The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 2-18-21


Intel Begins: 1:06:20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday February 18th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we welcome you and appreciate you being back with us tonight  – We’re excited about our call tonight and we’re excited to have you here with us

Ok so let’s get into it a little bit now – We got some information today that came through – some of it came through recently – in the last 3-4 hours – which is good –

You know this we have had heavy snows – super cold temps – all over the country – that and in addition to a couple other factors has made this a very slow rollout –

We were really looking at getting started early this week – had we not had the snow and this ultra freezing cold – you’re looking more into like Tuesday – BUT…… that didn’t happen  and I think I told you Tuesday night that we had a factor of this …. Especially look at Texas – with between 4-5 million people without power – and as a result – now listen ….. Texas had the largest number of currency including the zim bonds OF ANY STATE –

Texas is the number one player – Florida is number two and California is number three – I could keep going – but the point is … redemption centers could not all be open as I suggested Tuesday night – and I come to find out yesterday the 286 banks and redemption centers were not answering a ping to them –

In other words they were not open – they did not have juice – they were not ready to answer that they were not open and ready to go – 286 and that was nationwide – but the primary concentration of that was in Texas – and they were being pinged from Reno – the Texas depository – and Miami

So…. I do not know what that status is now – But….I believe that many of those are able to be contacted – but I don’t know if everyone is back on line yet – I would not think so but I think that tomorrow or Saturday some should be back on line – and that is important – cause – remember we had stress tests going on to all the banks inside the US – and then the next day – overnight we hand bank stress tests globally –  and that was stressing the QFS to see if it could take the testing required that would be needed for the great number of exchanges that are about to take place

So fortunately we did hear that the global stress tests also went well and I don’t think there’s an issue and everything is ready to go from that perspective – but we needed to wait on that to happen –

Beyond that we have the weather – it really threw a monkey wrench into this thing  – I think now that the storms are moving  – as of this morning I think Texas had less than a million without power which is much better than 4 million –

I would say this week has been an important week for the testing and for us to get everything back on line and I did not anticipate anything for us to start this week – and I still don’t tonight –

However…..I am hearing from certain of our top bank that we are looking very strongly for a Tuesday start could be an early morning based on the time schedule from what I am hearing – and the question would be whether or not we get notified with our emails and toll free numbers before Tuesday – in other words – there was a possibility we had heard – of a Saturday notification for a Monday afternoon notification –

I believe the last information ruled out Saturday but did not rule out Monday afternoon – so ….I think somewhere between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning we should be able to have the email notifications and quite possibly the toll free numbers – So that is the tentative schedule / timeline –

Beyond that – which is the most important part the most important aspect of this – I know that Iraq did pass their budget – they did everything they were supposed to do and yet I do not believe that rate is going to be put out yet – but I know they are prepared to – there is the timing – to that alone – they are not going to put it out until they are ready to get started –

Beyond that …. We know that tomorrow that certain Petchili and Super Petchilis Bonds are going to be transacted out of Miami and we know that certain people are waiting for notification that their funds are there and ready to go and I am referring to the bond holders that became bond sellers and the bonds have gone extremely slowly on purpose –

They have several organizations monitoring those to make sure – absolutely sure that the people that are going to receive the monies from these yellow dragon bonds – railroad bonds – etc  that they are legit – and true owners of these and the funds will be used in the right direction – that is something they have been watching very closely from a security point of view already – and will continue

I am excited we are about ready to get started –