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Intel Begins at 1:11:25.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 3 and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view – We had a lot of information come in this morning (thurs) and a little bit last night also – let’s go back and pick it up – we had Tuesdays call – and today is Thursday so.. in a couple of days sometimes things are quiet and we don’t get much but today we got a few things that we can bring out –

So – here’s what it amounts to – remember when we said we thought we had the Rodriquez Trust – based in the Philippines –

They call it the bottomless trust because it’s got a 1 and so many zeros behind it – it has tons and tons of money and will seem to never run out –  the way they have it designed it does earn interest and it really does seem to be a bottomless money pit – if you will –

We had been told that this trust was released over last Easter weekend – come to find out it did not release then but did release at 2 PM Eastern yesterday (Wed) – So those funds have been moved to the central banks around the globe and our central bank is the US Treasury –

So we have that – and then at 5 PM Eastern yesterday my understanding is that the CMKX was paid out – Now – did it all happen at once?  Or did it take a little time?  I am going to say it probably started at 5 –

Now – since we are doing a timeline thing – at 9 AM this morning the release codes were given to (Eastern time) the Paymasters over the groups out west – this would be cores – inner core – outer core – and the other Admiral groups – So did they execute that yet? I can’t say that – I don’t think so – but they have them so they are ready to enter those and use those for the paymasters to pay out those individuals in those groups – remember that is Tier 4A –

What about the rest of the intermediates? Are they positioned? I think they are in position now to pay out the remaining intermediate groups – and its intermediate because it comes between the Tier 3’s and Tier 4 – that is why they use the term – they use to use “sovereign groups” – that would still apply – but we also use the term intermediate –

Those guys – we know CMKX is one of them but the others – Farm claims – Indian claims – fines & penalties  – adjudicated  settlements – all of those fall into that category – so I’m going to say they are in some state of being paid out and they may end up being paid out this afternoon – evening – or tonight –

Ok, so where does that put us? Let’s talk about it –  The US Treasury under Steven Mnuchin –  has been very much occupied with 2-3 things – #1 getting out the stimulus checks – the physical checks – which have not gone out yet – but supposed to go out today and tomorrow – my understanding is they should go out tomorrow (Fri)  and then the direct deposits that have started going out are supposed to be completed by yesterday and they were NOT –

There are more direct deposits from the stimulus that should go out and hopefully be completed also tomorrow – The Treasury is saying they are so busy doing that  and thus are not ready for us – Tier 4B

#2 What else are they working with?  They are working with the SBA loans – The Payroll Protection Program – and they have exhausted all of the $350 billion allocated for that – with more people waiting in line – I think they have done a good job to get those 14 years’ worth of loans processed from the SBA in 14 days – that’s all good

Will the remaining $250 billion that the President has asked for and Congress is trying to get together – will that come in for this program?  It is going to be up to Congress to pass although the President could do a go around and do it by an executive order – but I don’t think he wants to do it that way –

The impression I got today in listening to his update was that he did think Congress might come together and put a package together – I got the impression it would come out tomorrow – this is only my opinion – I do not have this from any definitive source – but I got the impression that things were looking good

Now – what about us? Tier 4B – where do we stand? I would say this – we were getting information this morning that said from very strong sources – they were indicating that if everything got done by tomorrow (Fri) and there’s more to talk about – we were looking at a position to get notified by either Friday or Saturday – and start on either day –

The latest information that I’ve got sort of mixes that possibility a little bit – First of all – do I think they will get done everything that needs to be done by tomorrow? I don’t know – I really can’t tell – but I did get information from a Tier 1 banker today that indicated that their best information was saying that we would start on Tuesday 21st of April –

So – I don’t want everybody to get their hopes up too high for Friday / Saturday – but I feel good because I think we’re finally to where we could start sensibly on Tuesday

Now – certain things need to happen – I was very much encouraged when President Trump talked about opening the country up – state by state – leaving it to the governor to decide when they felt they were ready to open back up for business – President Trump said – for example – North Dakota could open up tomorrow – I think it’s possible to get some states opening even as early as tomorrow (Fri) –

I think we could have as many as 29 states open before the 1st of May – I got the impression that maybe Monday several states would open – but the point is this – this covid -19 virus – we could go on and on and on about who created it – for what purpose – and so on – and I have my own opinion about it – but I don’t want to bring it out now – but –

What I believe is – what was meant for our harm God is turning around for our good – I believe that the fact that is out allows us a good cover for our exchanges – our zim redemption to begin

While things are relatively quiet throughout the country – and I mean that in terms of people moving about – traveling – not traveling and so on – I know like everybody else we want to get out and get back to normal – a “new” normal a new way of life –

I really believe that everything we’re hearing is pointing toward early next week and my feeling is it will probably be Tuesday – but some things need to happen – some major things need to happen – by tomorrow

I think we are on track for that to start – I really do – but we need to get these intermediate groups paid out – I think completed before we get started with Tier 4

Now let’s say the 21st is our start date – let’s hope so – we will go all the way through midnight on the second of May (May 2) with the redemption center – and then the John Q Public would start sometime thereafter –

We don’t have to worry about running out of time to redeem the zim – or do our other currencies – We have been told that Iraq was supposed to have a new and improved rate yesterday (Wed) – they may have and it could be hidden from us – we got that from our Forex guy but we do not have the new rate though –

I think Iraq is just doing what they need to do to be ready for when all of this goes – I am not really concerned about it –

Other countries – say like – Venezuela and North Korea – Iran – their currency – if you have any of those  – you can exchange those and put them in a MCA account (Multi Currency Account) and whenever those countries are ready for their currency to revalue – then those will happen and you can take advantage of that new rate at that time – it could be a couple of months or more away – we don’t know – we don’t know when they will be ready – that’s sort of out there –

Otherwise guys – we are really in a great time – All the stars have to align perfectly for something to happen over the weekend – meaning Friday or Saturday with numbers – I know that the redemption centers had personnel in yesterday at 10 am for 2 ½ hours and were let go none in today –  ½ staff tomorrow and Saturday – so they are there and ready  –

Also besides the redemption centers – Paymasters – Trustees – and Abbott Downing are all ready for the green light – which means they are ready to start setting appointments –  in order to set appointments we need the #800 numbers and we need the emails to come out that have the #800 numbers

If you don’t have an email you are just going to rely on me to get the #800 number and put it out on our website and we’ll also do a mass email

I think we are moving along nicely – the Treasury is preoccupied with getting the stimulus checks out – finishing up on the SBA loans they have money for and getting the direct deposits  there for us- and that has been their concern over the last couple of weeks –

We are pretty much to the end of that after tomorrow and I think that is what is going to free us up to get started early next week – so let’s see how that goes  Thanks everybody for listening.