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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 9-2-21


Intel Begins: 52:25

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday September 2nd   and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in everyone for us again – So let’s see where we can go tonight with intel – it’s – I said before we’re coming down to the wire and I really believe that’s true – and last night I heard that we would be getting information about whether the  new US States currency – USN – was  to be on our screens – we had been told by a couple of sources that we could look for that this morning – and then it looked like – no – it’s not on the screens yet – maybe we have to wait until the weekend – and I thought – oh noooo – why????

They were testing the USN and it was more not so much testing I think as it was “activation” of the USN in conjunction with the QFS – so it ends up – they did get the USN on the screens shortly after 2 PM according to one of our bank sources and another bank source indicated that SKR ‘s – these are people that have reached an agreement either from currency or some other activity  like bonds and so on – those started paying out at 2:15PM Eastern time this afternoon –

So that was a real bonus to see that Yes – we have the USN – we have an asset backed currency representing the United States of America – finally – this is a crucial part of NESARA and another crucial part for GESARA was the evacuation of the US troops from Afghanistan – that allowed Afghanistan – their currency – and also with Iranian Rial to both be put on the screens last night and they should have shown up this morning – I did not get verification on that – that was to have occurred last night –

So I believe now that we have the USN as our official currency and that SKR — see what happened – you have all of these adjudicated settlements – fines and penalties – CMKX – all of the groups – a lot of them have contracts where they – and bond holders too – needed to be paid out in an asset backed dollar – so in a very real sense none of them could have been paid UNTIL we had the USN in place and connected to the QFS –

So the beauty of this – that took place fairly early mid afternoon today (Thursday) such that now we should be able to be in a mode to receive our notifications – and here’s the situation –

We have a 3 day weekend – Labor Day on this coming Monday – tomorrow is Friday – and so it’s conceivable that we will be notified tomorrow – we don’t have it absolutely but we believe it is very possible tier 4 will get notification and if we do – here’s the big 100 trillion dollar question – “Do we start with our exchanges and redemption of zim as early as tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday or —– do they for some reason defer us till after Labor Day?”

It would seem odd to me if we did get notified tomorrow that we would not start by Saturday –I mean – the idea of being notified is – that’s golden –  we get our notifications – when we get those emails – or get the toll free numbers and we set our appointments – We Are Golden – in like flint – and we’re ready to roll

But – to wait – let’s say we get that on a Friday and they wait all the way till Monday – I’m not so sure that is a wise thing for the banks – now realize this – if we started Saturday – the redemption centers can be open any day from dusk – from dawn to dark –  basically and beyond – they do not have to be – we don’t have to go to tier 1 banks – necessarily – because redemption centers are set up to work Saturdays – Sundays – Mondays – even on holidays  – they could – they may choose not to –  they may choose to not be upon until Monday or Tuesday of next week

We don’t know the schedule yet for that we’ve not gotten the schedule – but the good news is that we can all feel great about is we finally have an asset backed currency on the screens ready to be traded – ready to be utilized for our exchanges –

I can’t tell how big of a deal that is – I am so thrilled that we got confirmation multiple times about this afternoon – now the big question is WHEN? I’ve been told we could get notifications very soon but we’ll just have to wait and see how quickly they do come –

Tomorrow I think is in play – and Saturday could be in play for us as well – there’s a lot that’s going to be happening for  us and one person mentioned that we are going to have a very adventuresome week –  next week – and that will be interesting to see how that does go  – does that mean we start next week? It could be next week but I hope just like you that we get notified  even start the same day – for if not tomorrow we get notified and we can start on Saturday –  we just don’t know – and again – they don’t want us to know – so they will let us know when it’s time for our toll free numbers to come out – our emails to go out  – all the way across the country and then people can set their appointments based on that –

And then we can go in and begin to change the world – one person – one family – one community – one town – one city – one state – one nation at a time –

We know we have the new 100”s in the banks ready to go – we have 50’s by the way the new currency is not a federal reserve note  – everybody gets that right?  The Fed is dead – it is just about that way – because it’s been rolled into the Treasury – just like the IRS has been absorbed by the treasury and we’re now looking at a United States Treasury Note – USTN – that will be on our new currency which we have 100’s – 50’s and now I understand 20’s out – and those will be utilized whenever the banks agree to put those out –

we will have our “new money” if you will – our new foldable currency – and we should be receiving those as well 100’s 50’s and 20’s at the redemption centers if we do want to take some cash – they are going to recommend that you do not take more than $5,000 dollars in new cash – at the redemption centers  and realistically you’re going to have access to your funds on your debit card very quickly and you’ll be able to move funds very quickly so it shouldn’t really be an issue – Unless you are just u se to having cash – I don’t think it is wise to keep too much cash on your person anyway –

Is there anything else we need to bring up about exchanges?  We know you know the process if you’ve listened to the Big Call – and about doing a 5-8 minute presentation if you are a zim holder – ok so that you can use  any portion of those proceeds from the zim that you want for your project – there are no absolutes on that – I personally plan to use virtually all of it – all of the zim for humanitarian projects – that is because I am calling the zim proceeds a God Fund – of course it’s all God’s money anyway – we are to be good stewards of it –

I want everybody to get the fat that we are the closest by a long shot than we’ve ever been before – and we needed this to happen – we need the USN to be there for us to start and finally – finally we get verification it was there this afternoon so let’s keep an eye on everything – see what happens over the weekend – and if everything goes according to the plan then it is not likely that we will have a call on Tuesday – If we don’t get notified by Tuesday then of course we will have a call –   Have a great night and a great weekend –

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