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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-31-21


Intel Begins: 50:00

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday August 31st  and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in everyone for us again –

Well – let’s talk about where we stand on the intel side of things – I think …. You know this is an interesting time that we’re in because – with the information that we received from several bank sources – a lot of which was from the lead bank – and you know who the lead bank is for this – was pointing toward us receiving notifications today (Tuesday) and starting exchanges tomorrow (Wednesday) – Well we did not get our notifications today so that did not work out –

In addition Bond holders – what we now call Bond sellers – were to receive their funds today (Tues) and we heard late last night that was going to occur for the Bond sellers – their accounts would be made liquid – they have access to those accounts after 10:30 am Wednesday – Sept 01 –

Now I thought even if we were notified today which we were not – that we would start on the 1st of Sept which is tomorrow (Wednesday) that would be great – excellent –

Now – as it is now – we don’t have an absolute understanding of anything pointing toward notification happening tomorrow – although if we’re going to have a shotgun start I think that the Bond sellers maybe getting access to 1 1/2% of their overall funds tomorrow late morning or early afternoon then maybe we’re set up to be notified in the same time frame – I don’t know – this is only speculative on my part –

Now we do know that so called “test exchanges” have been occurring over this past weekend and you know that’s good – because that’s getting their staff watching and practicing and seeing the actual practice with real people – not the staff but other people that have been called in to do this – this did occur – and I don’t know how wide spread it was but my thought is that it was probably system wide at least with one of the tier one banks

Now that is significant because I think that the test exchanges would be happening pretty soon to our start – and we believe that the timing for this and we know the no# 1 banned phrase is “this is the week”  –

However – one of these days that will be true – we are hearing some things that are pointing to it all going down this week – yes – and we know that Iraq is done – They’ve got a rate – they’ve traded their rate up internally for the in country rate is reasonable and they were to increase the rate yesterday (Monday) or Sunday really – for trading purposes and have it on our bank screens yesterday morning (Monday) at a new value –

We were not able to obtain that to see whether that occurred but I believe it probably did –

All of this is saying that there may be a few additional things that need to be done for this to begin – for the initiation of our exchanges –

We know that new currency has been printed – we know we’ve got new lower denominations of our monies like 20’s and 50’s that are ready to go out and we think they are going out tomorrow – you know – we believe that it’s for the Bond holders to be paid that the USN our gold backed / asset backed currency would need to be in play at the banks and on the bank screens and on the Forex

We are trying our best to get verification that is the case – we don’t absolutely know but we suspect that we should have it by tomorrow (Wed) if we don’t have it now – in terms of the USN – I think it’s very important – remember a while back – a long time ago – well over 1-2 years ago the settlement for CMKX which is an adjudicated settlement – would need to be paid out in a gold backed or asset backed currency and I believe that is still the case – I think that’s why so many things possibly even Fines & Penalties  – we heard they were paying – now we heard they are not – been paid – no they’re not –

Possibly those have been waiting for the USN to surface – for us to have them on the screens – I know that there are some other things that may need to take place – we know that there’s going to be a clarification and working with our News Media to make sure that the truth is started to be put out – I think that is going to show up here pretty soon or certain licenses may be pulled – FCC licenses –  we will have to watch for that

We are looking for the Arizona election forensics audit results which have been not put out but have been completed for a little while yet – and perhaps that needs to happen

We are looking for the EBBS and 10 days of disclosure to take place – the idea of 10 days of darkness I think you can write that off – the cabal statements – is not going to happen – not going to lose electricity – internet – phone service – all of those things people are in fear of – but over all a huge concern could be getting power back on in Louisiana  basically at least a million households are without power and the latest estimate was it was going to be tomorrow night before some of them are restored – brought back online – I am sure the guys are working as hard as they possibly can to get that restored

I was told that the hurricane had nothing to do with us going – so maybe it’s not a factor but there are a lot of people in the Louisiana and other areas nearby that are affected by this tropical storm which is still blowing 25 miles an hour – so there’s still aspects to that we need to be aware of and we need to pray for those people that are affected in the storm damaged area – there is a rebuild America project – rebuild Louisiana –

If this thing goes like it’s supposed to – this week – then you know we can get help to those people – we can get the rebuild process started – I can’t believe it’s been 16 years since Katrina

There is a lot going on behind the scenes – let’s call it that – and I wish I could be absolute about this but you know as well as I do – they do not want us to know when this is going – we get indications – very strong indications from certain banks and from people in high positions in the banks –  very high – and yet we did not get notified –

I am very positive about the fact that it is imminent – I don’t have it necessarily having to wait until after Labor Day Weekend which is this coming weekend – I don’t have that – but to be fair – I don’t have it necessarily starting tomorrow either – to be completely candid

You will have NDA’s – they do want to keep the results of this quiet – as long as they possibly can – so expect that – I think we’re in for some amazing changes that should take place here soon – I really do but I think we need to be as prepared as we can – for these exchanges and redemption of zim –

This thing could absolutely be right around the corner – and we’ll probably like every Tuesday night hear more after I get off the phone of this call or tomorrow than I have right now – just always seems to come in that way –  but we are seeing – we are looking forward to the bond holders which are tier 3 okay – to be paid out tomorrow after 10:30 am – and if that occurs and maybe we are looking at notifications and possibly to start – the same day –

I was looking forward to getting notified today and starting tomorrow that would give us a little time to get last minute details in order – but was not the case – we did not get notified today as we were led to believe –

We are very close – Iraq is ready – they’ve been ready – they’ve got their in country rate which is going up – they have a new rate the CBI told us that we would have on our front screens – we don’t know what the Dong rate will be but we think it could be close to the Dinar – everything else is going to be a fun surprise for us – I really think we’re going to be in good shape

You do not have to do all humanitarian work or any of that with the zim proceeds – obviously they want you to use that type of money – that quantity for “good” for humanity – which we’ve all agreed on this call to do – but you do have control of the monies that you exchange for –

I’m sure we’re all going to learn something new the day of our exchanges and shortly thereafter – the banks will be in a different situation because of the QFS – a lot of things will go directly through the system – we will use the banks as a conduit to get there – that shouldn’t change – their attitude toward us should change – so we’ll see how that shakes out –

I think they are still I’m sure doing clean up – but they are I think are winding down – I think it’s winding down and maybe to the point where we can get started – I sure hope so and I know you do too  – I’m excited about where we’re going and hopefully how soon we’re going to get there –

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