that the budget for 2021 in Iraq was a big deal and it was passed – but not published – it was passed – ok – and why wasn’t it published? Because that would have exposed the new rate for the dinar –

Well – tomorrow – Wednesday – could be the very day that the budget is published in the gazette – and further to that – because Wednesday and Saturday are the 2 big days that the physical paper form of the gazette is published – it is their official record

Now what has been happening – there are a number of middle eastern nations as we know and these nations have come together with their own platform to trade currencies amongst themselves – digitally – and that digital platform is something that needs the Iraqi dinar to have a new rate and to have it asset backed currency – which it is – and to have it digitally involved in this platform which uses blockchain technology for the various nations to be able to trade back and forth with their currencies digitally –

Now – that platform, I understand, if Iraq has everything together – which would mean the rate – to be exposed – that is supposed to occur  with trading tomorrow morning at 9:30 am Baghdad time – only a couple hours from now (in terms of live call time) and if that occurs not only does that move Iraq further along – with a new rate and a new ability to trade with a digital format using blockchain technology but also I believe it moves us forward in terms of our starting time –

We had thought that our notifications were definitely going to come in the first couple of days of this week and here we are Tuesday – so the latest information was that we are not going to be notified today which we were not – but rather possibly in the next couple of days- Wednesday or Thursday – and it’s possible we get notified tomorrow but don’t start exchanges until Thursday –

What is important about this time window of Wednesday or Thursday is that the Chinese New Year starts Friday the 12th of February – and the intention of the Chinese Elders is for these exchanges and zim redemption to begin in tier 4A and 4B – prior to the start of the Chinese New Year – so there seems to be a desire to get this started this week Wednesday or Thursday –

Now – they really don’t want  us to know when it’s going to start and this did come from someone inside the new Treasury – of the Restored Republic – and I think that is about as close as we can get to what is really happening and what is going on – and that is what’s really valuable to  us right now is to find out – is this happening as quickly – finally as we hope it is – like right now – and so we are just going to have to see where this goes and see if this week is the week we’ve all been hoping for –

It’s really interesting that there’s not a whole lot else other than what’s expected from Iraq tomorrow morning early Iraq time – and what we’re hearing about even the bond payouts that we’ve talked about for weeks that have still not manifest in the sense of liquidity and access to funds –

Again – that is something we are looking to happen and may happen in concert with our start – meaning with toll free numbers and setting appointments

It actually could be the bond holders and those affiliated with the bonds that have been traded – that start  may essentially be part of the shotgun start  – we thought those guys would have been paid and have access to funds weeks ago  but they haven’t –

Now – we understand we have digital USN currency since about Sunday night we understand that China has it ready to go – Australia is ready – there were 2 other nations that we were waiting on to connect to the digital platform to the QF System but I don’t know if those 2 nations are or whether are already connected or not –

But the things that are happening globally – to get ready for this and the possible start of a NESARA  announcement regarding this is imminent – we just have to see when it actually is going to start – but we think that we’re right there where hopefully the Chinese Elders get their way and we get this started before their Chinese New Year start on the 12th (Friday)

So that is really what I wanted to bring to everybody today – it’s not a whole lot but hopefully it gives you a picture of how close we really are – I am excited about it – still as excited as ever – and looking forward to getting resolution to this – hopefully before Friday – so let’s see where it goes