The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-15-21


Intel Begins: 1:06:00

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 15th – and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in once again on every Tuesday and Thursday night -we should have a really good call tonight I expect – I look forward to getting into some stuff with you on that

Let’s talk about why did I do a specific prayer after the praise reports – 2 prayers tonight – it is because I – like you – received a disappointing report this morning about the fact that we did not go today – and we are not going today – today as I was informed as late as yesterday –

Today – this afternoon – now in all fairness the banker that contacted us said they are “shooting for” between 2 -3  in the afternoon today which would have been on Tuesday – and obviously we have a moving target – we talked about that – and obviously they were shooting for something and the target moved on us – AGAIN –

Now – this is a reoccurring problem – this is something that is not new – everything is lined up and ready to go – funds have been in place – the new system is working flawlessly – In fact it worked so well it found another 39 bond holder paymasters that were trying to gain the system – trying to transfer some funds and you can’t do that – they caught it very quickly – and were arrested and removed from premises –

That was in the United States but some were international –  outside the US – the point is there is continuous clean up – I don’t care how far we’ve gone with that  – a long ways – I don’t even know the number but its 10’s of thousands of people – that have been taken out – arrested – and we do not get into the nitty gritty of that – BUT – I know that this process is going to require more of that in the near future and it may go on and on for a while

However – we know there has been some resistance  – hard to say exactly where – we kind of have an idea – but we have some resistance that was not letting this go here yet – we know that internationally things have been moving in the Far East – Europe – Zurich – and places we heard I believe last Thursday – I did not have this info for the Big Call – but my understanding was there was activity going on and paymasters of the bond holders were paying out people in Australia  – we’ve got a lot of bond holders here in the US that have not yet received their 1-2% on their bond transactions

There’s been some issues in the cities where this bond activity is taking place – like I said the clean up maybe that is part of the reason – they’ve got a lot of paymasters that have to be substituted for these that were pulled out of duty – and so that’s definitely an issue –

I don’t think it is the main issue – we know that tier 4B – the internet group – this is designed to go for everyone when we get started – that means tier 3  which a lot of those guys are bond holders and asset holders and everybody is supposed to go when we get started –

There has been a little bit of a slow down with those based out west – we talked briefly about that last Thursday –  it could still be an issue – or those could start later than us – instead of together – they might start a little bit later than we get started –

I’ve heard talk about – from some of our bankers – that we’re looking – if we did not go today – we have a shot for tomorrow – if not tomorrow we look at Thursday – I mean – it’s the same basic pattern

Now can we get a pattern interrupt and break that pattern so that we are allowed to get this part started here –in this country with the blessings from – not only the Treasury – and DOD – but everybody allowing this to go through because we have a lot of good humanitarian work to do – we have a lot of plans –

Some people on other calls are talking about rates – I don’t usually do rates as you know – I try to stay away from it – I will say this – If I told you what I knew the rates were – the ones that were on the screen – you would probably wouldn’t believe me anyway –

Some people putting out artificially low rates – they are not going to be that way – we’re going to be fine – rates are the least of your worries – believe me – absolutely – now to get the best value for your zim you need to have your project lined out – that means you have 5-8 minutes to do your presentation – it does not have to be 15 projects – or more than 2 – it is quality of what you’re bringing –

They want us in and out of the redemption centers in 30 minutes – when I went to set up a new account a few years ago with a bank – it took me 45 – 50 minutes to set up just one account – so I’m hoping that they have this streamlined to go much faster than that – it would have to be –

We are going to have our currency authenticated – counted – verified – through the Delarue Machine – we’re going to have a negotiation on the rate of our Zim – we’re going to have 5-8 minutes to do our humanitarian project presentation – we are going to have a new account set up – a new credit/debit card given at the time of the appointment – and we’re going to be handed a list of perks or benefits if you want to call it that – banking with a particular bank you’ll those to go home with –

Basically it’s really a quick process they are trying to get us in and out on – so that is a lot different than we use to think  – we use to thing 45 mins to an hour – somewhere in that range – which I still think is a challenge and now to try to do it in 30 minutes will  be amazing –

We do have some people helping obviously – counting and doing the Delarue machine – maybe another person listening to the projects – it’s going to be a whirlwind – but should be fine and great –  all we need is to just get started – right?  We just need to get in there and get started –

I did pray earlier that the strongholds – whatever is actually keeping this from going forward is eliminated and we do go forward with this – I have been told by one banker – and you know the number 1 phrase that is banned on the Big Call is – “This is the week” – but yet – a particular banker said – it would be this week –

I am only repeating what a banker told us – ok – ha ha (laughing) I am not trying to use a banned phrase –

We have that to look forward to – In fact we have a lot to look forward to – I think July 4th could be a real “Independence Day” –

Now my sources are telling me that could be the day that the new tax plan is announced and in fact went into effect regarding NESARA – which we are talking about consumption tax – not sure how much – we have some different theories – on it how much the percentage would be – and we’re looking forward to that and at that time the theory is that our current Federal tax – income tax would be done away with – that is under NESARA

So we have a lot of good things to look forward to between now and the Fourth of July – that should be a real wonderful opportunity for us to move forward –