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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-15-21


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Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 15th and no taxes are not due today – but on May 15th – and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in where ever you are – We welcome everyone all over the globe

Now let’s talk a little bit about what’s been happening since Tuesday and where we are tonight on Thursday the 15th – what I like to do is go back and see what has happened and where we are now as a result of all of that –

We knew that we had an issue last Saturday when bonds that were being paid out – being transacted for pay out –  and Saturday morning around 10 am – I think I mentioned Tuesday night –  we had some glitches – and this was found to be nefarious activity – trying to siphon off funds using the old SWIFT System – to siphon funds from the QFS  which can’t be done – but they caught and took care of that issue –  and then for about 4 day s straight of transactions  they called them trial transactions as 196 bond transactions were taking place to make sure the system was intact – and make sure that nothing could be siphoned off f those transactions – and they were all successful

There were also transactions that were redemptions of currency – also taking place during that approximate 4 day period which ends up I believe starting Saturday – Sunday – Monday and Tuesday – and that’s what caused us to have a 72 hour delay or “hold” on us starting – then that hold released yesterday at 4 PM Pacific time and then certain bond transactions – payouts to bond sellers and so on resumed at 4 and 6PM Pacific time yesterday –

We also know that everyone was positioned for the admirals groups to start – I have NO confirmation if that start has taken place – remember that is part of tier 4 – where we stand now is more based on I think where we left it on Tuesday which was talking about compliance with the World Court decision that gave us until today maybe as late as midnight tonight – to be in compliance with the decision that came down from the world court

Now so far we know things are  – I think they are really ready to release – from what I’ve heard from several sources – this thing is ready to go down –  However – I’ve not been notified yet for the 800 number and that I think is something that is important – and will happen but I don’t know that it’s going to happen by midnight tonight –

I also don’t know whether the emails coming from the Wells Fargo servers – remember that last count was approximately 1.4 million emails- going out to currency holders   – they know who the zim holders are except some that were gifted –

So – this is a great time for us to know that we are very very close – we could be closer that we think – which might bring the weekend into play – or we could defer to a Monday/Tuesday start  but as we’ve been told in the past that we were actually anticipating this past week –  “This Week”

Now – I am very tired just like you are =- of hearing certain phrases – like “this is the week” – I won’t use it anymore – we have heard that so many times – I do not want to be a broken record – I am trying to bring to you what I have that is vetted to the best of my ability and discern to the best of my spiritual ability – we all have it – some to a greater extent than others –

What I am hearing is we‘re looking for some things to happen that we’ve talked about in the past – and we’re coming up to that tim frame – right now – we may be getting the start of the emergency broadcast system and the 10 days of disclosure – that we’ve talked about – up to 10 days – shortly

Now the other thing is we talked NESARA and GESARA – are going to start about the same time – maybe NESARA a few days ahead of GESARA – it could be as early as this month but we’ve been told NESARA might start officially on the first of May –

There’s a lot to that as you know – and debt forgiveness is one big part as you know – we’re looking at relieving student loan debt –  repaying interest on bank loans – of any kind – credit card debt –  interest paid on credit cards  – car loan interest – boat loan interest – so that is going to be a big “refunding” – to  us

I do not know how quickly that will  be coming out but my understanding we need an announcement about it –  we have known about it for y ears – me at least 10 yrs – and yes it is something I think will not make a whole lot of difference –  to us after we get started but that is helping to level the playing field and is giving people  that were not a part of this currency speculation – a chance to get some liquidity – and there is much more to it  – the new tax system – it’s going to be implemented – I just don’t know how soon –  if it will wait for the new tax year –  2022 – or whether it will start sometime this year – I am hearing sometime this  year —  we will just have to wait and see what that’s like

We are going through a “consumption” tax – on the purchase of “new” items – not used – not food – not prescriptions – we will not see it listed – it will be included in the price of the item – It might be itemized on receipts – but it is going to be included in the price of certain items – used items – used home – New items and new homes not so

Tax to be somewhere between 12 and 14% as a Flat Consumption Tax – States will collect – use a percentage for  the State and a percentage for the Federal Government – that is something we can look forward to  – going to be a big improvement  with no personal Federal income tax – so we will see how this whole thing shakes out –

We’re also looking for signs for NESARA – what happens with Universal Basic Income – possibly up to  a period of 6 months – the first month being this April – so we will see what goes –

I am excited – it could be tonight or tomorrow – its hard to say – I know it’s something we are all looking forward to and I don’t know – I have not heard from my sources that we are pushed into early next week – it might end up being the case – I don’t know that – the sources that we have are talking about the “imminence” of the EBS – Emergency Broadcasting System – and this going very soon  I would say – stay tuned and stay close  – be prepared for something major to take place – this is going to be an event like no other-

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