The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 4-7-2020


Intel begins at 57:30 min mark.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 7th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel perspective because this is one of those calls where we’re funneling information in from a number of different sources and everything that I have heard that has been out there –

You have to take some of it in consideration and see how it holds up with the direct information (the direct so called intel) that I would get – and you measure it against what you seem to know – It is not easy – this is a tough time guys – we are in a very interesting time while we wait for this blessing to manifest

I can just tell you that there is some information – lets go back and say it this way – Have  you guys noticed how we had the paycheck protection program – which would be done through the SBA but works through your local banks – small community banks – and all the way up to the big Tier 1 banks

There is a bottleneck with that – at least two levels – a bottleneck at the bank level because they are being inundated with applications and there’s also a bottleneck with the SBA that is not really set up to handle this volume of applications – there is something there

Now, notice how from a forgivable loan aspect on the one hand and then you have our $1200 for an adult making less than $75,000 a year — $2400 for a married couple and 500 additional for each child under 18 – so there is an opportunity and I don’t know if that maxes out at a number 2-3-4 kids – I don’t know what that is –

The point is you’ve got that program and you also have the loan program and you also have another program which is based a little more on an immediate need – $10,000 – there are at least 3 different programs right now –

You notice that nobody seems to have any money from any of the yet – no one has received a check – no one has received a direct deposit and we were told a couple weeks ago (maybe even longer than that) that these checks would be coming – I thought we would get direct deposit within about a week – but obviously we did not –

Here’s what I think is going on – I know those are coming – I know they will get through some SBA loans and will put those funds out – I’ve been told about another week to two weeks to get those out – there is a huge stack of applications ready to be processed that may have been processed but the funding has not taken place –

Now, the same thing is true for our $1200 stimulus check or direct deposits – and it’s interesting to me that both of these are sort of in process but nothing has happened to get the funds out yet –

I think – and this is only a theory – my theory is that those funds will go out as we are getting started setting out appointments or going in to our exchanges – I feel that they may be that closely tied together

Now, here’s what I understand – the Tier 1 group – which is governments – is supposed to being paid monies by Dubai 1 and that is a number of boxes of bonds – bonds that have been hypothecated in Dubai and supposed to pay out to at least Tier 1- maybe other Tiers – but at least Tier 1

That I believe needs to take place before all of those government funds come out – but it could also be that our exchanges kicked that off – because just from a very few – let’s say you can count the zim exchanges on two hands – 10 or less zim exchanges with what is created from that is enough to fund these programs

So, I just think there is something tied to that – we’ll see – I may be wrong but I just have a feeling that we are tied to it more than we think –

The other thing is that we have heard that CMKX was supposed to pay out Monday the 13th of April and a Treasury source that we have said they have moved it up  – they were going to move it up to Friday and now we’re hearing it’s moved up to tomorrow (wed 8th)

Now, if that were to happen and CMKX does get funded tomorrow then I think that moves us up along a little quicker – We’ve got a window that seems to be from tomorrow all the way through following Wednesday which would be the 15th of April – and IF IF – If the CMKX is paid that should trigger the rest of the intermediate groups to be paid and therefore move us along a little sooner

A Tier 1 banking source told us yesterday that our first crack at this would be tomorrow (Wednesday) – that means our first crack at getting notifications and getting started – the 8th – that makes sense –

China loves the number 8 – we thought something could have happened today but it looks like maybe tomorrow – ok we can all make it – we can make it till Wednesday –

And then, that same source – the same Tier 1 bank source – today – is saying 2-3 days after Easter — Easter is the 12th Tuesday is the 14th – 3 days would be the 15th –  so that could push us to the 14th / 15th – That is as far as I have – anybody putting it out – That is as far out as I have it –

A possibility of something starting tomorrow – which I think will be more likely to be the CMKX and maybe some of the groups getting started – the intermediates that is – and then maybe we do after Easter in the 14th 15th range –

Now, something miraculous is supposed to happen Easter Sunday – Something BIG – We don’t quite know what it is – we guess it could be this – it could be that – we don’t really know but seemingly something is geared around Easter –

We know that – let me say this – my source – my main source – is telling me that we finished the 3 days of darkness last night at midnight – In other words it started Saturday – Sunday – Monday – and finished last night (Monday) at midnight

I do not have that verified by anybody else yet – we’re trying but that’s all we have – one verification of that – normally I don’t bring that up but this is important –

So where do we stand on that whole concept of the 3 days of darkness and then bringing in shortly thereafter the 8 hours of light / broadcast/ television on the emergency broadcast network which would be segments of 8 hours 3 times a day in 24 hours — for 10 days duration –

They would not be the same thing I believe but they would be bringing out the disclosure of what we have been through ever since we at least were born – and probably a little before then and certain things that have happened throughout the years that were said one way but were something else –

I think there’s going to be a lot to it – I am very excited about that – I am not sure exactly when that’s going to start of course – but we’ll find out – it will be something to stay tuned with –

So my opinion is – even though there’s a lot of stuff out there that goes against my thought – my opinion is we will not have to face the internet being down or cell phones cut off – I am being told from my sources that we do not have to endure that – it’s not for us – so we’ll see –

Now will they be tuning up the internet – will they be going on – yes – what they are going to be doing is getting on and taking down the Dark Web – the Dark Sites – they will be doing that – I don’t know when that will have started – maybe it’s already started – but I think that will continue and they may somewhat sterilize the internet – we’ll see –

In any case I don’t see that going down for us – It could slow down a little bit as they do what they do but I don’t see it going down and us not being able to go on line – at least that is what I am being told – we’ll see

The timing that we’ve got is something could trigger as early as tomorrow but I am thinking it is more for CMKX and maybe some of the other intermediates – and then there’s us – and the latest information I got tonight was for 2-3 days after Easter which would be the 14th / 15th

So, there’s a lot that has to come out – we know at some point the gold back dollar will be brought out – we know there will be discussion about gold backed currencies – not just here but globally – and there will be more disclosure about clean up on aisle 3 – but – what is sufficient? What is actually sufficient before we go?? That is the big question we have to find the answer to –

I feel like some of the things I’ve heard out there or read have not been accurate – I cannot believe some of the things that have been put out as true – but you know – all we can do is literally wait and stay positive because we know we’re in the zone for this to come out –

We are in that period of time where we really do expect this to come forward pretty quickly – I have no idea of anything that would have to drag way beyond where we are now in this time frame of around Easter –

We also understand this St Germaine Trust is to be opened every year between either Easter time or Christmas – and I believe the St Germaine’s Trust will be used for funding something as well – not sure at this point what it’s going to fund but it could be prosperity packages –

I don’t know guys – so much out there – I just find it unusual that the funds that are coming from the SBA loans and the stimulus checks – direct deposits that we are looking for are bottlenecked right now –

They seem to be in a holding pattern and I know the President wanted us to start at least I understood that he wanted this to start  between now and Friday –but I just don’t know if we’re going to see that – I don’t know – maybe we will  – I just have to look at it this way –

I am excited about where we are I ‘m just a little unsure of course when our start time is going to be – you see a lot of things out there – I suggest you enjoy this time even though it is tough sometimes to be at home – sheltering in place – but this is a good time to get outside and get some sun – eat right – exercise – meditate – pray – get in shape – get everything lined up so you can be as strong as you possibly be at this time –

We will see how all of this unfolds before – during and after Easter – everybody have a great night – thank  you for listening.