The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 2-23-21


Intel Begins: 54:24

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday February 23rd  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we welcome you and appreciate you being back with us tonight  – We look forward to having a good call tonight

We’re only 2 ½  weeks away from Daylight Savings Time – I’m always curious to find out when Daylight Savings time is – and it’s Sunday March 14th  – that is exciting don’t  you think –

The intel tonight is going to be short and sweet – there’s not a whole lot out there and some of you might know that already by what  you’re reading  or not reading – I can tell you there are a few things out there that are pointing toward our timing being very close – now – for me to say that –

I know that things are happening and have happened in Iraq to make the reveal for the release of everything – tentatively scheduled for pretty close to 11 o’clock Iraq time Thursday  – you take 8 hours off that and you have the east coast time –

So we’re looking for some action to take place probably on Thursday – and it could be that we get notified on Thursday and go for exchanges on Thursday – It’s possible that we would get notified tomorrow but I don’t have that confirmed in any way –  not at all – that is only a projection on my part and it may be completely out there –

I would say Thursday is looking very good for us – I know that some platform out of Zurich  was released today at noon eastern  at 1% and that’s a nice number and that would be some form of bond program – what we usually call a platform – so —-that means things are moving this way –

Beyond that we know that redemption center staff came in today and were given a schedule for the next 12 days – should that total time be necessary and that’s another good sign – and beyond that what we need to do is spend a little time with your projects over the next couple of days –

There has been a high percentage of clean up that has already taken place – there’s a little bit more to go but that is happening – and it is a very positive thing for u s – and we just know that the QF System is been ready  – remember we had this incredible cold throughout most of the country I think – really – from North Dakota all the way to the Reo Grande  and even into Mexico – we had snow in areas that don’t normally get snow – and that did slow us down –

We had connectivity issues in 286 of the banking institutions and redemption centers and that got taken care of over the weekend – however we’ve got a number of redemption centers and banks that had water issues – and somewhere in Arkansas – Texas – with frozen pipes and so those issues are obviously being taken care of – and hopefully all banks and redemption centers will be back on line in time for us to go

I am very encouraged by what we’re hearing and knowing that some funds have already started moving the way it needs to move with one of these platforms – I think we’re probably looking at our shotgun start that will affect all of tier 4 and possibly some tier 3 holders as well –

So that is basically all that we have – there has been a lid put on intel and we have been put on  more than a GAG order – I would say it’s very quiet and they want to keep anything from leaking out that is crucial – so that is why you are not seeing or hearing much right now – that is a very good sign – a very good sign – Let’s hope that everything we’ve talked about is coming to fruition in the time frame that we have and we will be able to receive this great blessing  – Thank you everyone for listening – Take care of yourself –