The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-21-21


Intel Begins: 59:20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday September 21st and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody once again

Let’s talk about …. First of all .. why are we here tonight? Ha ha   Giggle – Why are we here?? You know – this is one of those things where we had information starting at about last Friday and certainly Saturday – we actually heard that on Saturday this was ready to go and was supposed to go – for us Saturday – it came from a pretty strong source – very high up in the Treasury –

This person said that there were 3 people inside of another agency that held it up – not the treasury – and they found out who these people were and they were subsequently removed

Now you know there has been so much clean up for quite a while now – and I’m going to tell you from what I’m hearing from here most of that is done – most of it is complete and let’s just say the Deep State – the Cabal – is not only on the run but basically in surrender mode – alright – that sounds great – but what does it do for us in terms of getting this to be released?

We believe that even though we did not go today with the notifications we did hear today from a qualified source that everything is ready to go and it could go at a moment’s notice – so whereas at  this time of night I do not expect a release to come to us tonight – however tomorrow could be a completely different subject

What I’ve heard is that even though it didn’t come in for us today that tomorrow is looking very strong for us – certainly at least for notifications and maybe notified and set up appointments and start tomorrow – it is very possible and especially possible if we’re notified in the mid to early morning – certainly – we know the schedule for the redemption centers staff is back on a full day starting 9 am tomorrow – a full day into the evening –

We know that this is probably going to go on – I would say – for us – way past the end of the month – by that I mean even though we’ve got 9 days left in the month – we could be done in that time frame but we might go into October for a few days – that’s okay !!

I believe what is about to take place on Friday morning is also something we are going to want to pay attention to – I am looking for the results of the audits – for Arizona and other states to be made known on Friday – That is going to be a change – that many of us have been waiting for – so we’ll see how that manifests  – I don’t know whether they are going to use –  the EBS – Emergency Broadcasting System –  I think it depends on how main stream media deals with this but beware that is possible as well –

I think we are really – when we look to see what has been done – we do know that at 8 PM last night (Mon) the bond holders paymasters – were set to pay out to the original bond holders and bond sellers of the bonds –  their 1.2 or 1.5 %  whatever was negotiated  – they were supposed to have started doing that at 8 PM last night

I don’t know – I don’t have confirmation that occurred over night – it may have started –  but I believe that we can look for everything to go at once – maybe they received funds around the time we are notified – that is very possible that they connect that and because of that we have our modified shotgun start –

I would say this is a perfect time to evaluate your projects and if you are a zim holder – it is going to be too much money for 1 person or 1 family – that is why almost all of us that we know of are zim holders – are doing projects for humanity –

This thing – this blessing we are waiting for us is upon us – we believe that we will have this in the next couple of days- and it may  be that we get notified and don’t start until Thursday but everything I’m hearing right now points to Wednesday 22nd being a very special day for us – and keep in mind Friday is going to be special for different reasons –

So that is what I wanted to say to you tonight – Thanks everyone for listening

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