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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-1-21


Intel Begins:  1:15:50

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 1st   and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in where ever you are –

So let’s get into some intel – Here we are the 1st of April and you know we talked about –  let me deal with Jack’s question – in just a second – in the first place – remember we talked about the World Court Lawsuit –  the second one that was submitted – we knew some of the people that were involved in that – the verdict came down – or the decision of the World Court came down and it was favorable for us – to get this party started –  we talked a lot about it on Tuesdays call –

Now here’s the thing – the World Court is set up with new members – it was set up with people influenced by George Soros – Rothchilds – Bilderburg’s – etc etc – in certain countries – now the countries that make up the World Court include US – China – India – Israel – and Russia – so it’s a different mix – a different blend – and a blend of people that are more suitable to what you and I are looking at for worldwide equality and humanitarian projects –

So the verdict came down to get this thing started – notifications by yesterday and the start of exchanges today – and we said – if they adhere to the decision of the World Court we would be off and running on the first of April –

Now I told you at the beginning of the call I was not going to do any April Fools jokes – and nothing I say will be anything but serious – at this point – when I get to intel I do not joke around much – and what’s interesting is – we thought well gosh why aren’t we there – why didn’t we get notified yesterday? I was really expecting it – What happened?????

Well we found out what happened – and it’s really for our betterment – and it’s this – President Trump worked directly with the World Court to modify this timeline but only slightly – because  we have – being today is Thursday – tomorrow Friday – and Saturday – they did not want to have us go for 2 days and all of a sudden stop Sunday and Monday which is a bank holiday – and have all the problems that would create  by having stopped and then restart again – on Tuesday –

So the decision was made ok – we know you’re going to do this – let’s move it – and I will tell you what that looks like now –  what they’re doing now is testing the 800 numbers from 8 am this morning all through this weekend –  meaning – Thursday – today – Friday – Saturday – and yes Easter Sunday –

Now why would they need to be testing800 numbers – the reason is because now they have fully integrated the StarLink Satellite system to the call centers for dialing numbers that we call in on and it totally protects and encrypts and keeps our numbers from being hacked –

So we have a secure link if you will to  use that term secure link – with the StarLink System to call and set our appointments – remembering that when we do it – if you are a zim holder it’s a 2 step phone call – it is automated – through the computer system when you dial it in and if you are a zim holder which the system will know –  if you indicate that –  by dialing a certain number – and if that happens you do get transferred from that digital system if you will to a live breathing person at the redemption center that is appropriate for you as a  zim holder – ok for the redemption of your zim –

Now –that testing is going to go today – all day stating at 8 am – Friday – Saturday – and Sunday – so that we can be ready to get notified with our emails and our 800 toll free numbers on Monday – which is a bank holiday –  but guess what??  The redemption centers are open – the staff will be there – and will be there early –  like O-dark-thirty –early –

Now why are they going in so early on Monday morning? To set appointments on their end ok – Now – that is why we didn’t start today – and that is why we are set to start next Tuesday but we’re setting our appointments for – from what I understand – on Monday – in other words if they get the notifications by email get the 800 numbers – call set your appointments or use the StarLink website to respond to if you prefer – to set appointments to stat Tuesday – Now what happens?

Now we go from Tuesday which is the 6th of April all the way through and including the 17th of April – 6th – 17th is actually 12 days – I know if you subtract 6 from 17 you get 11 but you have to include the day starting –

That takes you through Saturday the 17th of April – that is when we believe most redemption centers will be DONE –  they will be DONE – some maybe before then – but that puts tier 5 – the public – possibly starting on the 19th  which would be the next Monday – of April – and not going just 60 days – for regular currencies –

NO ZIM – NO ZIM – may as well put on the wall and throw darts at it – it is DONE – in terms of redemption – so that is why it is important if any one you have gifted  you make sure they have the toll free number to call to get redeemed between the 6th and the 17th

So the 19th through the next not 60 days – but 6 months – that will be a time for the public to exchange currencies like dinar – dong – rupiah – rial – and other currencies – that is tentatively  what is set up now

It is a change in what we had – schedules change – but I really feel good about the fact that President Trump got involved – in getting this to happen and to happen where it could be continuous – consecutive days – and we’ll power right through that first Sunday – we’ll go right through it – it will happen – whereas obviously – he wanted this and others may have wanted this to start right after Easter Sunday –

So we’ve got the StarLink Satellite System which is also connected for 6G – we are leapfrogging right over 5G – essentially – at least some companies will use the StarLink System and go right to 6G which is going to be super fast and efficient and safer – and right now there are 23 orbiting satellites and 80% of the world is already on the StarLink System – 80% that was yesterday’s number – At some point we will transition here – it may be a slow go but we will see –

Now let’s talk about Jack a minute – Jack had a question I believe about whether somebody could go in with him to do his exchange – Now – if you have any kind of disability like Jack might have some limitation – even though he’s getting better and can walk now – he could not 4 yrs ago – he may need a little help – and if he’s got somebody that is going to assist him – especially a family member – like a son – daughter – to go in with him that is probably preferable –

Some of us are going to use our personal attorney – to go in with us to do the exchange – and that is okay because they are a legal representative – and you do have attorney client privileges and so it is perfectly okay – if you choose to go in with that individual – an attorney –

Now some people talked about going in with their financial adviser they already have – not one they would get anew – but already existing – I believe you could do that if you feel it is necessary – but you have to let them know at the time you set up your appointment – so if you are a zim holder for example – and you get the phone call indicated and transferred to a live person at the redemption center you can let them know the specifics and they can probably do that –

The other question was can my associate that is with me can they do their appointment back to back with mine –  that is what I think a lot of people would like to know – can I book 2 appointments – one for me and one for my associate or my helper – or my attorney – or whatever – right behind mine –

I cannot speak on how easy that would be to do on the StarLink System Website – but I would think that if you use the 800 number to call and get a live person at the redemption center you could set it up that way – I am hoping that is the case – that they would be able to take your information – get it all set –  and oh yes I would like to get the person that is assisting me provided they have currency – especially if they have zim –  I would like to book that person right behind my appointment – can we do that – that is how I would do that – through the live person –

Remember – this is brand new to us – information comes – it gets modified –  changed – updated – I get things and think everything is set and then get a change –  and then boom – you know – I bring it to you – I give to you what I get – that’s the whole point of it –  the point of the Big Call – to inform you as I get it –

I know there is more I would like to say –  Some people were asking about Canada – and we love Canada – the rates that we get in the US will probably be different from those in Canada – if you are a Canadian citizen you will exchange in Canada – you can’t come to the US to exchange –

There is another point – glad I thought of this – Iraq did pass their budget – like it’s only been done forever – quote unquote – passed their 2021 budget yesterday – I’m not sure but believe it was put in the gazette yesterday  –

Now the rates for the dinar – and the rate could be seen if you read the budget and see and do the math in the budget you could get an approximate rate on the dinar – the current in country rate on the dinar is higher than we thought it was – and it’s contingency is to go up – now it won’t stay there forever – ok but it is higher than the original amount we thought –

Now I’m not talking about what Dr Shabibi  told us it could support and that was here in the US –  that number he mentioned in the 2012 International Chamber of Commerce Conference meeting – That was for us here that he was referring to – the number that’s on the screens in Iraq now is higher than they thought for an in country rate – and they are excited and actually quite anxious to implement the 2021 budget on Saturday – this coming Saturday –

And what we received from a top treasury source today – was if they did that – If Iraq implemented the 2021 budget – this Saturday – which we understand they are kinda anxious to do – because they want to take advantage of 2 things – one – the higher rate and the fact the rate will probably continue to climb when they do that – and secondly – there’s well over 120 – 130 billion dollars on the sidelines right now for Iraq to begin rebuilding project of infrastructure – housing –  etc etc – they have a whole new pack of information and financial things that they are going to start in addition to the budget being implemented – and that would be on Saturday

The top treasury source said – IF – If Iraq implements their budget on Saturday – which we fully hope and expect them to do – then – we in the internet group and tier 4A – will be notified Monday afternoon to set appointments for Tuesday  which is the 6th of April  – that was pretty cool we got that from a top Treasury source

I’m excited because I think we finally – even though we thought we would start today – we finally can see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel and I’m excited for all of us – it’s coming at a time of year when the St Germain Trust opens up and that’s going to go for humanitarian needs and probably also for debt forgiveness –  we got NESARA and GESARA – gearing up this month –  we could get something announced actually on April 4th  Easter Sunday – we should be seeing a lot of cool stuff happening right alongside our blessing

I am pretty excited about where this stands and where we’re going and the information is just lining up beautifully – so let’s all have a wonderful resurrection Sunday – tomorrow is Good Friday – let’s celebrate this weekend  – be thankful – be appreciative – use gratitude – show gratitude – show love to others and enjoy this Sunday –

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