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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 4-2-2020


Intel begins at 58:18 min mark.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 2 and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

I don’t think we’ve got a whole lot to talk about in the way of intel but you know how I get – let’s just get started – this is two days since our last call – we had our last call on Tuesday and we had a lot of good things I brought out that we should consider –

There’s not a whole lot of new – other than the fact that most of our intel sources have all but dried up – they have gotten really quiet – I could take that as a good thing because less is more sometimes – in this particular case we’re always curious as to what is going on – do we have anything new? What should I bring to the listeners – I have a few things but not a lot –

Let’s look at it this way – the pay outs of the Tiers 1 – 2 -3 – I know you guys don’t care about this but in order to tell you sort of what’s going on – they did sort of cherry pick over 600 in Tier 3 and pay them their 1% – but they did not pay out the bulk as far as we know – yet –

The bulk of those Tier 3’s we were looking to have been paid out – I don’t know whether they have or not – I know they were cherry picking some and paying them so that’s an interesting prospect – is when will the rest of those and when will the intermediates actually be paid out – we heard that they were all ready to do – ready to be paid – but for some reason they have not been released –

It may be that what they are trying to do is to let the majority of those – even those in the mediate groups get paid out essentially when we get started – it’s possible they’re waiting until that time – it seems a little hard for me to imagine – the groups – as you know we are group 4B- the internet group – 4A regarding the groups that are based out west – the cores – and the rest of the other groups have always been considered as 4A  but because they’re fixed rate group – some people have ruled them into Tier 3 – I haven’t really done that – in my mind they‘re still Tier 4A –  but I think Tier 4 which is them and us will probably pretty much go together – they may get a little head start but I do not think it will be much

Now as far as the email that is going to go out from the Wells Fargo servers and I think just now over 500,000 emails in that group of emails to go out – this does not mean it’s the Wells Fargo group from years ago – they might have some of those emails that are still good but this is everybody else that has currency through a dealer or someone that has asked for your email – so if so they have your email

Those emails are supposed to come with an attachment – and my understanding is and I have had this confirmed through other sources – that when you print this email out there will be something that you can take with you – as  you are driving to the redemption center – in case  you were  pulled over – you will have that piece of paper to show the officer to verify your appointment and that you are authorized to go to the redemption center – If you do not have a printer then just have the email on your phone accessible – I do not think this will be a big deal but will be sent out with the emails –

As far as – let’s just talk briefly – my understanding is that the…. And I have given up on trying to find out the Dinar Rates – it supposedly has already reinstated – it will revalue and I understand that the value it comes out at may not be as high as we thought initially – it could be in the mid $4’s and what they are saying is – it will escalate over a period of 10 or more days to a much higher rate – possibly 2 – 2 ½ times higher –

So if you’re only a dinar and dong holder you may want to consider setting your appointment – it’s hard to do — slightly later than sooner – it’s possible the rate if you are just a currency holder the rate could be higher for you a little later in the game rather than sooner – this is not a new concept – coming out possibly 6 – 8 years ago – maybe longer – a concept that the rates would go up – It’s a game – that you would be playing – do you want to get in and get out – and go? Yes you do!

If you are just holding Dinar and especially if you are not holding very much,  and it’s just dinar and dong –  you might want to consider when  you go in for your appointment – based on these rates – the thing about rates is – one moment it’s this – the next moment it changes – it’s very hard to predict exactly where they’re going to be on any given day – just to let you know – it’s very difficult – for a very long time we had nothing on certain rates and then all of a sudden we get a rate or see what they anticipate the rate to be – it is still a very inexact science – believe me – when it comes to us trying to predict what we’re going to be looking at

I gave you pretty much the run down and what to expect at the redemption center – I don’t think anything has changed – as far as I know since Tuesday night’s call – I believe that was pretty much laid out for us – I would say as far as the timing what I’m hearing – you remember we talked a little bit briefly about the 3 days of darkness – and we talked about it in terms of it NOT affecting us – it is designed for the Deep State and their affiliates –

I believe that we will be in the clear when it comes to that and immediately after the 3 days of darkness we should have days and days of disclosure which should bring us a lot of truth that we have missed out on –in a lot of different things that have happened in our history and are continuing to happen –

These are to be on 8 hr segments that would be – I believe – televised  or at least the audio portion put out on the Emergency Alert Broadcasting System – I hope there is video and on television – we will see –

The plan is to have one 8 hr segment 3 times a day for 12 days – the idea is so everyone will catch it – to be up to speed on what has been happening – many of us know some of it but a lot of us do not know enough of it – this could be really, really interesting disclosure

That is supposed to happen immediately after the 3 days of darkness – I don’t know when the 3 days of darkness will start but I can tell you when I believe ( I cannot tell you that I absolutely know it) – right now my understanding is that for the 7th  8th and 9th of April

What does this mean as far as us and our start for exchanges and redemption of Zim?

I believe what I’ve been told and I have 3-4 different sources that are agreeing with this that we are to start on the first day of that disclosure – without getting too deep into it – and like I said it is not absolute –  I believe that is their plan – so we will wait and see how the plan unfolds

Otherwise this is a great time to work on  your project presentation – I think you guys that there’s not a whole lot of new information other than the new time frame that I’ve given you and the fact that the dinar rate starting at a mid rate and going  up over the next 10 days or so whenever we get started –

And understand about the 3 days of darkness and what that’s about – should not affect us – not designed to affect us – some companies and other telecoms have already done some things to change the system that we are on now and to update to move us along – that should not be an issue

I feel like we are the calm before the storm – so take advantage of this time especially if you are staying home – I think our direct deposits might start going out as early as tomorrow (Friday) we may start seeing the direct deposits of the $1200 in our accounts – I’ve been told as early as tomorrow – I don’t’ know if that is real or not but I know the SBA loan qualifications are very simple and will start tomorrow –

I think there were a couple of more things to happen before we could start – who knows what they actually are – but there seems to always be something behind the scenes that has delayed us a bit – but we are still in great shape – I want everybody to take care of themselves and their families – Thank you for listening –