The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 2-11-21


Intel Begins: 1:06:50

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday February 11th   and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we appreciate you being back with us tonight  –

Well let’s talk a little bit about where we are right now – we had a call Tuesday night – we had a little bit of information but not a whole lot – things are getting kind of tight and quiet – lot of people are  under gag orders  – we were able to glean some information today which was very helpful –

We had heard as of last night actually and earlier today that certain groups that are based out west were looking to be started or getting notified on that this afternoon but did not happen – we were a little sad to hear that but we found that one of our top bank sources is suggesting that certain groups could receive notification as early as tomorrow evening – so we will see how that manifests – looking forward to that coming through

Also…. I want to clarify some things – as far as we are concerned in tier 4B OI think we might want to keep a close eye on the weekend and also early next week ok – and that should help to get what we’re looking for manifest and started with the blessing that we’re expecting –

The other thing that is important is that we got a clarification on the NDA process – We had talked earlier on the Big Call a few weeks ago I guess it’s been now – about the idea of getting some version of a one sheet NDA with your notification – it’s not exactly like that – the clarification of that is –  this is to give you a heads up – they used the term “fore-warning” – let’s call it a “pre-advice” – you will get some information in your notification that will tell you about the upcoming NDA that you will be signing at the redemption center –

The difference is you will not have to print that out – you do not have to send anything back in  – it is just to give you a heads up on what to expect but it will mention that you are NOT to purchase any more currency – once you get the notification and call to set up appointment –

Ok so that is a word to the wise – obviously take it very seriously – I know that we are all excited and looking forward to bringing our humanitarian projects out – we also have a plan to do that and to that with great excitement –

Rates are not a question – not a problem – everything is good as far as that goes – I would just say we’re very very very close – and it’s finally coming to fruition – we have a 3 day weekend coming up – President’s Day  on Monday and banks will be closed –

It does not mean that you could not get notified however – we will see what happens over the weekend and we should be in good shape for early next week –

We have to know that this is going to be released when everyone feels that the security is where it needs to be and the cleanup has been adequately handled – This could be a really good weekend for us and early next week