The Big Call (Intel & Replay)

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 4-14-2020


Intel Begins at 1:06:25.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 14th  and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe I hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday and we are ready to get cranked up so without further a due ……

Let’s get into the intel portion of the call – This has been an interesting time – the last call was Thursday night – we had our communion service on the call – then we had good Friday – and then resurrection Sunday – seems like a long time ago in a way – it really does – because we get started on a Monday doing whatever we do and then boom it’s Tuesday and we have the Big call –

Now, the information that we’ve had- It’s sort of like I had last Thursday- I pretty much had the same information today with a few additions – a few caveats – When I try to get clarity on dates- what’s happening – it’s a little hard to nail it down absolutely – but I do feel good – really good about where we are and what we have received –

I’m going to have to warn you to be very careful about what you are reading out there – I’ve heard some things today that I just know are not correct – I know they are not true – and I shake my head because I know there are things out there that are going to take some of our listeners away from what we understand to be what is actually happening – so be careful what you read –

Obviously you have to be careful what you read and listen to but I am hoping that most of you will listen to what I have to say tonight and let’s see if we can make some sense out of it –

Alright, President Trump had a date in mind for this to go – for this to happen – I mean us – Tier 4B – and I’ll cut right to it and say that date was supposed to be by the 17th – but it really talked in terms of the 15th that’s tomorrow –

Let’s talk about what is happening now – and what has been happening – Let’s go back to Sunday  – Easter Sunday – Resurrection Day – Do you realize that – you know when we come to the stimulus, we’ve got 2 aspects of it that are checks or direct deposit –

Do you realize that Sunday at noon the Treasury sent out 11 million direct deposits – those were the $1200 checks – $1200 for each adult that earns less than $75000 and $500 additional for each child under 18 – but I do not know what the limit is – a family of four would be $3400 – and that is the paycheck protection – a stimulus payment in the form of a direct deposit –

Now, that was $11 million that went out on Sunday  – By tomorrow (Wednesday)  and I think that means – in the account by tomorrow morning – we should have a total of 80 million direct deposits –  Tomorrow is going to be a big day for a lot of reasons –

Now, in addition to that the stimulus checks that are direct deposited – the physical paper checks – are to go out and I think “received” by Thursday and Friday of this week – to make it fair for those people who are waiting on checks  – I don’t think they are going to wait till next week for them to receive those checks – I may be wrong – maybe they just go out Thurs and Fri – but I just wonder if they don’t get received by Thurs & Fri in the mail – we’ll see

Now, let’s go back to the Paycheck Protection Program – We know of people who have received funds from that SBA loan program – that turns into a grant if everything is adhered to – according to the terms of the loan – and that PPP as it is starting actually paying out as early as last Thursday – with proceeds from the banks – this is from small community banks – ones doing the best job getting those loans processed – I know of one that was entered with a new application on Saturday that received proceeds that same evening as a direct deposit

So depending on how it’s being worked through local community banks it is working pretty well – yes they will probably run out of money  and hopefully Congress will get its act together and approve the additional  250 billion dollars – taking that total up to 600 billion – we’ll see how that goes –

My point in bringing this up is – there are a lot of funds that have moved over this last weekend to put this in position so we can get started with our exchanges

First of all on the one hand – you’ve got all of the direct deposits that are going to be received tomorrow – the checks that are going out – the loan proceeds that are coming out now for the payroll protection program – and you have funds that have moved from Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 into position and you have 2 very large trusts – (St Germaine & Rodriguez) those were both released over the weekend – one on Friday night 9PM and Sunday at 9PM –

Those have been released to the central banks – our central bank is the US Treasury – and you could say the Federal Reserve has been integrated into the US Treasury – because it has – like the IRS has –

So, we are moving closer and closer to where we expect to be in terms of our Restored Republic and… NESARA & GESARA  – we are seeing some of that coming – You guys know that $1200 / $1210 is the start of the Universal Basic Income – it should continue on and never go below that number – Let’s see what happens in around May 15th  and beyond

Now those of us involved in currencies aren’t going to really need it or worry about it but its nice to know that everybody else will have the UBI coming in as well

Alright, so we’ve got all of the funds in place – paymasters accounts are in place – trustees accounts are in place – everything is set for “GO” –  tomorrow the 15th is the date that we have the UN operational rate change – all rates are supposed to be updated on that day till midnight tonight (Tues) and we did hear from our Forex guy – that Iraq was looking at a new rate for their Dinar – a new revalued Dinar rate tomorrow (Wed) –  that is on the 15th so, they are positioned –

We’ve have information from the world bank – a couple other bank sources – that have reported that they believe – I am going to say “they”  they have told us – that they are looking very strong on the 15th  (Wed)

Now, I can’t call it for tomorrow but I am feeling very good about the possibility of tomorrow – I’ve also heard that it needs to go between tomorrow and Friday (Wed – Fri)  – Friday is a “must have by”  the 17th

I feel really good about the next three days – let’s just say it that way – I feel very good about what I’m hearing about the next three days –

First of all – People are going to be flush with some new funds as we are getting ready to set our appointments to go in for our exchanges and Zim redemption – and so it’s like we’re not going to stand out as much because we’re going in for banking just like everybody else –

By the way – have you noticed that the 3 days of darkness were as I said?  They were not going to affect us – they did what had to be done for some cell phones and internet while we were still using it – but the 3 days of darkness went from Friday – Saturday &  Sunday – over Easter weekend and those were the days of serious clean up on aisle 3 –

Now, beyond this the information that has come in is pointing towards everything going as I have explained it – we’re just going to have to wait it out to see – there are things that have been said about – remember the intermediate accounts?  They included the CMKX – fines & penalties – adjudicated settlements – farm claims – etc – those, we’ve understood were to be paid Monday – (yesterday) and today but were scheduled to be and I believe they will be –

They may continue  through tonight to finish those but tomorrow through Friday looks very good for Tier 4A & 4B – that’s the groups based out west – and that’s us – the internet group –

They had called Tier 4 and not really distinguished like they had in the past – like we have in the past – and we still do it because I still refer to our group – the internet group as tier 4B

We will continue to exchange – I know we are going to at least the 23rd of April and maybe beyond that – I know we are going to have 8-9 days of exchanges –

So, we’ve got new rates showing tomorrow – which should reflect the new Dinar rate – if the dinar comes up as a new rate tomorrow – that should mean something significant – and us going forward – it really should

Not everything is based on Iraq – believe me – Iraq has been waiting and waiting and waiting – for us to give the go signal – I know President Trump wants this economy to reopen sooner rather than later –

You know he’s put a time frame of around May 1st that he wants us to try to be able to be open by – on today’s speech he said he thinks that some of the states – he did not list them – but several of them could open up before May 1st

I fully expect us to find that out in the next 2-3 days – that may be held for an announcement tomorrow through Friday – I don’t know – but I know China wants us to announce the gold standard – the gold backed dollars – the USN – preferably the United Treasury Note our gold backed dollar again – that is something they want to be announced – I don’t know when it will come – I just don’t know when it’s going to happen

It should be fairly soon and I know we will open this country up – slowly I believe – several states have taken high precautions and using the testing techniques – the newer tests are really good – I am excited about that and I know you guys are ready to roll – to get this exchange knocked out –

Let’s talk about one other thing that I mentioned earlier – the first redemption session that you go in for – where you take all of your currencies – they redeem those – they give you a rate they use the term “default” rate – you can receive that default rate in your account not as a SKR and you can meet with your wealth management group up to 10 days later if you feel that you need to get a higher rate –

So,  you would have the opportunity to sit down with an Abbott Downing representative and a US Treasury representative – You would go through your project presentation again – possibly in more detail because you are persuading them as to “why” you feel that you need more than the default rate –

They believe that the default rate is set – and you guys have heard me say how much – the default rate would be received and accepted – they believe 90% of the people that go through the redemption process will be happy with the default rate and NOT come back in to challenge the rate or get it increased

They believe that only 10% of the people will come back for a second appointment to try increase the rate of the Zim for their project – we will see how that works out – we may never find out about it but that is what they are projecting

Let’s talk about the redemption centers – the staff had been off for seven business days in a row – that would mean all of last week – well 7 days is 7 days you figure it out – Today however, they were in at 10 AM – all redemption staff personnel – Do you think that maybe they were going over the final information in some form of a conference – video conference – or meeting – maybe to just get everybody up to speed again –

CDC – Center for Disease Control – remember we talked about the fact that they had come in and done a complete protocol / complete cleaning of everything – they have trained all of the staff on how to use the masks – saran wrap over the key board – and dispose of after each session – as well as the silicone gloves that we will also use to take the bills that we have and hand to them to count and verify –

The fact that CDC was in again on Friday and Saturday is interesting to me – I don’t know what they did – I can only assume that they were going back over protocols – reviewing – checking surfaces –maybe testing again – but I am encouraged that all of the redemption staff did come in today at 10 AM – Maybe that is saying something for the rest of the week –

So, I use to say remember what we know and don’t know – what we know is everybody is prepared from the paymasters  – the trustees – the redemption center staff – all the way through the system – the funds are in the accounts they need to go to – to transact our exchanges – they are ready for us

When will we start??????  That’s what we don’t know – I think we should be golden over the next 3 days – I’m not calling it but that is what everything is pointing to – so watch for your accounts tomorrow if you are a direct deposit person – if you are on social security it should be there tomorrow if you do not have it already – and then otherwise other checks will go out and you should have them Thurs or Friday or very soon afterwards-

Your loan proceeds are coming if you filled out all of the paper work especially if you are working through a regional bank or community bank – odds are you will be processed faster than through a big bank / a Tier 1 like Wells Fargo or Chase or Bank of America or Citi –

So, there is a certain amount of patience that we’ve had to have for a long time with this and I think patience has made us stronger – I feel good about where we are – Let’s just ride it out – let it come to us and let’s continue believing – Don’t stop believing and Be safe –