The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

  In Bruce 

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 7-29-21


Intel Begins: 1:10:55

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday July 29th   and you’re listening to the Big Call –Thanks for tuning in – I appreciate everybody tuning in

Ok let’s talk a little bit about what I can talk about – I did receive explicit instructions about what NOT to talk about tonight – that has not happened in a long long time  – What I can say is we are looking very very good – between now and the end of the month – which is Saturday – I really believe – from what I am hearing that everything is moving forward – in the direction that we want –

I will say one tiny little piece that I got from Iraq this evening before the call – we heard that the Iraqi Dinar  will have a new rate that will be posted Saturday morning – Iraq time – which is late late tomorrow night (Friday  – I do have more information but not at liberty to share anything personal – there are new ears listening and we have to be very careful what we say –   I am not going to get anybody in trouble – including myself –

I really believe that finally we are approaching the finish line – that is why the comment tonight and Bob played the lead in music tonight with “after midnight” interesting – Yes – Eric Clapton – and then when he played the Doors sound “Break On Through” – Yes and it is a break through – and the third one of course “Crossfire” Yeah – we are going to be in the midst –

That is a really cool trilogy – three of my favorite songs – (Bruce laughing) coming into the call tonight – so what I wanted to say was that I’ve really enjoyed doing this call for 10 years

It’s kind of like coming to the end of the ride – and you’re just about ready to lift the bar as the roller coaster comes in to its final stop – it stops and you go whewww wow that was quite a ride – that’s pretty much how I feel right now – I think it was wonderful that we had unity for the most part together and was unified in our concept and in our mind – and I just love the fact that we’re all working to better humanity – not only here in the United States but globally as well

Everything we do here for our own planet – some of that gets taken outside of our planetary realm into new areas – We’ve got 320 new technologies that are just about ready to be released  that have been suppressed  – and starting Sunday – August 1st  we have GESARA starting officially – that is something to watch out for – and we could actually get an announcement about that – which is interesting –

Our program, NESARA – already started around the first of Jul – and in some forms or fashion – you may have seen some things already come through that are a part of NESARA – they have not announced it publically – but I think that will come shortly

And, it’s very possible that the tier 5 – John Q Public may start in that first week of August – so it won’t be a problem but it is what I am hearing 0  so  let’s see how that goes – let’s see what happens – I would say keep an eye on your emails  closely over the next couple of days –  and let’s see what develops –

I am feeling very confident on what we’re hearing –about what it is we’re waiting for –