The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 3-4-21


Intel Begins: 1:06:35

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Thursday March 4th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody all over the globe – where ever you live and thanks for being a part of the call tonight – We should have a nice call tonight – I look forward to it

Let’s talk a little bit now about where we find ourselves now – (chuckle) This is not an easy night for intel – because – even though I have a little bit to share with you – it’s not like it was a week ago – I told you Tuesday that the faucets were starting to be turned off as far as intel – at least from some of the bank sources we have – they have all but gone away – they really have – they all have disappeared – Every once in a while we’ll catch something for the wealth manager or somebody that you know – something meaningful that is coming from a major bank –

Let’s start with what we do know – when it comes to what we thought would happen on Tuesday night – 2 nights ago – it might occur Wednesday – was that Iraq was supposed to come out with their new rate – whether it was in the budge – whether it was actually brought out – and put up on screens – so that we would see it – that did not happen –

I am convinced it will NEVER happen – UNTIL –until the US says go ahead and put it out – because we are ready to go – meaning with our groups tier 4A and 4B  – so they have been able to do this for ever – for a long time – they have known what the rate was going to be – it was solidified – it was locked in – using that kind of terminology – our contact in Fallujah  got back in touch with us and said that he would let us know Saturday or Sunday morning what happened with the rate –

Now remember – Saturday is another day – nothing gets published in the gazette –  which is their official record –  getting published in the virtual and physical printed version – Here’s the thinking – If it does happen on Saturday – and remember they’re 8 hours ahead of the East Coast – then we could very well see it -before … and this is the theory – ok – their first business day of the week is Sunday – so could they change it on Saturday in time to make the change for business on Sunday? –

I think that is why our contact in Fallujah is suggesting he’ll call us Saturday or Sunday morning with that information – Now it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen then – it’s our next window if you will – for a change of the Iraqi Dinar-

Beyond that we know that one is suggesting a go on Monday the 8th and we all know that #8 is a very big number for the Chinese Elders and would love to have it go on the 8th – it signifies new beginnings and financial prosperity – so there’s that –

We have been informed – even though it was hard to min this one down – we might get started Thursday or Friday – and it is still possible – but we do not have it confirmed – there is nothing to confirm that – no indication to us – a lot of it is because the intel sources have dried up f a certain percentage – people are on zip lip / lock jaw –  or a Gag Order – NDA’s – you know – it’s getting tight –

You know I told you Tuesday night this is kinda of a good thing –It’s a good indicator because in one sense even though we are not getting g any information it looks like we are very very close – and maybe we are – still very very close

And…… as far as us starting – as tier 4B – the groups out west and so on – nobody has received any real liquidity – nobody had even received 1% of their total funds – even the bond sellers who had bonds and sold them 6-8 weeks ago – are still waiting for even a small percent  of their bonds –

All of the accounts have been set up – access cards – biometric finger reading – everything is good but have not received email from the wealth managers saying they have access to funds now to have liquidity – to gain access to those funds in their account – and whereas we understood that some of those bond sellers would receive those emails either yesterday or today – it seems that the bond sellers have been pushed – just like we have

So it may very well be that nobody gets anything until all of us get something and it might not be until – we hope by Monday – or on Monday we go forward –  it would not surprise me if you know – this is orchestrated to start on the 8th  but – it’s a number – it’s an important number to the Chinese but this is primarily  a decision made between our Military and Treasury – and certain other people that are working to make all of this go together – you know – it has to be coordinated –

And you know there is stuff going on behind the scenes – all kinds of things – we know the QF System is fully operational – ready to go – wires being sent out ledger to ledger – are happening internationally and in less than 15 minutes – it’s a very positive thing that the QF System is up and operational

The other thing that is new – and we talked about it Tuesday night briefly – the StarLink Internet System – it was initiated I believe it was Monday – 8:15 PM and still receiving connectivity – and is supposed to be fully integrated and synced up by Sunday –

Now that is a very positive thing for us to have that with 3 synced orbiting satellites – because not only is it going to give us the privacy without interference – for new social medial platforms which are not available right now – but it’s also going to be a sender of 6G telecommunications where right now we have 5G using towers – satellites will send 6G signals without the negative EMF coming from the towers at close proximity

There’s probably a few other things going on out there but as far as we are concerned we are still on a very close day by day – but as far as “confirming” tomorrow or Friday I mean tomorrow or Saturday – this week is screaming back – we do not have that – we don’t have that – so let’s just stay patient – like we have been – we look for clues – things to manifest – and we look forward for this blessing to come through

I am going to suggest that we keep our eyes open – don’t believe everything that you read because – really – if I’m not getting very much in the way of intel from banks and other sources – not too many people are either – I have a feeling – Thanks everyone for listening –

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